"Goodbye, My Wretched Love"Book Series:

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    Wild Love With My Triplet Mates


    (Book 1 of the Warrior Luna Series) When 13 year old Jessabelle Simons watches her Luna die from rogues. She is left with the pain and burden of the pack that blames her for their Luna's death, even her twin brother and parents. But no one knew she was born with a special gift from the Moon Goddess. The gift of Honesty. The only thing that gave her hope to stay in the Red Moon Pack was the thought of her mate's love, but she was broken when her mate not only rejected her, but took another woman to bed causing her such pain that she ran away. As years go by she turned herself into a great warrior and found not just one second chance mate, but 3 sexy possessive triplet alphas. —————— My other books: Legend of the Moon Princess ( completed ) The Lost Princess' Second Chance ( ongoing)

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    Rejected, My Jaded Love


    Jade is a plus-sized girl who gets rejected by the Beta of her pack on her 18th birthday when she can finally shift and finds out who her mate is. She was picked on by the kids at school, and fellow pack members, including her family, in the Howling Wolf pack. After finding out a devastating secret about herself, Jade leaves her pack brokenhearted. Jade then starts improving herself so when she goes back to her old pack to accept the rejection, she wants him to know that she has moved on with her life. When her former Alpha sees her again with such a large weight loss, he decided that he wants her to be his Luna, even though they are not mates, even to the point of k********g her. Will she find her second chance mate and get another chance at love in her new pack? When an incident happens that brings Jade and her first mate back around each other, will she change her mind and accept their bond? Or will Jade be rejected by both of her Goddess-given mates?

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    My Bosses Pretend Lover


    When I first started as Mr. Hayes assistant over two years ago he was happy, sweet, a great boss. A man who had everything anyone could want. That all changed six months when his wife... The love of his life left him for another man. He went from the man that believed in true to love to using woman only for pleasure. He went from happy to dark...sweet to bitter and became so closed off from everything he became a shadow of himself. He was no longer the man that had everything. He changed but I never realized my life was gonna change too when one day he called me to his office asking me to do something. He shouldn’t...ask me to do something that I should have said no to. The day he asked me to pretend to be his lover to get back at his soon to be ex-wife who was rubbing her new relationship in his face. Why did he choose me when he was surrounded by a woman more beautiful than me... a woman who wanted him in ways I never, well so I thought...he asked me because I was the one his wife disliked from day one. She never wanted me around...never wanted me to be her husband assistant...she was jealous, believed that I would steal him away, that was never on my mind. I never seen him in that way or even thought about him in that way. Well so I thought but everything I thought. I knew changed the day. I agreed to be my bosses pretend lover.

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    Can I Unreject My Rejection(Transcending Love Series Book 1)


    ----Book 1 of Transcending Love Series---- Quincy was rejected by her mate. The worst kind of experience a young wolf can have and it lead her to make a decision that change her life in the future. Caleb is a young arrogant wolf. He's the future alpha of the Moonbridge pack. Having found his mate at a young age, his egoistical self rejected her. Calling her weak, ugly and unfit to be the future luna of the pack. Now after five years, they meet again. But what would Caleb say when she no longer remembers and recognizes him as her mate or even the rejection? What happened to her in those five years? And what will he do if he found out that his rejected mate got the attention of two neighboring alpha? Can he unreject the rejection that he made?

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    My Tormentor Is My Lover

    A. Guptaread485.5KSteamy Stories

    ROSE I found myself under the cold shower, fingers tightening around my throat. Black dots danced around my eyes. “Pl.. please..” I gasped out. This time his hold was terrifying I was sure I was going to die. “I am—I, I’m sorry.” I didn’t know why I was apologizing, but I also didn’t know what else to do to make this horrible man go away. “Who are you?!!” He asked again, more threatening than the first time. “Mrs. Rose Johnson Kapoor,” I whisper yelled my name, tears slipping down my cheeks mixing with the cold water as I sobbed. The tight grasp around my throat jerked for a moment, lessening the force, but then as if it had angered him even more, he came closer to my face, his nose brushing mine as he roared, “Who the f**k are you?!!!” And, I heard him. My lion. “A lioness!!” I screeched. Dragging me to the small mirror on the wall, he f****d me to turn around and looked at my reflection then holding my injured hand for me to see, he whispered into my ear, “You couldn’t be. A lioness is a f**king queen, not a coward.” Ryan Johnson had shown what Rose was capable of feeling. He had shown her what it was like to belong to him. So, now Rose is ready to fight back.She'll cross oceans to meet the father of her child and this time she had some of her own lessons to teach him. After all, she had learned from the best. Ryan had seen Rose Kapoor,he had seen what she looks like in a fit of rage but now he'll face Mrs.Rose Ryan Johnson and for once he'd want to be on his knees and worship his queen. © A. Gupta 2019. All rights reserved.

