"queen rouge"Book Series:

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    The Rogue Queen

    Rory McCauley-Haymanread1.1MParanormal

    (First Book in the T wisted Design Series) To look at beautiful, confident, eighteen-year-old warrior, Bellamy Carrington, one would never expect the dark tragedies that had formed her. The blood spilled, the lives lost, the pain and hopelessness that shaped her childhood. Orphaned at six, the young rogue born alpha vowed vengeance on the men who took her parents from her. The men who stole happiness and love from her life. And she did. Training under the tutelage of vampires, witches, rogue wolves, and other shapeshifters, for six years; Bellamy became a deadly and formidable force in the supernatural world. But, no one is perfect. After killing the hunters, she was captured by a dark witch. Beaten, poisoned, collared in silver, and slated for sacrifice in one of the witch’s spells. Bellamy made one last push for life and escaped. She was hopelessly lost, in pain, weak, and broken in so many ways. Bellamy gave up. She decided her death would be on her own terms. Fate had other ideas. A young future pack Alpha found her, half-drowned, in a pond and saved her life. He didn’t care that she was a rogue. Warrick of the Hunter’s Moon Pack only cared about preserving the life of the little girl. Warrick helped her find the life she deserved. He found her an adoptive family and became a true and compassionate friend to her. Valuing her strengths and supporting her completely. Bellamy found new purpose, new hope, and a new life. All she was missing was what she saw her friends and pack mates finding every day. Love, a mate, someone to be entirely hers. She never thought she'd find a male worth offering for, until she allowed herself to be taken captive by vampires. When she met the man who could change everything. The other half of her broken heart.

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    The rogue princess

    Tracy Thorntonread236.2KFantasy

    She has been beaten, starved and neglected to the point that she is unable to communicate with her inner wolf. When she is taken from the one person that actually seems to care for her welfare and meets her mate will her life change for the better or worse? The course of love never did run smooth, so with a past as unlucky as hers, why should she expect any different. Full of twists, turns and revelations Freya may not be who she has been brought up to believe she is.

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    The rogue

    Notasha Paceread273.3KParanormal

    I was rejected by my mate at age 13 and then again at 16. He was the alpha and I'm a nobody an outcast. He banished me from my home and I have no where to go or anyone to turn to. Then he showed up the rogue. *Editing for this book will be completed May 1st, 2021. If by chance there seem to be mistakes please let me know/

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    Moonlight Rogue

    Maria Warrenread303.5KParanormal

    Morgan is a rogue werewolf bent on going out and rescuing others so they don't suffer the same life she once had. She rescues abused women and children from cruel and heartless alphas and escapes to see another day. A girl stumbles onto her and begs for help, but the girl isn't from just any werewolf pack, but the largest in the land. Morgan will have to use her wits and skills and everything else she has honed over the years to take this alpha down. Luckily, she has the help of someone she snares in one of her traps. Complications arise as she starts to fall for him, which is a sin in her books. She didn’t deserve love, not after what she’d done in the past.

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    The Alpha Rogues Queen (Lionheart Queens III)


    “Look if you keep coming towards me, I will pull the trigger,” I desperately shouted while pointing the pistol, Their deep powerful growls quickly filled the air. But they kept walking towards me with those sexy grey now dark black eyes...Looking as if they would rather get shot than to not have me. In fact, by the intense and possessive look in their eyes, I knew once they got to me...they were never letting me go. It was the look of Two Rogue Alpha Wolves planning to mark what they believed was theirs. >>>>>>>>> I am Werewolf Princess Ariana Lazael Wolfera but also the destined Alpha Rogue Queen. I went from riches to rags. From being a Spoiled Queen, a kidnapped bride, a slave to being a Rogue. My story is a story full of betrayals, pain, wars but best of all is the love. Whether its love from My 2 twin Alpha King Mates or my love for my sister as I sought her forgiveness...I survived and Conquered. So, reader, I invite you to come journey with me through the madness and chaos of my life as I faced and tried to fix all the mistakes that I made.

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    Alpha Queen


    Royal Blood Series: Alpha Queen | Book #1 — "Now that your Alpha is gone. Who will rule over the pack?" said one man. He was the Alpha of another pack not too far away. "Surely enough, you'll need a new Alpha" he continued with a grin. Another Alpha stepped in. And then another and another. My blood boiled. They couldn't even wait till tomorrow to be idiots. "This pack already has an Alpha" I spoke. They all looked at me. "Who would that be?" one Alpha asked. "Me" I said sternly. They all laughed along with their pack leaders but my pack remained quiet as they watched us. "Miss Crest, that's simply absurd" another Alpha said laughing. "I've been leading this pack since my father's absence. You may only have heard now that my father is dead but this pack has been under my care even before you all knew" I said. They looked at stunned. "A she-wolf cannot be Alpha" another Alpha stated. "Yet, I am" I said. — Liviana Crest is the only daughter of Crescent Moon Pack's Alpha and she's been trained to protect herself and her pack since she was a mere pup. Now, when her father suddenly leaves for an important mission, she is left with the responsibility of protecting the pack in his father's absence. But when not only months but years pass of her father's absence, she officially becomes the official Alpha and the first female to be so.

