Sold to the Dark Lord

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"You shouldn't trust me after what I've done. Go away, this is your last chance." -Alexander Mavis.

"I have nowhere else to go." -Arabelle Foley.


Arabelle couldn't believe that the master who bought her at the auction was someone from a faraway kingdom, Alexander Mavis, King of Morthesc. The dark lord who had ruled for centuries. Just for a senseless reason, an innocent girl was forced into the arms of death.

The human race didn't realize that releasing Arabelle was the beginning of a mistake, because Alexander didn't just want a slave, but something that Arabelle has. She is a key to his incredible power. She the curse breaker.

What kind of power? Will Alex continue with his plan to use Arabelle or it might change along with the feelings that grow like flowers in spring?

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01| Sold to the Alpha Lord (the Dark Lord)
A huge spotlight on a girl sitting weakly in a cage on stage with her hands bound in chains and her feet fitted with steel balls as weights to prevent her from escaping. She smelled like s**t. But, the wicked familly who had sold her at auction were far worse than s**t, they were more barbaric than animals. The girl would never forgive them, even if the evil people were her own family. The spotlight made it difficult for her to open her eyes to see the people who raised their hands while mentioning the price to buy her. And every time the price was said aloud, her tears came rushing down her face. Never in her life had she imagined that her own adoptive family would sell her. "500,000 silver coins!" "Okay, 500,000 silver coins. Does anyone want to increase the price to own Arabelle Foley?" Silver coin? It hurts her feeling, was that the price for her? She didn't even understand why everyone in her village hated her so much. The thin hands were clenched so tightly, she wanted to rebel but her strength was gone after days of being locked up without proper food. "Okay, five hun-" "500,000 gold coins!" Someone said in a deep, heavy voice. The sound of footsteps began to be heard entering the room and instantly the atmosphere turned silent. Very quiet. Poor Arabelle couldn't see the actual situation because the damn lights were too blinding. She wanted to know who that man was, the man who offered a price many times higher than the previous offer. The sound of footsteps pressing against the wooden floor of the hall moved more and more clearly and Arabelle vaguely began to see the shadow of someone walking closer. Arabelle shifted her body while blinking to find out who it was. The tall, well-built man with broad shoulders stood in front of her. The height of the stage that was only limited to the knees of adults made Arabelle only able to see up to his chest, again and again, the spotlight made it difficult for her to look up higher. "Arabelle Foley." The unknown man said while gently brushing her long hair from the crack of the steel cage. Arabelle reflexively distanced herself with a feeling of panic and fear. Everyone often praised her as beautiful, but it was back then, years ago, before her hair changed. Now, she was even afraid to look at her reflection in the mirror. Her blonde hair, which used to get compliments, was now the subject of insults and even exile. "Your eyes too, so beautiful." He added. Beautiful eyes? Lies. Arabelle shook her head violently, anxiety began to approach Arabelle, her hands trembled with a look of concern in her eyes. Not only hair, Arabelle also began to hate her eyes which now had two different colors. It was real, her right eyes became red while the left was as a black as a moonless night. It made people consider her cursed. It was a scary memory. The man smiled, Arabelle could see it faintly. That smile gave off a creepy energy, Arabelle could feel it. Who exactly is he? She thought questioningly. Slowly but surely, the man lowered his body until his face was facing Arabelle's face. Handsome. That one word flashed through Arabelle's mind. His sharp jaw, perfect nose, thick eyebrows and beautiful eyes that were as red as rubies made that face almost perfect. Arabelle had never seen a man like that in her village. So, where did the man come from? Darn. Arabelle's eyes widened as she realized one thing. She reflexively moved backwards with a scared expression. Red eyes, red as rubies, like blood. There was only one answer, he must be from the territory of the Kingdom of Morthesc. A rumored dangerous kingdom because werewolves lived there and their King Alpha was known as the Lord of Darkness. Was this a nightmare? Realizing the danger ahead, Arabelle began to rebel. "Let me go! Please! Don't let me be taken away by him! Please!" She shouted at the top of her lungs while shaking the cage that surrounded her. No one dared to open their voices, now Arabelle realized why people were suddenly silent when this man from Morthesc came. Arabelle had to prostrate herself while continuing to beg not to be sold to him. If the man took her to Morthesc and became a human who had to serve the werewolf, it would be suicide. He could kill her, bite and drink her blood at any time. No, Arabelle did not want to go. "Sir, please just give me to the 500,000 silver man. Please..." She begged the committee organizing the slave auction. The committee looked away as they held out paper and pen to the Morthesc. "Please sign, Your Majesty..." Arabelle's heart sank weakly. King? Is the man who bought her there Alexander Mavis? the dark lord? No way. She shook her head, refusing to believe what was happening to her. