"the last spirit wolf"Book Series:

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    The Ivory Queen

    Stephanie Lightread1.8MParanormal

    Accused of murdering her father, Aurora Montenegro finds herself locked in the basement, abused and tortured for her pack’s amusement. Aurora’s life would change, however, when she meets Oliver Artaud, Alpha of the River Moon Pack, and her fated mate. Weak and afraid, Aurora must cope with the new task of becoming Luna for a pack who does not want her. Things take a turn for the worse when the number of the rogue attacks rises in the region and she unearths a shocking discovery... She was no ordinary wolf. Plagued with raising threats against her new pack, Aurora must face her fears and unlock the many secrets her father left in the wake of his death. She must become the Ivory Queen. But will it be enough to defeat the Evil hell bent on killing her? [COMPLETED] Book 1 of the Ivory Twin Series Prequel: The Gold Queen (completed) Book 1: The Ivory Queen (completed) Spin-off: The Earth Witch (completed ) Book 2: The Ivory Throne (ongoing)

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    Sky's Rejection

    Addie Hayesread306.4KParanormal

    Sky loses her parents at a young age, being left in the care of her older brother, who does not treat her the best. Everyone blames Sky for their death but how can a three year old be the cause of her own parents death. Sky is a Werewolf and the one thing she can not wait for is to meet her mate. The way she sees mates love each other around her, the way her parents were so deeply unattachable from each other and all the stories she remembers hearing. She hopes her mate will complete her and finally make her feel whole again. What will happen to Sky if she is rejected? She was always told you only get one mate and that's it, is that true? ©2021/2022 Kristine Wolcott/ Stary PTE. LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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    The Challenge Two Alphas, One Girl

    Joanna Jread1.5MParanormal

    Friday is born a she-wolf but her eighteenth birthday passes without her phasing, officially making her wolf-less. The Alpha of the Marigold Wolf Pack, Maze, is her fated mate but he rejects her for being a wolf-less she-wolf. The Pack treats her like the scum of the earth. She is not even allowed to attend the Peace Treaty Celebration where the Alpha of the Berryndale Pack, a more powerful Aly, visits. In a twist of fate, visiting Alpha Thaddeus lays his eyes on her and realises she is his mate. Friday has been given a second chance mate after being rejected! She fears being rejected again but Alpha Thaddeus is lovesick and ready to make her his Luna, wolf-less or not. The only problem is Alpha Maze realises he doesn’t want to let her go. The Alphas enter into the Challenge: they have 30 days to win her heart. Friday must make the final decision. Will she forgive Maze or forge a new destiny with Thaddeus?

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    KIM- BLACKread4.2MParanormal

    Hazel Freeman has been an outcast all her life and it didn't help that even her mate rejected her. With the thoughts of running away and starting her life over, will she be able to withstand the new world and come back stronger than ever. This is not your typical werewolf story and never your typical rejection because there's always a story behind every rejection.

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    The Alpha's Abused Mate

    Lyca DarkMoonread1.2MFantasy

    I fall to the floor as my hand automatically goes to the left side of my face as i stare back up at him. HE PUNCHED ME! "A-Alpha Please..." Before I can say anything more, he grabs both my arms and pulls me up and pins me to the wall in his office, slamming his body against mine while his usually ice blue eyes, now turned black, stares angrily back at me. His short dark brown hair standing wildly with a grimace on his face, making him look even more menacing. "YOU WILL BE MY MATE!..." He growled at me, making me shake even more out of fear. "Please let me go... I can't be your mate..." I whimpered out, looking away from him. I try to push him away, but his grip tightened on my arms and pulls me forward before slamming me back against the wall, hitting my head so hard, I start to see little black dots and i feel my body going numb... *** Skylar and her mother just moved to a new pack to escape their crazy ex-Alpha. Almost 17, she's afraid of finding her mate because of her past. Devon is the future Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. What will he do when he discovers that the new girl is his mate and will he be able to save her from what's to come...

