The Lycan’s Rejected Mate

second chance

"She is a murderer!"

Everything changed for Anaiah Ross when she inadvertently killed someone following her first unexpected Shift into her wolf.

Now hated, abused, and mistreated by the members of her pack, her fated mate, Alpha Amos, rejected her instantly and ordered her thrown into the dungeons.

Her heart shattered almost instantly and begrudgingly, accepted his rejection, resigning herself to a life of misery at the mercy of her pack.

But on her eighteenth birthday, fate seemed to take pity on her and revealed her Second Chance mate as non other than a dangerous and powerful Lycan King, but Amos realizes that he simply can't let her go.

With two men fighting for her attention and desperate to win her love and acceptance, her life becomes increasingly complicated.

Anaiah discovers sinister plots at work and fights to discover the true power that will change the course of her life for good, making her the prime target for the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Can Anaiah survive the evil thrown at her and finally, find happiness with the man that she chooses? Or will she succumb to the darkness and lose herself, and everything she knows completely?

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CHAPTER 1 The Most Hated Wolf
  Anaiah's POV   My name is Anaiah Ross. I'm the most hated wolf in the pack because when I shifted into my wolf for the first time, I killed Tomas Rivers, our Alpha's brother, who attempted to r**e me.   Tomas Rivers was a pedophile who used to touch me in the most inappropriate way when no one was watching. That's why I'm not sorry I killed him.   Since that day, the pack has been mistreating and bullying me. They beat, starve me and make me clean the pack house day in and day out. I tried to tell them that it was only self-defense but they didn't believe me. Tomas's wife, Leah, who denied all the accusations and said that her husband was the perfect man, but I know she knows the truth.   Even my parents turned their backs on me because, after the murder, they were demoted from their Gamma status to Omegas. Omegas are considered the weakest link of the pack, others are strong, but most of them are just cleaners and help out around the pack. They have no major role to play, like fighting in wars or any important pack political business.   "Where is that b***h!" Leah sneers. I roll my eyes because of everyone here, she makes my life a living hell. I was supposed to be banished after I killed Tomas but my parents pleaded and asked on my behalf, saying that it was my first shift and just lost control.   I get out of my tiny room, it is very small and has almost an old walk-in closet, next to the store room on the second floor. There is a mattress and an old broken mirror. I only have a few clothes, shoes, and a collection of my favorite books.   I get out of the room, mentally preparing myself for all the insults and beating I'm to receive. I groan. Once in the main room, I see Leah standing elegantly in a long dress and heels, one hand on her hip as she taps her feet against the floor in impatience, the other hand holding a yellow fabric that she throws in my face as soon as I'm at arm's reach. I remove it from my face and throw it on the floor, annoyed.   "Um..." I trail pointing at the dress on the floor. Leah looks livid now and I didn't expect her to slap me, no, I did. She slaps me hard across my face and blood splatters from my nose as I fell to the ground from the impact of her slap. She kicks me once again in the stomach and I grunt.   "I told you to hand wash it!" She yells. I cover my face with my arms as my face blow after blow. It has been like this since her husband died and I'm here to take all her hate.   I picked myself up from the floor after Leah was tired of beating me. I go to the Omega bathroom to clean my body, the cold water hits my body and I shiver. Slowly, I clean my body and leave the bathroom, using the lotion I left there and wearing the clothes I wore earlier. I am going to get started on breakfast. The packed house has over 100 people staying here, they live in luxurious suites with their families, while others who are unmatched or without families have designer rooms.   With only a few other Omegas to help me, I prepared breakfast. There are sausages, bacon, toast, eggs, and beans, they eat a full English breakfast every morning. I start to serve when I see him, Amos, he's our future Alpha and one of the strongest wolves there is, he's a big player and a Cassanova. But I still have a small crush on him.   Keyword; Small.   He mostly irritates me and bullies me like others. The last time I spilled coffee on his girlfriend Eunice, he slapped me. My wolf wanted to fight back but I knew he could end our lives in an instant.   Amos's eyes met mine and he visibly stiffened and widened his eyes. I ignore his weird behavior and continue serving breakfast. Ignoring all the snarky comments they are throwing my way. I look at my parents but they only look at me with disgust and hate in their gaze. I swallow and inhale, walking away sadly. Tears were well in my eyes but I didn't cry. I can't be weak. I need to leave this place once I'm eighteen and start a new life for myself, so I promised myself to be strong. I will survive, I will take all the beating.   'Don't worry, our mate will love us,' beams my wolf, Chalo.   A mate is a soulmate that completes a wolf's life. Once they are in pain, it is felt by the other and my wolf has been wanting to get one since we learned what mates are, and she believes he will save us from all the pain and torture. He will love us forever and we will have a beautiful family I didn't have.   I see a few students going to school and I smile. I miss school even though all they did was prank me, but my teachers were good to me because I was a straight A student and would win most competitions. The Alpha and Luna stopped my education in my sophomore because they said they can't waste their resources on me when all I'm good for is cleaning and cooking, plus, let's face it, I wasn't going to get into a good college.   After I was done with my chores, I decided to get some vitamin D outside as my skin was too pale due to being indoors. I smile when the sun hits my skin and my wolf purrs. I hid in the bleachers while watching the warriors of the pack train. I like to observe them while they train so that I can know some basics about defending myself.   The Dawnrise is not the strongest there is and has survived thus far by maintaining a good relationship with other strong packs like the Lycans who are royalty to us. The Dawnrise's worst fear is angering a stronger pack. Hence, every year, they hold a ceremony to renew their treaties where they feast and celebrate alliances that were made many years ago.   I feel a hand roughly grab my hair from behind and I fall on my back facing the sky. Eunice is standing over me, her arms crossed over her chest with a triumphant smile on her face. I scowl and try to get up, but a kick in my stomach stops me. She and her two bimbos hit me several times and she snarls.   "Don't make eyes with my boyfriend again!"

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