"supreme harem god"Book Series:

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    Spells of a Supreme

    Evie Wilderead1KParanormal

    When Braedon and I catch a glimpse of the future, I see the evil Archmage Edius destroying the world, but Braedon sees my death… In order to gain Supreme status, my mates and I are transported to a new academy where we hope to master the five elements of magic. But the sinister Archmage invades my dreams and robs me of my self-confidence. Before I know it, all the progress I’ve made at the Enchanted Academy vanishes, and I’m back to functioning as a remedial level witch. If we’re able to work together and master the five elements, Dash, Oliver, Braedon, Kyler, and I may be able to vanquish Edius and finally get the happily ever after we crave. Spells of a Supreme is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    Reverse Harem Rockstars

    Kat Crimsonread5.5KRomance

    MAYA: I CAN'T BELIEVE MAX AND FOSTER TOOK ME TO A s*x CLUB!The cat is most definitely out of the bag on our taboo ménage romance after Foster pressed me up against the wall and kissed me senseless, right in front of his band mates. Now they all want a piece of me... and after that hot little ride in the limo, some of them have actually gotten one. I've gone from monogamy, to ménage, to reverse harem ménage in record time and I can't seem to find the brakes on this crazy thrill ride. I'm not even sure if I want to slow my roll. This s****l adventure is making me feel the most alive that I've ever been. I mean, what would you do if your two lovers took you to a s*x club and gave you the green light to get as freaky as you pleased with whomever you wanted? Yeah, me too... I have a feeling this is the start of one wild and crazy night with my new found male harem in tow. If you're a reverse harem romance junkie, love steamy ménage short stories, or can't pass up a bunch of molten hot alpha male studs, then this is the right read for you!

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    The Harem

    Victoria Rushread1KSteamy Stories

    How much trouble can twenty girls get into in the middle of the desert?When Jade travels to Marrakesh for a North African vacation, she’s captivated by the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis. But when a handsome and mysterious sheik invites her to join him on his desert caravan, she hesitates deciding to accept his offer.The next day, she takes a camel ride out to his encampment and is mesmerized by the serene beauty of the Sahara landscape. But when they reach his camp and Amir introduces her to his stable of young and pretty wives, her thoughts suddenly turn to a different form of entertainment.After Amir treats her to a private Arabian belly dance in his tent, she heads back to the women’s tent with one of the girls and they make love on the warm desert floor. For the next couple of days, Jade immerses herself in the culture of their peaceful nomadic lifestyle, sampling all of their special delicacies.But when an unfortunate mishap suddenly turns their plans upside down, Jade and the rest of the girls must find a way to escape from the middle of the desert and make their way back to civilization. Join Jade as she’s taken on a wild and erotic journey through the wilderness, making memories that will last her a lifetime…

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    Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine

    Shi Xiaread1KRomance

    What would you do if you could restart your life? Qin Yunuan, the daughter of a concubine in a noble family, chooses to revenge. She has lost her mother, her beauty and her menial-like life, but the wife of his father and her half-blooded elder sister still do not let her go. The flame of fury drives the reborn girl to revenge. That is not an even road. What is facing her was the barrier of social class, the imperial power and the entangled love. A lily is turned into a Vileplume. Kinship, friendship and love drowns her, but she turns the corner over and over again. How would she revenge? Does the love can well comfort her scars on her heart? What would she choose between love and hatred?

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    Mated to A Golden Goddess


    Lirella was just a typical werewolf until the night she shifted for the first time. And she finds out she’s part of a prophecy that was told over a thousand years before her birth. Will she fulfill this prophecy? Will she ever have a Normal life? Will she find her mate?

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    Fated Mates (A reverse harem romance)


    When Vic finds her mother and fathers murdered, everything in her life changes. After joining the lead alphas pack she finds out that maybe the human idea of relationships is not for her. Join Vic as she goes through love, loss, grief and revenge. This book contains some adult themes and some scenes which readers may find distressing.

