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1. Meet my hybrid girl


"Will you be my girlfriend, Emily?" the new guy in school, Casper Hilton, kneeled down across from her with a beaming diamond ring in his hand.

But Emily's eyes widened as a quiver of trepidation ran down her spine, feeling dizzy since this was unanticipated.

She was aware that he was watching. She knew he was fuming in anger. She can listen to his grinding teeth and the fisting of his fingers— Alas, she had no guts to move away; not that she wanted to do it either as she recalled his words from their previous conversation.

'He said I am nothing more than a slave to him and he doesn't care about me. He shouldn't mind it if I dated another guy as I am just a slave mate.' She thought before bringing her eyes to smile down at Casper.

Emily prepared herself to answer in a yes when a rough hand grabbed her nape and cold rough lips crashed down on hers, taking her breaths away.


Emily Wilson turned eighteen recently. She was delighted to know she was a hybrid— the strongest wolf in the pack. But unlike other she-wolves who happen to have a lovely, happy-to-go life after meeting their mate and wolf, she was introduced to a life she had never ever dreamed of.

She was rejected. Accused of her best friend's murder. Bothered. When she thought it was going to end soon— Jayden Harris, her best friend's mate, claimed her as his slave mate.

He said that he didn't care about her. He said he marked her just to hurt her. He said she was the last she-wolf he would ever fall for.

Will Emily ever be able escape his twisted traps? Will she ever perceive his crazy games he was playing with her? Or... Is there another story towards his varying behavior she doesn't know about?

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Prologue... Emily's POV  Everything is over. From my dreams to hope, perseverance to love... Everything. "It's okay, Emily. He didn't deserve you either. Don't think about him any more." My best friend, Sinjin, rubbed my back as we stuck closer in the cab. "I know, Sinjin. But it hurts. It hurts so much." I sobbed. "What have I done to get the rejection?" "You did nothing wrong, babe. That bastard didn't deserve you." Sinjin tried to convince me but I was too heartbroken to listen to her voice. Today was my eighteenth birthday. I was hoping for it to be the best one since I was going to meet my wolf and my mate. Alas, all my hopes and wishes demolished when I met him— my mate. He ruined my birthday and my life. He rejected me. Without looking at me for longer than a minute, he just rejected me saying that I was a weak omega. He called me useless and abused me before announcing the rejection. "Come on, hop out. Let's go and enjoy the carnival. I want to make your birthday the best." The cab halted and Sinjin paid the driver. She took me inside the huge carnival that comes once in three years. We have forever been waiting for this night. Unfortunately, I don't have the zeal to attend it. It's only for Sinjin I am here. She wanted me to celebrate my birthday despite being rejected. She believes that he didn't deserve me and I should not ruin my day for someone who doesn't understand my worth. "Let's go to the Ferris-wheel first." Sinjin chirped as she squeezed my arm. "Look at its size. It's soo freaking tall. We can surely touch the stars, Emily." I forced a smile at her chirping. I know she is only telling me all these to make me feel good. She wants me to get over the rejection but it's hard. Trust me, it's more than hard. "Wait here, Emily. I will go and get the tickets." She left me in my spot to get the tickets. I quickly raised my hands to cover my face as tears flashed in my eyes again. 'What have I done so wrong to get a rejected, moon goddess? Why did you do this to me?" I tried to control my sobs as well as tears. Being an omega wolf my life wasn't easy at all. And after the rejection without getting a solid cause for it, I feel like killing myself. I just want to erase my existence. 'Please, don't tell like that, Emily.' My wolf, Amelia, finally uttered something. Ever since the rejection, she went mute. She didn't talk to me and continued crying in my chest. She just emerged out today and was starting to meet everyone when the rejection came to her. She is more affected than me. Her soul mate rejected her. "It seriously hurts, Amelia. I don't feel good." I expressed trying to control my sobs when a hand came across my shoulder. "Emily!" Sinjin was back. She was frowning at me. "Ugh, what am I going to do with you? You are again crying for that bastard." She gritted her teeth abusing my mate. He's the Alpha's elder son.  "I can't tolerate this pain, Sinjin. I want to die." I said and was about to collapse when she held my shoulders and took me in her friendly embrace.  Sinjin and I both belong to omega cast. But she was lucky to have her mate accept her. What makes me cry more is that her mate is the sibling to my mate. They both are the Alpha's sons. But unlike my mate, Sinjin's mate accepted her. He loves her too.  "Rejection hurts, Emily. I know that. But you need to be strong. You can't fall weak like this. We are yet to start our lives, Emily. This is just the beginning. Don't let it affect you so much. Please handle yourself or else I will break down too. You know how important you are in my life." Her words made me sob.  We both are more than best friends. Like soul sisters. I wonder what would have become of me if she wasn't here? I would have probably committed suicide already.  "Please be strong. We will find you a mate who is hotter and better than that bastard. We will find someone who knows your worth." She hushed near my ear.  "Promise?" I said half-heartedly as I didn't want Sinjin to break into tears. Her voice was sounding heavy already.  "Pinky promise!" She moved apart from the hug and pinched her throat.  After that we indulged ourselves with enjoying the carnival. We tried several rides and relished candy floss. Sinjin and I won twin teddy bears in popping the balloon game where you have to shoot several balloon and win prizes.  I had literally forgotten about the rejection and was enjoying the evening of my eighteenth birthday until the worst phase of my life unfolded. It made me wish I had never come here. It made me wish I had never agreed to what Sinjin demanded next for it brought Neverending pains in my life.  I wish I had held her hand and stopped Sinjin from buying the tickets to haunted house.  "Are you ready to face some demons?" I wish I had said a no and dragged her away from the entrance of haunted house.  "Yes."  "Come on, let's beat some demon asses!" Had I not agreed and gone inside with her, my life would have been better than from it became after that moment.  Tbc...  (This is the prologue. Hope you guys enjoy the story. Please keep me motivated with your lovely feedback. Follow me for more updates:) 

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