My Possessive Bully

opposites attract

Zade and Zach.

Zach and Zade

Two opposites.

Two absolutely unlikeable bitches. Yet their looks and grades demanded attention. Their glances at each other, ways of seeking revenge, competing for absolutely anything and trying to win and spit defeat on the other. Yet amidst all these, the infamous bully Zade was melting and Zach was the only reason.

When Zach realized the same, and started to reciprocate, he discovers a stalker for himself.

With recurring deaths and haunting threats, alongside with growing feelings, how will they take the challenge?

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I'd many thoughts as to what to do on my first day. The fact that I was gonna be ragged was a fact. Blatant fact. Acting like a savage was out of the question. It would be like paving the way to get into their freaking bully hands, like "Sir....whip me..slap me...torture me. I'm all yours" So my not so innocent brains decided I to act harmless and approach whatever it was had to come. I was in my best clothes as of now though my mom had made sure to cover the torn parts with some stitchings of her own which left me feeling for the colorings all the time to make sure they didn't come off. My blue jeans and pale white shirt were what I felt would keep things safe and I walked to the entrance without giving anyone a look whileI couldn't handle the curiosity to take a peek at the man approaching me with hands in pockets. The fact that many girls went,"Oh! He looks amazing" and, "How sexy!" like I was so handsome made me think of how much more weight I had to lose after making myself chubby like a rice cake after every summer vacation. I took a glimpse at him and found myself taking a full head-to-toe scan. He was the strongest and yet so the sexiest man I had ever seen. His harsh look gave him something more to the vibe of a bully and almost immediately I found his black shirt exposing bulging muscles and strong calves which came out of those tight jeans left me. Fuck, I was already aroused. I tried not to keep eye contact but he looked straight for me. My shades kept his eyes meeting from mine though mine did meet his. "Hey, shade boy, your name?", and how much more masculine could that voice be. but I only sensed the lack of love in them. The moment his question jumped upon me, the entire crowd of freshmen and sophomores who were gathered there came surrounding us. I slowly tried to gulp down my fear and said, "I am Zach and you are.....?' He wanted to chuck away the question like dust but I was more surprised on seeing the familar man who had come running behind shaking his shoulder screaming,"Let him go maan." I shouted in recognition of who it was,"Gabriel.....? What are you doing here with this bully?" The sexy man cringed hard at the insult, though he couldn't say anything more to it. Gabriel looked at me like I was meant to be his gem though I knew he was fed up by the news of my arrival. "Hey Zach..I was just telling him who you were." I nodded and slowly raised my eyebrows at the handsome douchebag standing in front of me. He found it absolutely humiliating seeing my over-confidence but had asked Gabriel almost immediately who I was. He introduced me as his cousin and the fact that my aunt put me in this college because Gabrielwould be there to look after me. FACTS. Frankly speaking, I absolutely lost contact with Gabriel especially after I lost my mom in an accident which left me in depression for three years. Brother was never the best cousin but I knew his presence in this college was very important because my caretaker mother would have never otherwise sent me here even if I said I had got in through a scholarship. He sighed in exasperation and slowly poured his glances at me from head to toe while I felt really uncomfortable. His eyes are what had me going as to why the eyes full of love and comfort were acting so hard to be rude and harsh. That is when I saw sounds from the mob surrounding me, especially girls "Daddy......You're so cool...I know ..Please call me..My number...you know it Zade...I was asking you all the time to leave a message back!!" Squeals of invitiation zoomed around him. How nicely annoying. There were thousand of such replies from different sides stating complaints about why he didn't message or as to why he was not replying to the confessions while some went saying that he was too good to be true. I smacked my face and tried to look and think elsewhere. This always happened to me. Nerds like me drooled for such rude men. "Want a coffee with me? First interval in the morning session. I will be there in the cafeteria waiting for you.", my mouth blabbered. Instant regret. Heart: Why would you say that? Brain: I don't know. Heart: Then shut up. Brain: I can't. I sighed. Gosh, how could I survive with such annoying organs like talking tom stuck inside my body. I knew I would be turned down like s**t and as expected he laughed rudely. A crackle of satan in the dawn. "Why would I share that coffee with you?" I kept my sentences into straightforward answers for bullies always interrupted long ones. I tried to be honest as I can and moved few feet closer to him. I surprised him for sure because his eyes widened but he didn't move back which made me grin. "You look so thin. Eat and take rest ." He was taken aback because I could see it in him. But bullies always had two sides in them. He smirked, "You are too chubby to be a proper man. Reduce weight." I found myself tearing up because it backstabbed quite hard. You don't know anything..piece of trash. But I contradicted gathering all the little might left in me. There was no way I was turning out to be a laughing stock on the first day of college. " Thanks for the compliment because I have been trying to do so for few weeks." I knew that I had had enough but my gut seemed to say that I had to continue, "Look Zade...I don't wanna argue but why don't you spend more time on grades instead of wasting it on trashes like me, or like you say, chubby rice cakes like me?' His brows cringed. Clearly he was either enjoying it or he seemed to be questioning why he was wasting so much of his time on me. He gritted his teeth and moved closer . One more step and he would have been deadly close with his nose touching my small white bridge. Somehow, the proximity made my groin twitch. "Keep the honorifics boy..or your dead. Don't expect a happy college life then ." I wanted to back down and keep to myself without getting on his bad side. That felt safe. But I didn't know where the courage came from to talk back nevertheless move closer and our noses touched. Both of us twitched a bit. "It's Zach...not little boy. By the way, I said it out of concern Zade that you look so thin. It will be on me ...Come to the cafe ." Saying so I walked towards the open door, silence lurking near every corner. I found Gabriel shouting, "Crowd dispersed" and many feet scampering here and there while I didn't look back.I wanted to see what Zade had felt from my last comment but my gut didn't want me to turn. Or atleast I should have known my dumb ass would take a peak. I looked through my shoulder to get a small glimpse. Was he still there? Oh yes, ofcourse. A string of shiver went through my spine. He was there, all still so sexy and perfect. And his eyes were on me.

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