Poisoned By Desire

opposites attract

What force of nature is more dangerous than love? Desire.

Desire is just as potent as love but more deadly and the high is so addictive that most would say the consequences are worth it. Most except for Julian Doyle. He's guilty of both Love and Desire, and because of this recklessness, he has watched the world change for over a century.

Cion has lived her life with the knowledge that the world is not as it seems. Sprites, ghosts, and demons live among the masses, and she is one of the 'lucky' few to know it.

Cion and Julien are two completely different supernatural beings. Will they be able to withstand the forces trying to keep them apart?


To kiss him sober is out of my league. But somehow with all these excuses, I still close my eyes and brace for him. I want to feel the heat of his lips but feel nothing. His breath is on my ear as he mutters, "Your name is beautiful."

Poisoned by Desire is created by Lydia Clarke, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Chapter 1: Pointless
Cionna POV University of Maryland 'I don't understand how we're this close to the end of the semester and it's this loud in the dorms tonight.' I sat in front of my computer trying to focus on my essay that was due tomorrow, but the thumping music pouring through my door was beyond distracting. It was 9 p.m. on a Wednesday. Who throws a dorm party in the middle of the week? I rubbed my temple with the palm of my hand trying to ease the tension of being pissed off, but the sounds only intensified. With a deep and frustrated sigh, I dug around my bed for my headphones. The sight of my black constellation headphones welcoming me from under the pillow. I quickly grabbed them and popped the soft muffs over my ears before plugging them into my laptop. Instantly a mass of the noise was softened to a lull. As I clicked across my tabs, I went to YouTube and played some ambient lo-fi music. The feeling of relief and peace washed over her as the aggressive beats from the hall faded into nothing and the gentle piano keys played in her ears. However, she was not fully satisfied and decided to help out the other people who were also probably studying tonight. Cionna drew circles in the air with her finger and small mist gathered around it. She continued to spin her finger until the mist became a thick cloud and with a light breath, she blew the tip of her finger. The small cloud floated through the air and faded through the wall of the dorm room. Following the sound, it drifted discreetly down the hall to the noisy door of the partying college students. Silently, the cloud dispersed and melted in the wood of the door. *** Cionna's Room I felt the spell attach to the door and smiled. “Be quiet." I uttered. Within a few minutes, I felt the vibration of people stomping and running down the dorm hallway. With a smile, I went back to focusing on my homework. *** 2 Hours Later I was laid out on my bed still drowning out the world with my headphones until the door swung open and slammed hard against the wall. The sudden sound made me jump. I freed one ear from its muff to find Alexis standing in the room beaming mischievously “Cion! Did you hear what happened in the Senior Dorms?!" She squealed. I raised her eyebrows slightly but didn't respond. Alexis closed the door behind her and leaped onto my bed with a bounce. “The fire alarm and sprinklers went off in the whole hallway. Everybody got soaked and when the RA came, she popped a bunch of people at a party. I heard there were even thirty-year-old guys there." I looked away from her and bit my lip to keep from laughing. I didn't mean to dowse the whole hallway. Just that room. I really needed more practice on my precision. Rolling my eyes, I placed my headphones around my neck to pay attention to Alexis. “Lex, is there anything you don't hear about? Why are you so obsessed with what happens in the senior hallway. We'll be seniors next year and you're the only person I know that could make getting busted at a party and soaked in your own room sound like fun." Alexis groaned and linked an arm around mine. I moved to put her headphones back on but felt hands take them away from her. I glared at Alexis and prepared myself for the young, wild, and free lecture. Again. Alexis had given it at least a hundred times since we became friends in sophomore year. It only got worse when we became roommates. “Cion! Come on. You have got to stop being so moody and emo. We are in the prime of our lives. It's right now where we live the most. This is the time to kiss girls, shave our heads, drink way too much, fall in love, break up, fall in love again, and get our brains screwed out. We are young! You know you're only gonna be young once right? Like you have be open! Live life now and be young." “Wild and Free. Yeah, I know, Lex." She huffed and pouted at me. Sometimes I doubted Alexis understood me. I was an introvert, but if you asked her I was too pretty for that problem. I was average in my eyes. My honey-brown hair was long enough to brush my shoulders and wrapped in fat loose curls around my face. I had green eyes people said looked as if they've been replaced with the spark of live wires. I wasn't scrawny or overweight. I had a curvy frame with wide hips, a slim waist, and thick thighs. My shoulders were narrow and led up to a round face and pouty lips. However, I was only five foot three. Despite my shortness, I had a generous amount of a*s and a little more than a hand full of breasts to my name. I didn't care about my looking sexy. I liked to dress comfy. I felt Alexis stare me down with my hair pulled up into a high ponytail and a puff of curls on top of my head. My favorite powder blue hoodie and leggings hugged my body in the best way. Alexis groaned frustratedly as she looked me over. I wasn't hideous compared to her, but I was normal. She had dark hair, brown eyes, a tiny waist, and a pair of D cups. She was a natural flirt and guys threw themselves at her. I wish I could open up and actually enjoy her life a little. But the while wild oats thing was not my style. Getting out of my thoughts, I turn to Alexis just in time for her to give me a sweet peck on the cheek. “What was that for?" I ask suspiciously. “Because you're my favorite little turtle. I gotta go. I've got a humanities class in like ten minutes, but don't wait up for me. I'm gonna go crash the Gamma Phi Beta party later. You should come if you decide to, You know, act your age," I tease. She quickly popped up from my bed as I reached for a pillow to throw at her. With a wink, she's out the door as the soft projectile makes contact with the door. Alexis could be a real pain in the a*s, but she was the only person I had after what happened to my parents. The thought of them turned my mood slightly sour. I slid my fingers to the gold pendant around my neck and tried not to think of them. Sometimes the memories were so vivid, it felt as if they were still around. I peek over at the calendar on my wall and sigh at the date circled three times in purple. My 21st birthday was getting closer, and I spent the past three years of my life trying to avoid…well people in general. Shaking my head back to clarity, I lay back on my bed and close my eyes. 'People are full of sh*t.' I remind myself. Without another thought to Alexis' words or the next few months, I turn my music up to max and cover my ears. Soon the chil hip hop beats make me drift off to darkness.

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