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    My Cursed Love

    Anne T. Thyssen read51.9KParanormal

    “I don’t care if Marcus gets his hands on me and tortures me for the rest of my life.” I didn’t like hearing her saying she was ready to throw her life away like that and I felt a small growl leave my lips. “As long as my sister is safe, then it will be okay with me.” “Well, it won’t be okay with me!” I yelled. I could see it took her by surprise as I said this. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. I gave myself a mental kick. How could I just blurt those words out but I had come to realize that I was not only a slave to Marcus but also to the bond I felt towards Elena. I had never held any control over her. It was her who had the control over me. “Why?” I heard her whisper as I avoided her eyes. I didn’t answer her because what could I say? You’re my mate. No, she wouldn’t understand those words and I couldn’t explain them to her because I didn’t understand them myself. I just knew that I wanted her and only her. “Why?” I heard her ask as she stepped closer to me. Again I didn’t answer her or look at her. I could feel her step even closer to me and my wolf was trying to tear himself free of me and force me over to her. “Why?” she asked again with a more deep and demanding voice. “Because you are mine Elena!” I shouted as I cupped her cheeks and pulled her face close to mine. “I can’t breathe without you. I want you near me all the time and every time you run away it feels like I’m dying a little more and a little more. I want to give everything I am to you… even though there isn’t very much to give, I want you to have it all.” I couldn’t stop the words that came floating out of me. All I knew was that the one I had yearned for, for so long was right in front of me and I wanted her. *** Elena a young human girl, who was with 12 other young girls k*dnapped to serve a mad alpha and his pack. As she escapes she almost dies but is saved by a red eyed stranger, who from then on can never leave her side again. Revenge was never given a great start on life. He is different and has always been the outsider, yet he tries his best to do what he can for his pack and be the leader no one thought he could be. Unfortunately, he had never expected a human to be his mate ... and he can't let go of her. *Book One*

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    Being Loved by My Possessive Alpha

    Sirius Blackread1.3MRomance

    Eighteen-year-old Chloe is violated body and soul one night on her way home by a handsome young man ... Now, Four years later he is back ...

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    Love My EX-wife

    Ash Zread1.4MRomance

    Rison Golden was handsome, tall with a good figure and of superior ability. It was a pity that his personality was so cold. Just like a robot. He agreed to the forced marriage brought to him by his parents without hesitation because he had never loved any woman anyway. The woman who broke into his office and dared to look him in the eyes... That woman sparked his interest! He decided to divorce his quiet and docile wife and pursue his one true love. However, the one he thought was his true love had him bored in just a few days. Of course, he involuntarily and uncontrollably began to deeply miss his ex-wife... Sarah Watson Golden couldn’t have imagined that such a big event in her life could have been decided so easily! Her father was only a driver for the Goldens. How could she refuse to marry the son of the Goldens family? After she married, she had a daughter and even fell in love with her husband. The two of them had always been respectful to each other. She couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams he would disrespect her this way.  He told her he had found his one true love. So he had decided to abandon her and his daughter?!

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    A Second Chance Love: My Marine


    I am Alena. I have a twin, Kyle, my best friend Mia and our other best friend Lucas. My 'mother' hates me. My father is never home. And I finally am able to follow my dream with him by my side, until he broke my heart and left for the Marines. I supported him in his choice. He asked me to wait so I did until he sent me that letter. The letter that shattered my heart and blackened my soul. I vowed to move on and forget about him. Then my stupid brother brings him home after not seeing him for 5 years and now he plays for the hockey team that I help train and recruit for. And he lives with me. Seeing him brings back too many memories, but what I didn't know is what he went through and what else I didn't know, is that him being back home, in my life, would make the old me come back, but not without a fight. This is our story. _________________ Alena, I don’t know what to really say to you. We have been talking through letters for some time, on the phone occasionally, but something, in my gut, doesn’t feel right. I have been ignoring your letters and it is about time that I tell you the truth. You are my best friend, and you always will be but I need to say this so I can move on. What happened was a mistake. That night was amazing, but it should not have happened, and I can’t stop thinking of how it was a mistake. I know I asked you to wait for me, but it was wrong of me to ask, to put you in that place. We knew I was leaving, and we knew we didn’t know how long I was going to be gone. A part of me will always love you and I want you to remember that. You will always be my best friend, even though Kyle wants us to be more. I cannot have you wait for me. I don’t want you to. I cannot in good conscience have you be waiting for me when I don’t know what is going to happen during our time apart. I hope one day you can learn to forgive me, but until then, this is goodbye. - Lucas Dear soldier, You have been away for training for some time, and I just wanted to write to you and say that I miss you. I think about you every day, wondering if you are alright. Our last night together replays in my head and I cannot forget it. Something tells me to keep holding on, but apart of me says to let go. Your last letter, to be honest, broke my heart, so this is something that I must do, for my own piece of mind. We have known each other since we were kids, you were my best friend, you, me and my brother were always together. I know all your secrets and you knew mine and I thought, after what happened, we could move forward and be something. We wrote every week, like clockwork, then you stopped, and you had me worried. Then that letter came, and it broke me. I never thought that I could hate someone that I loved so much, so, I am giving you what you want. I am letting you go. I know Kyle doesn’t really know what happened, and I plan to keep it that way, even though he pushed us to be together, but this is something that I cannot forgive you for. I don’t know why you think you know what is best for me, you don’t. I told you I would be here for you, but you decided to let me go, so here, I am gone. I do wish you the best Lucas. Maybe, one day, when we all grow up and come to our senses, we can meet again. But until then, go f**k yourself. -Alena

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    Uncle's Love: My Sweet Little Wife


    After her parents' death, Kara Quain could no longer bear the maltreatment from her relatives and decided to run away. She met James Hemming by accident and was then brought home by this ruthless man. Kara worked hard to repay Mr. James' kindness, but on her birthday, Mr. James said that there were many ways to pay him back"