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    The Queen of Rogues

    Emmarentia Snymanread51.3KParanormal

    Amara White turned eighteen a few days ago, she is the daughter of two Alphas Mark and Clara White. They are one of the strongest and riches pack in the South of America, they have some of the riches lands and many warrior wolves, that are trained hard and known to be the best warriors in the South. The White Moon pack is feared by a lot. But today Amara is mad she looks at her parents who is bending the knee to the Blood Moon Pack, they did not even put up a fight! Lately the Blood Moon Pack have invaded the territories around the White Moon Pack and many packs gave up without even putting up a fight. The Blood Moon Pack is known for being fierce and are feared by all. "Bend the knee!" The Beta shouts at Amara White and the few warriors who are still standing with her. "I will never bend the knee to the likes of you!" Amara shouts back at them. The beta is the brother of the most feared Alpha Xavier Scott, Peter Scott looks at the young girl in front of him, she is about his age. Peter is also only eighteen and his brother Xavier Scott is twenty one, although they are young, they were trained by the best, their father who was a hero among werewolves. Xavier Scott took over the Blood Moon Pack after his father died at the hands of a hunter, before the hunter died at the hands of Xavier he told him that one of the packs in the South have paid him to kill Steven Scott their father. Xavier sworn to avenge his father's death and make all the packs in the south bend the knee before the Blood Moon Pack. Amara White thoughts got interrupted when Peter shouts at her again, "Bend the knee or be banished!" She looks at him and says, "I will rather become a rogue than bend the knee to you and your Alpha! He is not even here himself! So kiss my ass!"

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    The Beautiful Rogue


    Timothee Ellesmere lived as an ordinary person. His grandmother raised him since he was a baby all by herself. Life was difficult in the beginning until a kind couple helped them get back to their feet. They found a new home. Timothee made new friends but just as he started another beginning, a boy will turn it all upside down. Terrence Aurora, son of the couple who owns the land Timothee and his grandmother live in. Terrence is the future alpha of Moonstone, the land Timothee did not realize was a territory of a pack of werewolves. "Kneel, you mutt!" Those were Terrence words when they first met but Timothee was a force to be reckoned with. He was not an ordinary person. He was a werewolf, too.

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    Queen of Crowns

    Hans Rodgersread53.6KFantasy

    "You weren't the one who was destined to take over I was!" says a voice "And who are you?" I ask to that voice "Because of you, they left me for dead." the voice says to me "And what does this have to do with me?" I ask this voice "Everything. They took my wolf away." the voice says "Wolf? That is not possible." I say back to her "Yes it is. I no longer have her. " the voice says back to me It sounds like a women's voice "So why would someone take your wolf away?" I ask her "To create the ultimate warrior." the voice says back to me weeping "And who is this warrior?" I ask her "You." she says back to me "I am no ultimate warrior, I come in peace." I say back to her "Then if you do give her back to me!" she demands from me "Give who back?" I ask "My wolf." she says to me "We don't have any wolves that are prisoners right now, plus I am queen of the wolves." I say to her "Yes you do have her I can feel it." she says back to me "And who is this wolf you speak about?" I ask her "Clary! Give me my wolf back!" she screams back to me crying

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    The Seelie Queen


    Book 2 of the Kingdom Series Status: Complete Jaelyn was a kind girl, sweet and caring. She was a lot like her mother, Ana, in that sense. She grew up simple, living in the Dragon Kingdom with her friends and family. It was fun, but Jaelyn always sensed there was more to her life, more to come, and waited patiently for it. When she turned twenty she soon discovered exactly what that destiny was, and everything it held for her. Holding her head high she made a weighted decision, choosing the new path happily, if not with a touch of nerves. The new path: The Queen of the Seelie court. Venturing into a realm she’s never seen before, learning things she’s never known, trying to adapt was a challenge, but one she welcomed. But what happens when she meets someone she isn’t supposed to meet? Someone she knows deep down is dangerous? But, is he really dangerous, after all? Does she back down, stay away? Or is she too far gone at this point?