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    Realm of the Chosen: A Reverse Harem Romance

    Sadie Watersread1.1KRomance

    Why choose just one when she can have them all?Princess Katrinetta will be queen of Yewforia one day. At the age of 21, she will embark upon her Choosing, a time when Representatives from every realm will travel to Castle Wrenbrook to prove to the princess they are worthy of her love. But as Kit gets to know the men, she realizes it will be impossible for her to only choose one of them to rule Yewforia with her.Katrinetta's mother, Queen Rona, is anything but kind. It seems she wants to control the princess, including who she keeps and who she sends home. However, the further into her Choosing Katrinetta proceeds, the more obvious it becomes it isn't just her Choosing the queen wishes to control. Along with the men she's grown to love, Katrinetta devises a plan that will not only let her keep all of the men she's chosen but gain the throne as well. Will she successfully take the crown and claim all seven of the men she wishes to be with?Full of steamy bedroom scenes, Realm of the Chosen is a completed series for mature readers. This volume contains:Chosen by the Princess: Book OneLoved by the Princess: Book TwoRuled by the Princess: Book Three

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    My sexy greek god matchmaker


    I look up and see Daniel i***t Collins smirking down at me. “ you just purposely stepped into my way didn't you? ” I ask him glaring pointedly at him. “ uh huh ” he replies smiling that stupid smile of his that sometimes makes certain girls swoon. Even if I have to admit that his green eyes shining brightly as he smiles is cute, I have no plans of swooning. I intensify my glare and sigh, then step back. “ I simply do not have time to play your childish games with you Danny. So run along. ” I flip my hair and try pushing him out of the way but he grabs my hands and pulls me closer to him. I can't help but shiver when I feel his breathe caress my cheek as he leans in to whisper to me. “ don't you want me to pass on your kisses to Jonas? ” I push away from him as he laughs in that loud boisterous way that always attracts attention. I turn red both from what he said and the people staring at us with curiosity. I flee from him wanting to escape the scene when a thought registers in my mind. What if Daniel is the matchmaker I need? Veronica Saunders, brainy, beautiful, bold and rash. After a difficult childhood with a disinterested father and dead mother, she longs for someone to love her to fill in those missing gaps. And she's decided that the handsome playboy/school sweetheart Jonas Hendricks is the man for her. What happens when she has to go through her arch nemesis and the one guy who just won't bow down to her demands? But most importantly what if Daniel collins is more than the matchmaker she needs? #hot steamy romance on the way please note that the cover does not belong to me. *** Please support this author and check out my other books * Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance which I'm using to compete in spirity awards 2021 ) please help me with your support *Twisted Secrets Comedy, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, t

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    The Devil's Harem


    #Harem #Modern #Slice of Life #Action #Revenge #Adventure #Romance #R18 New Chapters: Mon-Tue-Wed Having been in an accident and soaked in blood, Alex found himself in front of Martha Rutherford. Martha brought him to the hospital and took care of him while he was unconscious. When Alex woke up, he remembered nothing. He had no idea who he was? Where did he come from? Family? Friends? Nothing. Martha along with her husband George decided to adopt Alex and bring him to the family. It was not long before Alex mingled with the Rutherfords and it was not hard for him to love them like his real parents. But one thing he took note of was to never burden himself on them. Soon Alex found a job in a company at the forefront in every aspect in the city. And the plus point was that the company had tons of beautiful ladies. But as the way of the world is where the buffaloes fight the crops suffer. Though the company was full of beautiful women, every one of them had an ambition. As soon as Alex got the job at Theation, he came in contact with a number of beautiful women with each having a different temperament. Hazel and Ellaine were like the bullying older siblings, always picking on Alex. Amber was the sneaky younger sister. Jessica was like a mother of them all trying to keep the ducklings in a queue while Karen was like a strict father. But one thing was clear, unlike what is there in the outside world, none of them wanted to trample Alex. In fact, they doted on him the most. But he was not truly happy. There was this constant desire in his heart to find about his past. Along this journey he bickers with Jessica, the CEO of Theation, he forms a bond with Annie, the cute little girl, gets jealous over Margaret, his neighbour and will he lose his innocence to the growing blood l**t in him? Accompany Alex on his journey to find the answers ~~~~~~~ The Book Cover is not mine. Support me on P@treon:

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    The Heavenly God of Battles


    "A genius was consigned into a three-year-long oblivion. How could a golden dragon resign himself to a rivulet? As his demonic saber woke up, the God of Battles came back with the glory of invincibility. The world changed, the tides rose, he came back to life and slayed like an invincible God."