Mr. Billionaire's Substitute Mistress


Elk Entertainment Romance

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Katie walked towards him obediently. Seeing how stiff and wooden she moved, Nate was displeased. "What? Are you a robot? Don't you know what your job is?"

"Yes. To please you." Katie answered awkwardly, "But... but we know little about each other and... and we don't have feelings towards each other as well..."

"What are you talking about? You are merely my possession." Nate said coldly as he slid his finger from her lips down her neck towards her collarbone. Katie felt his finger moving downwards and resting on her right breast.

She bit her lips and said, "Mr. Anderson, I'm just a common girl to you compared to those that you have met. I don't think I'm good enough to please you."

"Whether you are good enough or not is up to me. Also, why would I look for others since I have got one here that I've paid for?" Nate said in a cold voice.

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Chapter 131 I LOVE YOU

The moon was up and shining bright and the stars were out watching.


Nate released Katie from his embrace and looked at her into her eyes with affection and love. It was the first time Katie saw Nate in tears. She held his gaze, hoping to be able to guess his thoughts.


"What happened to the ……


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