Best Werewolf Romance Books

We categorize these books as the best werewolf romance books series due to their unusual story elements. Even though these books also address common werewolf romance themes (mating, werewolf hierarchy, the Moon Goddess, and so on), the authors of these best werewolf romance books are always successful in inserting “something new” to the mating concepts.

The MCs a.k.a the main characters don’t need to be of certain ages, even though the MCs in the best werewolf romance books series are more commonly in their 20s. Second-chance mate is yet another concept that we should think about when we read these werewolf romance books.

Final words: Just enjoy the roller-coasters of emotions that the MCs go through each chapter. You will like these books!


"best werewolf romance books"Book Series:

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    My Miracle Luna (Complete)


    This book is now available for purchase on Ama*zon. Due to the length, it was split into three parts. All three parts are available on Ama*zon as of 07/06/2023. ------------------------------------------------------------ As of September 30, 2020, this book was placed on the pay-to-read program. Rylee Duquesne was orphaned at ten years old when her father, the Alpha of the Silver Lake pack, was challenged for his pack. He lost. The challenger, Alpha Eric Patterson of the Halfmoon pack took over and slaughtered everyone. Rylee was the only survivor. After she is discovered, Eric took her in and turned her into a slave. For eight years, Rylee was mistreated and abused. On her 18th birthday, Rylee meets her mate, and it's none other than Eric's son and the future Alpha of Halfmoon, Ash. He rejects her, and she accepts; unfortunately, she had to reveal her true identity, that she is an Alpha by blood; however, Rylee is not only an Alpha by her father's side but also her mother's, making Rylee a true Alpha. Ash realizes that he is in love with Rylee, but it's too late. On the night of his Alpha ceremony, Rylee is given her second chance mate, another Alpha. Wyatt Valencia, of Blue Lake. Unbeknownst to her, Wyatt has been in love with Rylee since she was ten years old. Will Rylee be able to let go of her past and find happiness with Wyatt, or has the damage to her soul put her in a place of no return? What will happen when Rylee's pedigree is fully discovered by the enemy? Read to find out. Copyright © 2020-2021 Eunie Lee All Rights Reserved If I find out anyone has plagiarized my work. I will report you, and depending on the severity, I will even take legal action. This story is signed and published on Dreame, and Dreame alone. Image credits go to

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    The Alpha Prince and His Bride


    Alpha Prince Austin Lance Vinci had it all, he was the first born of king Jeremy ,the handsome prince who everyone loved and adored .He was also the alpha of the Moon Pack, the most powerful pack ever known .He had the perfect life and was ready to settle with his new found mate when everything suddenly fell apart. The kingdom was suffering financially and the only way to save it was to accept the marriage proposal of Princess Lucy Rosemary. Princess Lucy Rosemary loved her life even though she was the mistreated adopted daughter of the royal family, her life takes an unexpected turn when she's suddenly forced into an arranged marriage with the possessive, arrogant Prince Austin Lance Vinci. As if that's not all, she's soon to discover an entire world she never even knew existed. BOOK 2: The Alpha's Forbidden Bride

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    His Mate And His Mistress