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    The Rejected Slave


    Suriel Matthews has been living in the Silent Pack all her life. Her mother died in a vampire attack along with the Luna. Her father died before she was born, killed by rogues. Suriel has been treated worse than an Omega. she has been the pack slave. She is bullied by most of her pack members including the Alpha. What keeps her there? The dream of finally finding her mate. What will happen when Suriel finds out that half of her life had been nothing but a lie? What will she do when she finds the sole reason behind her mother's death? ****** Damien White is the future Alpha of the Silent Pack. His mother, Luna Sara died twelve years ago in a vampire attack while out on a picnic with some of her friends. Damien left the pack five years ago to go to Alpha School. Now twenty years old he is ready to take over the pack along with his fiancé Daisy. Daisy is the only child of Alpha Myles of the Blue Moon Pack. What would happen when Damien gets back to his pack with his fiancé? What would Damien do when he finds the truth behind his mother's death?

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    The Last Wolf Prince


    “Are you my mate?” I demand, even though I already know the answer. The evidence is pretty conclusive. Tristan swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat beneath his strong jaw with its trimmed beard. “It seems that way.” It seems that way? He could hardly sound less enthusiastic about the idea, and now along with being confused and overwhelmed, I’m offended too. His hand slips from mine, and the whole room instantly feels colder, but he has only pulled away so he can put his hands to his head as he squeezes his eyes tightly shut. When he opens them again a moment later, the vibrant blue of his eyes is gone. In its place is a set of yellow-orange eyes that look over at me like they want to completely devour me, in one way or another. “You are beautiful.” The voice that comes from Tristan’s mouth is different too, deep and guttural. “You are special, and perfect. You are mine.” The words, their tone, and the way he stares at me send a rush of heat through me that is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I have felt flashes of desire in the past, of course. My body works the same as anyone else's, I just always pushed it down because I knew nothing could come of it. ----------------------- How could I meet my mate four hundred years in the past? I'm here to save the last wolf prince. His death was the turning point in the future of all werewolves, and I've been sent back to stop it from happening. No one ever mentioned the prince's cousin. Is it selfish to fall in love when the world is falling apart? Can we save the prince and find our own happiness too? Only time will tell.

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    The rogue

    Notasha Paceread273.3KParanormal

    I was rejected by my mate at age 13 and then again at 16. He was the alpha and I'm a nobody an outcast. He banished me from my home and I have no where to go or anyone to turn to. Then he showed up the rogue. *Editing for this book will be completed May 1st, 2021. If by chance there seem to be mistakes please let me know/

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    My Cursed Love

    Anne T. Thyssen read51.9KParanormal

    “I don’t care if Marcus gets his hands on me and tortures me for the rest of my life.” I didn’t like hearing her saying she was ready to throw her life away like that and I felt a small growl leave my lips. “As long as my sister is safe, then it will be okay with me.” “Well, it won’t be okay with me!” I yelled. I could see it took her by surprise as I said this. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. I gave myself a mental kick. How could I just blurt those words out but I had come to realize that I was not only a slave to Marcus but also to the bond I felt towards Elena. I had never held any control over her. It was her who had the control over me. “Why?” I heard her whisper as I avoided her eyes. I didn’t answer her because what could I say? You’re my mate. No, she wouldn’t understand those words and I couldn’t explain them to her because I didn’t understand them myself. I just knew that I wanted her and only her. “Why?” I heard her ask as she stepped closer to me. Again I didn’t answer her or look at her. I could feel her step even closer to me and my wolf was trying to tear himself free of me and force me over to her. “Why?” she asked again with a more deep and demanding voice. “Because you are mine Elena!” I shouted as I cupped her cheeks and pulled her face close to mine. “I can’t breathe without you. I want you near me all the time and every time you run away it feels like I’m dying a little more and a little more. I want to give everything I am to you… even though there isn’t very much to give, I want you to have it all.” I couldn’t stop the words that came floating out of me. All I knew was that the one I had yearned for, for so long was right in front of me and I wanted her. *** Elena a young human girl, who was with 12 other young girls k*dnapped to serve a mad alpha and his pack. As she escapes she almost dies but is saved by a red eyed stranger, who from then on can never leave her side again. Revenge was never given a great start on life. He is different and has always been the outsider, yet he tries his best to do what he can for his pack and be the leader no one thought he could be. Unfortunately, he had never expected a human to be his mate ... and he can't let go of her. *Book One*

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    Assassin's mate


    "I love you, sis." My heart shattered when I saw her close her eyes. Knowing she won't open them again. My world crashed. My heart and soul died with her. This isn't over. It can't be. I won't allow it. They killed her. And I will kill them. Someday. But for now, all I could do was run. So I ran. As far as I could. As fast as I could. Now, I am just a walking corpse. Living to get revenge. Spin-off: Moon Goddess Daughter.