Dominance of Twin Alpha's


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The Black Moon pack has defeated the White Moon pack, and all of the she-wolves of the White Moon pack have been taken into slavery.

This is the story of Sia West, an 18-year-old who lost her mate and family during the war. She is sitting behind bars, waiting for a buyer who will either use her as a maid or as a means to fulfill their physical desires.

Alpha Xavier Hubert of the Black Moon pack is a playboy who has slept with many women. On his birthday, his beta, Nas of the Pack, buys Sia as a gift for him.

What will happen when Sia discovers that she has a second chance at finding a mate, not with one but with two potential mates? Will she accept her fate or fight against it?

{explicit scenes, abuse, Violence, }


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Slavery - Chapter 1
Sia - POV "What a vile creature!" The slave trader, Alex, gripped my face, forcing me to meet his gaze. "How dare you bite one of my guards," Alex spat, seething with rage. "You won't be biting anyone now, wild one?" He smirked as I recoiled from his touch, his finger trailing over my bare thighs. "I can't taste you, feisty lady. It's against my business principles," he sneered, removing his hand from me. I had retaliated against the guard who had attempted to lay his hands on me. The shackles binding me were amplified with heavy magic. After I assaulted the guard's arm, they went further to gag my mouth. "As punishment for your violent actions towards my guards, you will receive no food or water for the next two days," Alex declared with a scowl. "In two days, we'll see how spirited you remain," he taunted, slamming the metal cell door behind him as he exited. The prison cell reeked terribly as I lay on the filthy floor. I glanced through the small barred window to gaze upon the moon, silently pleading with the moon goddess for a swift end. I had no reason left to live. My mate had perished in the war against the Blackmoon Pack. The cause of the war remained a mystery to me, but it was widely believed that the Blackmoon Pack sought to seize control of our own ***** Flashback My mind raced back to the day of my eighteenth birthday, a joyous occasion celebrated with family and friends. That day I discovered Miles was my destined mate. Having been childhood friends due to our fathers' roles in the pack – his as the Beta, mine as the omega—Miles and I shared many memories. "Sia..." Miles' scent, redolent with sandalwood, filled my senses, and familiarity washed over me. His stare had an intensity that struck me in a way it never had before. Our relationship had shifted, our close bond evolving into something more profound, a fact that even my wolf, Ash, acknowledged. His approach quickened my heart rate. Miles grins, his brown eyes drinking me in. Blushing under his gaze, I murmured, "We are fated mates... Miles." "Sia has found her mate!" My mother exclaimed, overhearing me. Everyone cheered, toasting our new bond, elevating the celebration to new heights. Miles kept me by his side throughout, his parents engrossed in discussion with mine. Sally and Jia, my closest friends, wore teasing smiles. Jia had predicted long ago that Miles would be my fated mate. "You'll need something special for tonight, Sia," she warned, causing me to blush again. My father extracted a promise from Miles to never harm me and always care for me. He emphasized his serious expectations with a stern look, causing my mother to sigh at his protective nature. "Does the first time hurt as much as everyone says it does?" I asked Sally, who had mated with her partner, Wayne, the previous year. Sally had always been frank about her s****l experiences, providing a wealth of knowledge – albeit a bit awkward – to our group. "It might hurt initially, but it will fade, and pleasure will take over," Sally reassured me with a knowing smile. My lack of experience and self-admitted nerdiness left me feeling out of my depth. Sally suggested wearing crimson silk lingerie, eliciting a low whistle from her and a teasing smile from Jia as I changed. Jia added, "Let her natural beauty shine through. No need for makeup." Sally nodded in agreement. Miles was on the other side of the door when the knock came. I knew it was him due to our mate link. His presence and that familiar sandalwood scent always quickened my pulse. "Let's leave them be, Jia. Have a good time, Sia," Sally teased as they left, the door closing behind them. Miles entered the room, his smoldering gaze meeting mine as he drew closer. My heart pounded against my chest. Miles paused just inches away, locking eyes with me. The intensity of his gaze drew me in. He placed his palms on my cheeks, his lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss. His closeness, his touch – it was exhilarating. In a swift movement, Miles tore off my lingerie. "Why did you rip my lingerie?" I asked, taken aback. "I'll buy you a new one, but for now, I need you," he replied husky, sending a heatwave through my body. Miles led me to the bed, where I helped undress him. The sight of his chiseled abs left me breathless. Seeing him in such a way, with the lust in his gaze, stirred unfamiliar feelings within me. His touch and movements brought forth sensations of pleasure I had never known. His two fingers slipped between my legs. "I'm going to cum." Miles' fingers discovered my arousal as my stomach tightened and the heat swelled. The sensation left me breathless. Blushing, I tried to rise from the bed. "Where are you going?" Miles' hand captured my wrist, holding me in place. "I'm going to clean up. I feel dirty. We had s*x, right?" The words stumbled from my lips, and heat rushed to my cheeks under his intense gaze. "Sia, we haven't consummated yet. That was just an orgasm," he replied, his grin displaying amusement at my innocence. I glanced at his prominent arousal, recalling Sally's detailed lecture on the act of copulation. She had been our unofficial s*x education instructor. "I don't know what to do," I admitted, embarrassment lining my face as I met his eyes. "Lay down and relax, okay? That's all I need from you," he said. I nodded, and he hovered over