    Irtania Adrienread18.7MParanormal

    Alpha Demitrey Jackson felt on top of the world. He was Alpha of one of the Largest wolf Packs In North America, he was wealthy, and had a beautiful mistress. Yes, a mistress, not a mate, he never wanted one. No one knew why, yet no one questioned his decision. When a smaller pack was being threatened by rogues, he was asked to help, and so a peace treaty was signed through a marriage between him and the youngest daughter of the alpha of the silent moon pack, but who knew that she was his destined mate? Adelina Veraso dreamed of the day her mate would sweep her off her feet, take her in his warm embrace, shower her with hugs and kisses, and love her for who she was. But she never expected him to be a cold ass hole who loathed and insulted her, made love to his mistress instead of her, who treated her as though she was some animal, yet treated his mistress as though she was a queen. He allowed no other male to approach her, but his mistress gets to saunter around with whomever she pleases. And she hated the way he played with her heart, toyed with her feelings, and teased her body whenever he felt like degrading her. Demitrey is stuck with Adelina, but he wants nothing to do with her. So why can't he take her out of his mind? Why can't he stay out of her bed at night? Why does he get jealous when another male approach her? And why Oh why can't he let her go? Join Adelina as she experiences a Rollercoaster of emotions, tears, romance, heartbreak, and maybe love, and join Demitrey as he withstand a battle within himself when it comes to Adelina. SNEAK PEEK: "Please Demitrey, reject me, let me go and you can be with Serena forever, I can tell that you want her, and you hate me, so just do us both a favor." She begged tears streaming down her face. So she wanted to leave me? I bet its for another man. Well over my f*****g dead body. "I don't think so Adelina, you're not leaving, and just for speaking such words, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!" Sequel to His Mate and His Mistress Is titled "His Mate and His Mistress: The Rise of a Luna". The third addition is titled "His Mate and His Mistress: The Redemption of an Alpha". Follow me on ** at Novels_by_tania for more information!

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    Prince Reagan

    SKY ANGELread6.3MFantasy

    "Soon, Ellie." He takes a whiff from my neck before whispering sensously into my ear, "Soon you'll be begging for me to finally take what's mine." A shiver runs down my spine as his canines get dangerously close to my neck. I feel his lips pull up into a smirk as he adds, "And I'll gladly oblige." Being rejected by your own mate leaves you broken and weak. But not for Ellie. After her mate, also soon to be alpha of her pack, rejects her for another she-wolf she so hates, she doesn't lean in defeat and let others walk over her. But she stands tall, confident, and strong, ready to face the world on her own. But what happens when a Lycan Prince, Reagan, declares her his mate even though she doesn't feel the sparks. Read to find out what happens next in 'Prince Reagan.'

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    Once Rejected, Twice Desired (Book 1 of Blue Moon Series)

    Ambernique Leggettread21.6MParanormal

    (Warning: Mature, 18+ only) When Alaia turns 18, she knows that she will eventually find her mate. What she doesn't know is what will happen when she finally does. The betrayal of rejection knocks her down, but she's not meant to be down for long. She is meant for greatness. Follow along as she overcomes to get everything she has ever wanted, but was too afraid to ask. She was Once Rejected, but now Twice Desired. ***Excerpt*** “You will NOT c*m yet, understand Little One?” Hearing him say this makes me almost fall over the edge. I can barely form a coherent thought, let alone words. Suddenly, I feel a hard smack on my ass. I gasp at the impact, it’s hurts so damn good. “Answer me, Little One.” He growls in my ear “YES, DADDY! I UNDERSTAND!” I feel myself starting to fall apart. My legs are shaking uncontrollably and the tears are running continuously down my cheeks. “Hold on baby, just a little bit longer.” I nod my head vigorously. “Daddy, please!” I beg. I don’t know if I’m begging him to stop or to keep going until my last breath. Then suddenly his fingers are gone. Almost immediately my body weeps from their absence. “Open.” I do as instructed and open my mouth. He inserts the same two fingers he was just ravishing me with allowing my tangy sweetness to coat my tongue. I drink down my juices hungrily, I feel as if I’m going insane.

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    His Redemption (Complete His Series)


    Azalea just wanted to make it out of the packhouse, but when the Alpha's son finds out she is his mate her wish comes true sooner than she expected. Years later, Azalea is trying to live a quiet normal life when Liam comes crashing back into her life, bringing danger and maybe a little passion into her lonely existence. When Liam finds out who his mate is, he knew he needed to reject her to save her. Years later, he still works to right the wrongs done by everyone around him when he finds Azalea again. What he needs to figure out: why can he still feel the mate bond between them? Complete His Series His Redemption, His Retribution, His Retaliation

