"the main character is the villain"Book Series:

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    Empire of Vendetta

    Suzy Dayeread112.3KRomance

    Some countries had 'b****y Mary'. Others had 'The Slender Man'. Flores had Lilith Thorn, the angel of the night that kissed her prey passionately before heartlessly taking their lives. But little did they know, Lilith Thorn was no urban legend. She was real and she was deadlier than they could have ever imagined. And she was finally stepping out of the shadows for all to see. All for the sake of her deadly revenge. All for Valerio Otero, the one man that she swore she would kill, even if it was at the expense of her own life. But how long can you keep fire with fire before it turns into a blaze? Book #2 in the 'Damned Ties' series.

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    His Assassin (My Love, My Heroine)


    ENGLISH NOVEL WARNING: SPG, 18+ THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not all heroes are wearing capes. Sometimes it was a heroine with katana in hand will save the day. She is an Assassin He is an Arrogant Businessman Came from different parts of the world, intertwine with the event of the past. Dark and Light. She lives in the Shadow. He grows up in the limelight. Two people that connected more than they think. Join them to unravel the truth behind all lies.

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    Vengeance Of The Mafia Leader


    (Caution :- Contains 21+ mature content and violence) Amy have everything that a girl wants, in her life a loving family, a loving fiancé, Money, Power and everything, that she desires.She was like an innocent girl who believed in everyone. It was her wedding day ,but how did this happy occasion turn out to be the last day of her life . Kris was the man who was the love of her life but he was the same person, who f****d himself on her in front of his friends. He said to his friends, " If you want you can also enjoy her. One by one or all at once, I don't care. " She blurted out "If there is something like second chance , I pray that you will be die, 100 times worse than me ,Kris." Same day same time on other place . Kate was the leader, of the Mafia, who only knows how to kill and how to get the things she wants. She have thousands of enemies, but she didn't care one bit. She don't trust people easily.she was cold as ice.She was on her balcony with her red wine ,but someone pushed her of the balcony, she didn't saw that person face, but she made an oath to herself, that if she will get another chance ,she will kill that person with her bare hand.When she woke up ,she found herself in the body of some fragile looking girl.

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    Querencia World Book 2: The Princess that Tamed the Villain

    January Garnethread25.4KFantasy

    Authors Note: I would like to inform readers that this story is in series; "Querencia Series" Book 1 "My Unexpected King" Presenting the second book; Book 2 "The Princess Who Tamed The Villain" “I’m not your ordinary Princess” I’m wandering at the forbidden part of the forest, where no sunlight is passing through, big shades of trees envelope me in the dark. I’m scared and at the same time excited to know what I will discover in that part of the forest. I don’t dare to close my eyes, I’m daring and brave, risky and a fighter, that is how they describe me. In this part of the forest, there are no rays of sunlight, no forest fairies and it’s incredibly cold. The trees as high as the valley, I’m walking through the bushes and big oak trees. The vibrant color of shade blue caught my attention, a field of I never seen flowers. It smells is intoxicating, makes me feel dizzy as I feel someone is staring at me. We look at each other, our eyes met. It is the first time I see that man but I feel a strong connection with him. It feels that I can understand him by looking at him; I felt we have the same pain and struggles. “Who are you?” I ask He answers in a deep voice, “I’m Ruininki” staring deep in my eyes. “I’m” trying to utter a word “I know who you are, Princess Mia; I’ve been waiting for you” We are destined to walk in the same path together.” ***Please do read the first book "My Unexpected King" if you want further understandings about the characters. Thank you very much.***

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    The Villainous Lord's Obsession

    Jannah DeeDeeread13.7KFantasy

    Have you ever read a book and utterly fall in love with a character? Very okay to feel that! Have you ever read a book and felt the urge to hit a character with a chair? Miriam definitely had those feelings and the latest book she was reading was no different. Her fingers itched to wrap themselves around his neck and squeeze the life out of one of the characters. The villain. Unfortunately for Miriam... she got her wish. However, fate wasn’t so kind or gentle. Instead of meeting her perfect male character. She ends up meeting Karden, a cruel and arrogant, self centered, conceited man... The villain. Where is the happily ever after promised? Miriam is an average kind of girl, a resident nurse from Washington DC who spends most of her time nose deep in books or walking her dog. Her life was pretty mundane... or so she thought. Waking up in a medieval setting was not part of her Monday plan, realising she had been sucked into a book was definitely not part of her plans. Follow Miraim as she tries to navigate the drama that is her life while trying to endure the most annoying person she has ever had the displeasure of coming across.

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    Mafia Boss and His Prey

    Fernanda Stephanieread6.9KRomance

    Never in her entire life did Fallon Lane do something against the law, let alone getting involved with a dark and handsome mafia boss like Dominic Barlowe. Her current boyfriend, Austin Moore, is a highly respectable lawyer and a good citizen that always abides by the rule. He resents any kind of crime and fights for justice. But what happened when Austin accidentally brought something that belonged to Dominic and gave it as a present to Fallon on her twenty-eight birthday? Which side will she choose this time? Good or bad? One thing for sure. No matter what her choice is, there’s no way she could escape from Dominic Barlowe once he set his eyes on her.