me, his gaze intense. I felt my heart rate escalate, the heat building in my abdomen. As Miles ' lips met mine, a sharp pain radiated from my lower body. "Miles, it's... painful," I whimpered. "There will be some discomfort, but it will fade quickly," he assured me. His words proved true; the pain receded as he continued, replaced by a growing heat as he set a rhythm. My breath hitched as the sensations heightened, and my body reveled in the unfamiliar warmth. "Miles, I'm close..." "Don't c*m yet; just wait, Sia." We reached a climax together, bodies entwined in the euphoria of our union. We pulled apart, panting from the intensity. Miles kissed my forehead, pulling me close to his chest, where I rested my head, listening to his heartbeat. "Sia, thank you for becoming my mate," he whispered, his fingers twirling in my hair. "Me too, Miles," I responded with a contented smile. "Sia, there's something I need to tell you." His solemn tone made me sit up, a sense of dread creeping in. "I'm going to war tomorrow. Alpha Silas has asked every man in the pack to participate, even our elderly citizens." "But didn't Alpha Silas say he would negotiate with Alpha Xavier?" I asked, confusion lining my face. "Alpha Xavier refused to negotiate. He demanded our pack's submission, or he would wage war. Alpha Silas chose to fight for our freedom," he explained. Tears welled in my eyes at the news. I had just become Miles' mate, and now he was going to war. The terror was overwhelming. "Sia, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I didn't want to ruin your birthday, and when I discovered you were my mate, I was so overjoyed that I couldn't bring myself to say it until now," he confessed guiltily. "Miles, I'm scared. I can't bear the thought of losing you," I admitted, my voice trembling. "I promise you, Sia, you won't lose me," he reassured, stroking my back comfortingly. The next day was heartbreaking as tearful goodbyes filled the air. Every woman was in mourning, knowing their partner, son, or brother was going to war. A month later, the devastating news came: all the men from the White Moon Pack had been killed. The anguish was palpable as each woman who received the news wept bitterly. When Sally heard about her mate's death, she took her own life, unable to bear the loss. Jia, grieving for her lost siblings and father, cried beside me. A few days later, the Black Moon pack attacked us. They targeted women and children and took many of us captive. My mother was among those who fell fighting the soldiers. Her bravery only met with a violent end. Watching the horrific deaths unfold, my heart shattered, anxiety a constant companion. The Black Moon pack soldiers, including Alex, rounded up the surviving women to sell us off in a slave market. Startled by a sharp pain in my abdomen, I hissed and glanced up to find Alex towering over me, an unsettling rage in his eyes. "So, you survived," he chuckled, to which I had no reply. Shackled and deprived of food and water, my limbs were numb. "Congratulations, I've sold you at a high price. So be a good girl in your new home," he sneered. Hearing this, a chill ran down my spine. "Don't be afraid. Just be submissive, and don't get feisty, or you'll die. Just some advice," he added with a smirk. He ordered his servants to prepare me, instructing them to dress me in a garment that left little to the imagination and apply makeup to hide my injuries. I felt exposed and humiliated. Inside Alex's office, I overheard a man praising Alex's choice of gift for their Alpha. His deep voice sent shivers down my spine, but I couldn't see his face because of the blindfold they'd placed on me. Once the blindfold was removed, I took in my surroundings. Alex sat across from a man with piercing chocolate-brown eyes. He wasn't the Alpha, but I surmised he was a Beta from his demeanor. My attention shifted to the ring on my index finger. It suppressed my wolf and it was impossible to remove it without my Master's consent. It was essentially a brand of slavery. "Where's the other slave?" the Beta inquired, his tone unnerving Alex. "Where is slave number 638? Bring her here immediately," Alex barked to the guards standing in the doorway. I kept my gaze low, afraid to look up. The heels clicking against the floor echoed in the room, and in walked Jia. My heart clenched at the sight of her. Upon arrival at the slave trade, Jia and I were separated and placed in different cells. The man with the chocolate eyes turned to Jia, who briefly lifted her gaze to meet his before quickly averting it. When her eyes met mine, I offered a weak smile, which she returned. It didn't go unnoticed by the Beta, but he said nothing. "Sir Nas, about the money," Alex began, only to be cut off by the man I now knew as Nas, tossing a stack of cash onto the table. "Both of you, stay close behind me," Nas ordered. We obeyed. Alex's guards followed closely behind, ensuring we didn't try to escape. Blinded by our blindfolds, we were led to a luxurious vehicle and driven off. After six months of loneliness, I was somewhat relieved to be reunited with Jia. At least I had a familiar face beside me. When the car finally stopped, Nas allowed us to remove our blindfolds. My eyes took in the sight of the night sky, lush greenery, and a stunning manor. Nas directed his cold gaze toward me. "What's your name?" "Sia West," I answered, my voice hoarse from disuse. He turned to Jia. "And you?" "Jia Hill," she responded, her voice shaky. I wanted to comfort her, assure her everything would be okay, but I couldn't. I was just as scared. "Jia, get back in the car," Nas ordered. After a brief, fearful glance in my direction, she complied. "Sia, come with me," Nas instructed, as he led me into the manor. "Just so you know, we're in the Black Moon pack territory. You'll be serving Alpha Xavier," Nas mentioned casually. The news stopped me in my tracks. Alpha Xavier was the cause of so much suffering, so much death, and now I was to be his slave. Nas turned to look at me. "What's the matter? Keep walking," he ordered, but I could barely see him. My vision blurred, and all I could see was the darkness engulfing me.

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