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, Arabelle Foley is officially sold to His Majesty King Alexander! The King of Morthesc!" The gavel struck three times. It was over. The sales session for Arabelle was over. "Let her go, I'll take her right now." Ordered Alex who couldn't take his eyes off Arabelle from the beginning. His meaningful smile still faithfully adorned his handsome face that was white as porcelain. No need to wait for a long time, the ties that entangled Arabelle were finally opened. Alex held out his hand. Arabelle shook her head. "Stay away from me, i don't wanna go..." "Will you accept my hand or my men will pull you out by force?" Alex whispered threateningly. Arabelle looked behind Alexander who had officially become her owner, sure enough, there were two other big men behind there. Inevitably, Arabelle accepted Alex's helping hand who in one lift managed to carry her down from the sales stage. Arabelle gasped slightly, his action was too sudden. "Awh..." Arabelle winced as her left foot hit the floor, apparently dislocated by the steel weights that had been attached to her during the days leading up to the auction. The two soldiers accompanying Alex immediately approached to offer help , but their King refuses it. "I can handle this. You two, leave and get ready for the trip home." Alex said commandingly. They nodded obediently and hurriedly left the hall. "Let me-" BRUAKH! The hall door opened again, causing a loud crash. Someone in the royal uniform of the place they were currently in, the Borcasc Kingdom. "Luke... Luke!" Arabelle shouted while trying to break free from Alexander's grip. "Luke help me..." He, Luke Thompson, a knight of the Borcasc kingdom who was Arabelle's best friend since they were children. They often spent time together until finally Luke officially became an official royal soldier, and being appointed as the best knight. Luke smiled at Arabelle, "Calm down, don't be afraid." He said as he approached with his hand ready to hold a sword from his pocket. Alex smiled blandly, if only this was his territory. He would definitely not hesitate to finish off the knight. "Your Majesty, please hand over Arabelle to me." Luke asked with his head bowed in respect. "Why?" "She won't be able to survive living in the north with the most extreme winters compared to this country." Luke replied as politely as possible, after all he didn't want to start a war. He just wanted Arabelle back. Alex looked at him with a cold stare. "I already bought her." "I beg you, I will return the money as long as His Majesty will release Arabelle." Sickening. Those humans always acted like heroes and felt they had enough power to fight back as if they had a long time. "Your Majesty, I-" The sharp tip of the sword was already drawn right in front of Luke's neck. "How dare you?!" Luke swallowed hard, Alex's movements were too fast, he didn't realize when the sword pulled out its sheath. There seemed to be no other way but to fight, Arabelle's weakened condition looked very pitiful. His heart ached to see his childhood friend crying out of fear and worry. "I can read your mind. Look, I will not hesitate to kill you and throw your head full of arrogance and send it to your King." Alex's press was more than just a threat. Luke forgot that he wasn't dealing with a human, but a cold-blooded, pure-blooded werewolf. Despite this, Luke was not deterred at all. He took a step back, mounted his stance and pulled a sword from his pocket that was hanging on his waist. Luke pointed the long sword boldly at the face of the dark lord who had won many wars because of his skill with the sword. Alex took it as a challenge. "You're the King and ruled so many pack under. Do werewolves eat the flesh of their kind?" Asked Luke with a dismissive smile. "Prove it yourself." Said Alex as he tightened his grip on Arabelle's left hand. A second later, the sound of swords rubbing against each other filled the room. Luke was so dexterous in attacking Alex who always managed to hold him back even though he only stayed in place by continuing to hold Arabelle. Luke took a deep breath and twisted his body, then jumped with the tip of the sword aimed right at Alex's heart. And then, his spirit that was so confident of freeing Arabelle was instantly broken. Everyone in the room stared in disbelief as they backed themselves towards the corner of the room until they were crowded. "Luke, no!" Arabelle panicked when the sword that her best friend was so proud of broke into two pieces. Alex smiled blandly, his parry well-timed, his firm grip providing the power while he pushed to help the sharp blade break his rival's sword. "Shit." Luke cursed. "Looks like you won't be able to find out. Now, it's my turn." Alex said preparing to raise his sword high. But, Arabelle suddenly fell to her knees while holding Alex's hands and begging for forgiveness for her friend with tears in her eyes. "No, Your Majesty... Forgive him, I beg you. Don't hurt him. I... I will come with you, please let my friend go..." Please Arabelle knelt down. It was fun, seeing two people crying for each other never be so entertaining just like this. What kind of drama is this, Alex sighed resignedly. Alex woke Arabelle up and made her stand up straight. "You will indeed come with me. It doesn't matter if he dies or not. Because you are mine." Alex whispered right in front of her lips. Arabelle closed her eyes still sobbing. "No, Arabelle...." Luke said desperately. Alex embraced Arabelle's slender waist. "I won't use my power as you know, i can running so fcking fast." He said, "I will carry you slowly so, your best friend can be more tormented and you can remember his expression for a long time." He added in a whisper. Evil. What an evil human. No, he literally wasn't human. Arabelle's tears became uncontrollable. "Luke... Take care of yourself." She whispered. Alex led Arabelle past Luke who was on his knees, he was helpless. His heart felt empty, his mind could not think of a way out. "Arrghh!" Luke growled in frustration. "Arabelle! No! Please, don't take her!" Please Luke who rushed after them out of the hall. But unfortunately, his best friend was already on a horse, the same horse with Alex, her master. Luke's hands were clenched tightly, his tears flowing freely as Arabelle began to move away from his sight. "I will find you. I'll bring you back, I promise." Luke's promise.

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