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    The Dark Knight


    ‘Well well see who we have here Bosco, sweet Lucy has arrived’ Big Joe leered at her Bosco snickered and had a burning look in his eyes as they trailed her exposed legs ‘You still owe me for the last gigs…pay up or I won’t dance’ Lucy said to Big Joe as she stood in front of him, her eyes defiant Big Joe snorted ‘You will dance for me girl’ he said harshly, coming close to her to grab her roughly but she stepped back She looked around observing his loud friends sitting at the middle of the bar, obviously waiting for their entertainment and right there she decided she won’t do this again, not tonight, not for free. She walked out on them and was heading out by the back door when she heard heavy footsteps behind her and she quickened her steps ‘You walk away from this and you won’t live long enough to regret it Lucy’ Big Joe threatened in a cold voice as he caught up with her She spun around and faced him, just as he lunged at her ---------- ‘I guess your time is up then’ Jerry sneered, punching him hard on his face Big Joe winced in pain, turning to look around his messed up tavern ‘You better finish me up boy otherwise you will live to regret it’ he spat out, his face bleeding from the blows received ********** Jerry, a notorious badboy rescues the exotic damsel-in-distress Lucy from Joe, a crime kingpin and love ensues. When a surprise visitor from the past shows up, their future is filled with heart pumping intrigues... Enjoy the unfolding drama and where it takes Jerry and Lucy in this Romance-Suspense /Thriller story...The Dark Knight© by NGY© (Copyrighted)

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    The Villainess

    Izumi Suirenread3.0KFantasy

    Tricia Fox, a fine young lady excelling in both academics and logistics has accomplished several thing in the modern world. She is the inventor of something quite crucial to the modern society. She is the genius. The prodigy of city A. The city for rich ones with potential and brains. And she is one of them. In fact she is the most intelligent of them all. But an experiment went awry leading to her death. But then.... "Huh? Where am I? I'm supposed to be dead right?" "My Lady!" A girl in a maid's attire suddenly appeared. "Thank the lord!" Said the maid joining both of her hands in a praying gesture while looking at the heavens. "What happened?" I asked. "You were sick and your skin was burning up, My lady! We thought that you would never wake up because you've been sleeping for a week now!" The teary-eyed maid said. Wait... Is this not myself!? "Bring me a mirror! Hurry!" The maid worriedly got the mirror and handed it to me. *SCREAMS* "My Lady!? Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?" The maid fussed. Who is this beautiful girl!? A cute small pointed nose above lips red as blood on a canvas of snow-white skin. A finishing touch of beautiful violet eyes with the perfect frame of silver curls finished the picture. Who is this girl!? She's definitely a goddess from Mt. Olympus!!! "Who is this ?" "Pardon, My Lady ?" Said the confused maid. Seeing that I was looking into the mirror she proceeded to say, "What are you saying My Lady? It is you in mirror. Lady Juliette Margarette Fitoria." My eyes widened at the name. Isn't that....... Isnt that the name of the villain in the manga that I've been reading before I died!?

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    I Reincarnated as the Ultimate Villain against Four Sexy Heroines

    Bison Entertainmentread1KFantasy

    Roy was pondering over his life at this moment. It was because he had been reincarnated. To be exact, he remembered his previous life. Roy, in his previous life, was a straight twenty-year-old college student. He came from an ordinary family, lacked the romance history that he could brag about to others. If one had to list a few things to distinguish him from other people, then he was a stay-at-home type of person; he liked reading novels, binge-watching and playing online games. He knew what he was supposed to know for his age. However, a most ordinary person was picked by God to have a most extraordinary experience. And now here he was. He was Roy Akas now, the only son of the Akas House in St. Mestre Theocracy, one of the three most powerful countries in the continent. He was the heir of this old lineage.

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    F*ckYeah! I’m The Villain

    queenk091 read1KFantasy

    Walking across the street 23 year old Bai An saw an injured kitten limping across the road as a huge vehicle sped towards it. Her animal lover instincts kicked in and she pushed the kitty away just in time it's body landing on an old torn up mattress. However Bai An herself was not as lucky with no one wanting to risk their lives to save hers she quickly fell victim to Truck Sama. "At least I did a good deed" was her final thought before her mind gave into the darkness. Waking up she sees her self floating in the air, everything around her is pitch black as her mind races wild with idiotic thougts. "What the-..." all of a sudden a ball of light appears out of nowhere. "WELCOME MY DEAR CHILD TO THE DIMENSION OF SPIRITS" A fat man bellowed his bald head shining brightly with vigor as if saying " look at me, look at me see how smooth I am I know u wanna touch it." Bai An laughs at her ridiculous thoughts before bringing her attention back to the piece of blubber in front of her. The fat man whose name she learned is Jun Qiang told her that he's from the committee of gods who decided that her death was too early so they decided that she would be Reincarnated into one of their worlds. Which one she doesn't know but she's a little excited because from the novels she's read before the protagonist always gets sent to a world that's a game they already played in their past life and they have a ton of cheats so she's hyped up. Jun Qiang then wishes her good luck as she feels her spirit being sucked into a vortex. "Awwwww YEAHHHHHH" she screams but it comes out as a baby's wail instead as her arms flail around her eyesight blurry.