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    The Lycan King's Mate

    Bridget Marieread6.3MFantasy

    Ava is heartbroken when her boyfriend of four years, Alpha Caleb, mates to her twin sister Lily on their eighteenth birthday, especially since they had made fun of her for years for being a ditzy barbie. When Lycan royals come to visit to join their pack's losing fight against another, Ava is surprised to find herself mated to the handsome Lycan king Cameron. She can't believe that someone so powerful and good looking could be mated to her, and she worries about another rejection, along with lingering feelings for Alpha Caleb. As King Cameron and Ava try to get to know each other, secrets and plots come out that will try to keep them apart, or worse, get them killed. They soon discover, not everyone can be trusted, but can they trust each other? ***** Series of book 2: The Alpha's Favorite Rogue (Completed) Other books: I'm Your Beta, Not Your Luna (Completed) The Millionaire's Marriage Contract (Completed) Choosing between an Alpha and a Rogue (Ongoing)

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    Her Triplet Alphas

    Joanna Jread7.0MParanormal

    Chasity has spent years being picked on by the identical Triplets: Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix and Alpha Calix Thorn. They’re rich, handsome and popular werewolves and they make sure Chasity knows she is a poor, "fat" and unpopular she-wolf. The boys pull her golden curls and mock her every move, nicknaming her ChaRity because she was taken into the pack house when left behind by her gambling, drug-addict parents. She cooks and cleans for free to pay off the debts incurred by her parents to the wolf pack. She’s relieved to count down the days to her eighteenth birthday when she can leave her pack behind forever. The last thing on her mind is finding out who her mate is when she comes of age. On her birthday, she is horrified to discover that her former tormenters, the Alpha Triplets, are her fated mates, all three of them. She has seven more months of hell aka high school before she can flee. The Triplets who are filled with remorse and lust for their little mate are determined to spend the next seven months convincing her to stay. Is it too little too late or will their happily ever after be just right? Formerly Called: Goldilocks and the Triplet Alphas

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    His Abused Mate

    Cassy Leporatiread4.5MParanormal

    I shook my head frantically, keeping my head down. He walked towards me and tried to change my mind. “Oh come on, you can't be that bad looking.” He reached his hand out toward my hood and I jumped away, falling to the ground while shaking with fear. “Alexis? Oh my god, Alexis I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.” I felt like sobbing, screaming even, but I knew nothing was gonna come out. I waited until I calmed down a little before I stood up and dusted myself off. “I'm sorry Alexis.” Was the last thing I heard before my hood was pulled off my head, revealing my face. ************** Alexis Cradle, she's mute and abused. She's been abused for 8 years but she doesn't know why. One day she goes to school and faces the new kids, the super hot new kids. She was shocked to find them trying to talk and hang out with her but she tried to avoid them because she knew her father would kill her if he found out... Hunter Nile, he's the future Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. His father isn't giving Hunter the position until he turns 18, he ends up spending his last year of having no responsibilities at school where he finds his mate, Alexis. He tries to talk to her but she strays away from him every time, he doesn't know why she's like this but he promises himself to figure her out... •••••••••••••• What will happen when Alexis' father finds out she's been hanging with three guys? Will Hunter save her before it's too late? Read to find out. {This Book Is Edited} {Completed} {I WAS 13 WHEN I WROTE THIS!! IF IT IS BAD I UNDERSTAND!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED}

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    The Silent Alpha

    Stephanie Lightread6.2MParanormal

    ***COMPLETED*** Natalia is the beloved human Luna of the Silver Crest Pack, that is... until she finds her Alpha mate sleeping with her sister on the same day she finds out she's pregnant. Zane was born with a debilitating stutter. Alone, abused, and neglected, Zane grows silent and is cast out as a rogue by his father, the brutal Alpha of the Scarlet Haven Pack. Two broken souls, a former Luna and a silent Alpha cross paths by chance. Will they be able to heal each other or will their pasts come back to haunt them? Book 4 of the Ivory Twin Series but can be read as standalone. Order of the series: 1. The Gold Queen 2. The Ivory Queen 3. The Earth Witch 4. The Silent Alpha