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“Dad, that's him! He is Samuel! He kicked my bodyguards down and he also wanted to break my legs! Now I want to break his legs too!” Bryson thought his Dad mistook Samuel for someone else and hurried to say.

Evan’s face darkened when hearing his son’s words. He turned to stare at Bryson.

Before Bryson could react, Evan had slapped his face.

“If I had known you were such a bastard, I should have shot you on the wall!”

While scorning, Evan slapped him again and then kicked him on the ground. It seemed to be much fiercer.

In fact, he had no choice. He must do it to cool Samuel down! Otherwise, even he himself couldn't save his son!

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Chapter 1 You are done!
“Dad, dad, I’m Olivia. Save me, mom, please. She was taken away by uncle......”   At this moment, Samuel was answering the phone call when an honorary senior general was conferred on him by the King of England.     Samuel was a legend. It took him only five years to repulse the enemy, which had occupied the border for nearly a hundred years. Meanwhile, the troops that reorganized by Samuel also was known as Dragon Troops.   To his surprise, someone took advantage of a child to play a trick on him at that precise moment.   Samuel was curious, so he asked, “Speak slowly, girl. Who are your father and your mother?”   “Daddy, don’t you remember your name? Mom said my dad is Samuel. Her name is Charlotte, and I am Olivia!”   Samuel’s ears were buzzing instantly.   Charlotte, a strange name occurred to him in dreams thousands of times.   Five years ago, Samuel was seriously injured in a secret mission and was rescued by Charlotte. He fell in love at first sight. However, the war was urgent. Charlotte was even more sensible, so he chose to protect their homes first.    Over the years, he has almost forgotten the name.   “Olivia, wait for me, I will pick you up right away!”   Just then, Olivia cried out on the phone.   “Doctor, please, don’t drive me out. My dad will pick me up soon.”   “Your dad? Come on, give me the phone...... Are you the bastard’s father? Charlotte’s man?”   “Who are you?” Samuel roared, and his anger could no longer be suppressed.   “It doesn’t matter. Come and settle the medical expenses and get out with your bastard.”   Immediately, the phone call was hung up.   “Go back now!”   His eyes were bloodshot when saying. His daughter Olivia now was about to be driven out of the hospital as no one afforded the expenses, and his wife Charlotte was also taken away by someone. How can he be calm?!   “General, please calm down. What happened?” Marshal Aiden came over with a writ and asked with confusion.    “f**k! Aiden, I joined the army at the age of 18 and brought peace and stability to the country. Am I right?”   Samuel resumed, “but my wife was disappeared, and my daughter was driven out of the hospital!!”   “Is it the country I protected! Ah?”   “Attention! Go back now. An hour, no, half an hour, we must rush back!”   “Yes, sir!”   Aiden turned sick to his stomach when looking at Samuel and the army who was getting ready behind him.   Without hesitation, Aiden took out his phone and call to someone. “Robert, f**k you! What the f**k have you done?” Aiden scorned so soon as the phone was answered.   Before Aiden finished the call, the noise of aircraft was heard overhead.   “s**t! He is out of control!” His phone fell to the ground when he watched the aircraft flying away.   .....   Soon, they arrived at City Clinic in London.   “Bastard, time is up. Where is your dad?! Where is money?” Caleb, the director of the inpatient department, pushed open the door of the ICU.   “One minute was left. I trust my dad. He will come!!” Olivia stubbornly looked at the clock on the wall. There was still one minute away from an hour. She believed her dad would not lie to her!   “I didn’t expect you are so stubborn! Time out. Come, threw her out!” Caleb laughed coldly and ordered.   There were two strange men standing behind him. They directly lifted her from the bed, put her in the wheelchair, and silently pushed the wheelchair to the hospital gate.   Stubborn as Olivia was, she was too scared to speak at the moment.   Caleb followed until he saw Olivia was pushed to the roadside. He made a mobile call and said flatteringly, “Mr. Thomas, I have prepared the quiet room you want. You can rest assured that your child will be well treated. He just caught a cold. Don’t worry. Are you coming soon? Well, I am at the gate. All right, I am waiting for you here.”   As Caleb stopped speaking, a new Bugatti Veyron suddenly skidded at the gate of the hospital with the blare of a car brake.     Then, several cars in the same style stopped one by one in the same way.   Caleb was shocked. After all, he had hung up the phone just now. Caleb was shocked. After all, he had hung up the phone just now. Was that Mr.Thomas? Caleb thought to himself, all the pomp now was really amazing. He did deserve to be called the richest man in London even if it was only for his son’s illness.   Thinking about his bright future, Caleb couldn’t help rubbing his hands and rushing over the car.   All doors were opened almost at the same time, and a young man stepped out of each car.   Caleb stopped abruptly and paused. Were they Mr. Thomas’s bodyguards?   “Hello, Mr. Thomas, are you? How about your son? I’m Caleb. I just called you. To prevent the condition deteriorated, please let me have a look.” Caleb pretended to ask urgently.   “I remember your voice. I’ll kick your f*****g ass later!”   Samuel naturally recognized that this man was the one who was threatening him on the phone before.   But now he can only see the skinny child sitting in a wheelchair not far away. His heart ached. He pushed Caleb away, walked to the wheelchair and half knelt on the ground.   “Olivia, you are Olivia, my daughter......” Tears misted his red eyes.   “Dad? Yes, I remember your voice. You have finally come!” Olivia couldn’t stand it anymore and directly threw herself in his arms.   “Ah? Are you that bastard’s father? Well, I finally caught you! Hurry to settle the debt and f*****g away now!” Caleb picked himself up, rushed toward Samuel, and yelled regardless of the bruise on his hand.   “Stay away! My daughter is here. I don’t want to hurt anyone!” Samuel glared back at Caleb.   “Oh? Threaten me? Who are you?”   His voice stopped abruptly when someone grabbed his collar and stared at him fiercely.   Caleb trembled with fright. “Hey, What the f*****g do you want? I tell you! Thomas Evan is my friend! He is the richest man in London, you know? Quickly let me go! He is not as gentle as me!”   At this time, another Rolls Royce stopped at the gate. As soon as the door was opened, a gray-haired middle-aged man rushed out, holding a child and shouting loudly, “Caleb, who is Caleb?”   Hearing it. Caleb immediately laughed and yelled excitedly, “Ha-ha, you are done for!”   “Mr. Thomas, I’m here. Save me! They are robbing the ward!!”

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