Judge's Comment:

The pacing of the story was excellent—how every conflict had turned out so gracefully, how every character was introduced. It was so easy to get to know every character and to really experience the setting of the story, as if I was really in the woods and was part of Morgan’s every adventure. I could hear the rustling of leaves, the growling of wolves, I could feel her pain when one of Emma’s brothers pressed her fresh wound, giving her a taste of torture, and I could feel Cya’s panic when he’s begging Morgan to bring her down from the tree.

The characters are extremely hard to forget, this is because of the author’s impressive tonality and narrative style which are both catchy and almost flawless. There was a perfect blend of wit, aphorisms, and metaphor in it. From the moment Morgan saved that kid in the woods, to meeting Cya, and fighting with Emma and her brothers, they’re all moving in my head.

Every page just kept me wanting for more. I just wish I had found out if Morgan was able to set Cya’s pack free from the evil hands of Mason. Or if Cya ended up leading the pack together with Morgan. Or if their story ended up tragically (I really hope not.) This one is truly hard to put down and is deserving enough to be printed in a hard bound book or be seen in a big screen one day. I have so much hope for this story, it kind of hits home and despite the unusual plot and setting for a romance story, it’s highly relatable. It’s the kind of book that the readers will take time to close when they reach the ending, because the story is so good it’s hard to let go. My final take away is this; Morgan is indeed a superhero, and her greatest weapon is her heart.

Judge's Comment:

Such a curious plot that took me to a magnificent diverse world where werecats, werewolves, and vampires exist. The author had successfully created an enchanted door for the readers to experience a story that was filled with so much action, comedic conversation, character evolution, insatiable sensual scenes, peculiar plot twists, and yet has a deep conflict that you’d be really curious who Lulu/Lillian is.

The flashbacks helped a lot to develop the plot and make its target readers keep wanting to know more about what’s going to happen next viz. Why did Lulu keep hearing voices calling her Queen and asking for her help, Why did Marvin gave her a ring, and who really is her soulmate? Nick or Neal? At some point, I had to take time to pause and process every revelation about Lulu’s past. It’s nice to see her every transformation and how little by little she learned to adapt and act like a human. That’s how clear the narrative was. The author made sure that anyone who reads this story will definitely get attached, not only to the plot but also to the characters.

This story offers a creative escape from the vexatious reality of life. The narrative style was light and feel-good, that I didn’t mind some of the technical errors I saw while reading it. This story kind of reminded me of Twilight, I love how every character was defined—Lulu’s naïve, curious, and innocent; Nick was territorial, possessive, but passionate; Kim was tactless, frank, but caring; Joey and Tyler were both goofy but loyal and really good friends. But amongst all of the characters, it’s Aria that I find most intriguing. She’s loud, shrewd, and yet very mysterious, adding that needed spice in the story.

Luna Lillian is the type of story you go to when you need a good read.

Judge's Comment:

The book doesn’t let up,even for a moment, and Agnes is such an unusual and powerful character, it’s hard not to wonder how she will handle what’s coming next.

The locus of her power is a spirit called Joker, which is terrifyingly realized as the blood oozes out of his mask. Each cut and thrust really whooshes by your head as she fights off a band of assassins to save a King. The conflict keeps the story moving apace and is, like I said, thrilling stuff!

Another thing that enamors me with the story is its a female character that is so in control and so together. I find it so refreshing. And the same is true when involving her love interests. When she meets the werewolf prince, Xavier, she couldn’t care less. Hilariously, he can’t stand it and wants her even more. It’s so nice to see the guy chasing the girl for once.

The above, along with fantastic world building, means I can’t wait to keep reading and find out if she decides to stay with him (yes!) and what she’ll do with her powers next. It really seems like nothing can stop her, but I can already sense storm clouds darkening the horizon!