Sad Romance Books Series

Sad romance books are the proofs that romantic relationships don't always have happy endings. Sometimes, the burdens, triggers, challenges, and more, are so overbearing for both parties that the romantic life should end sadly.

We often find the stories of dead significant others in many sad romance books. Even when there are "second-chance" moments like reincarnation, the already-dead can't be restored in any ways. There are also other variations of such books, such as the characters who can't force the mates to move on to other guys or girls. Unrequited love can also belong to sad romance books series, even though it's a rare case.

Some examples of sad romance books include the Titanic series and Romeo and Juliet in any forms of adaptations.


"sad romance books"Book Series:

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    The Delta's Daughter


    Book 1 In a realm set in the future, where the human race has fallen and shifters now rule, comes the epic adventure and tale of The Delta’s Daughter. Born on the same night as the Kings son, Prince Kellen; Lamia Langley, daughter to the Royal Delta of The New Moon pack (royal pack) bares the mark of a royal and is a seemingly ordinary wolf, until she shifts at the age of 14 and by 15 becomes one of the strongest wolf’s in the kingdom. All Lamia ever wanted was to serve her prince, become a warrior, find her mate at 18 and live happily ever after. Growing up together and sharing a rare and special goddess given bond, everyone is sure Lamia and Prince Kellen will be fated mates. Being given the opportunity to go to the Alpha academy, Kellen and Lamia fall in love and they hope they are fated like everyone thinks. But the fates have already mapped out her future. What happens when a wolf from the Kings past has his eye on Lamia? Follow this epic tale of Love, tragedy and betrayal as Lamia starts to discover her family heritage. Will her family’s forgotten heritage and secrets become more than she can handle? Will her Prince become her mate or will she be fated to another? Will Lamia rise to become the wolf the goddess’ fated her to be? **For a mature audience**

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    The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

    Cat Smithread1.2MParanormal Urban

    Winter has only ever known love for a short time in her life. When her mother is killed by rogues, her father and brother blame her even though she was only five years old at the time. That's when the abuse and the bullying starts. When she's rejected by her mate upon their first meeting, she doesn't even put up a fight, used to being disappointed in life. Her mate failed to sever the mate bond completely though and when something traumatic happens to Winter, she becomes mute, silent, unable to trust anyone and anything anymore. She runs, eventually finding her second chance mate who is not quite what she's expecting. Will he be able to break down the barriers she has up and show her what love is? In the end Winter is forced to realise that sometimes you have to trust, not only the people around you, but in yourself as well.

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    The Alpha’s Goddess


    **COMPLETED** Callie Richards was taken in by the Beta family 2.5 years ago after the fatal night in which she became an Orphan. Struggling with her self esteem and becoming none other than a shell of the “once was gamma child” she finds herself longing to feel loved again. However, she knew it was to good to be true. On her 16th birthday Callie met her mate Jax, a playboy Beta from a bordering pack who does not value the meaning of the mate bond. •••••••••••••••••••••••• The Day of Rejection: Flashbacks of 2 and a half years ago cross my mind. "CALLIE, RUN!"... I quickly turned around to only see those Carmel eyes I saw in the hallway just 45 minutes ago looking into mine. 'Mine' a faint echo sounded in my head to where I almost missed it… "Mate huh. Honestly, I never expected to see the day. I always thought the Moon Goddess would have punished me for all I have done." He says taking me by surprise. Mate? Is that what this feeling is? I finally decide to speak but my words come out almost in a whisper. "So if I am your true mate, then that mea.." I was trying to say before he interrupted me. "Don't get the wrong idea, honey, what is your name?" I flinch at his tone, what is it he means? "Callie" "No sweetheart, what is your full name?" My full name, what does he want my full name for already? Unless... "Any day now!!” He demanded harshly. "Callie Lane Richards." I said as my heart beats against my chest at his raw power and deadly glare. "Well, Ms.Richards, as I was saying. I need no mate.” Jax severing the sacred bond between them before Callie even had a chance. Little did he know, he himself was bestowed the most powerful mate of all time, and he would stop at nothing to get back what he threw away… All hell breaks loose as the chaos of attacks keep happening for raw power amongst the super-natural species. As the reality of this new life sinks in, will Callie break from all the secrets and lies or will she become who she was destined to be all along? The Goddess.

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    His Little Wolf

    Becky Jread264.2KFantasy

    Book two of The Little Wolf Series Bethany is 14 years old and a warrior's daughter at the moonshine pack, her life is perfect until that one night that turns her world upside down. Rogues attack her pack leaving her alone to look after herself and her 6-month-old niece Bella. She manages to get away from the pack safely but for how long? There's someone that wants Bethany as his mate and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to get her. As soon as Bethany thinks she is safe, she's proven wrong time and time again. How will she get away from the darkness that is lurking? Will she be forced to be someone's mate or is there anyone out there that can save her? The Little Wolf series recommended reading order Loved By The Gamma ~ Jack and Ashley's story His Little Wolf ~ Liam and Bethany's story

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    The Gold Queen (Prequel)

    Stephanie Lightread1.1MParanormal

    This book is not 195 chapters. Dreame has combined The Gold Queen and The Ivory Queen for your reading convenience. The Gold Queen ends after Bonus Chapter: Dia de Los Muertos (chapter 71) Before there was an Ivory Queen, the Gold Queen sat on the throne… In an attempt to protect her people, Princess Sofia Reyes accepts a marriage proposal to the neighboring Prince and known playboy, Julian Bolivar. On the night of her 18th birthday, Sofia runs into Mateo Altamirano, a gifted but stubborn future Alpha, and her fated mate. Forced to share the same roof, sparks and bonds become harder to ignore. But the threats to her kingdom as still very real and after finding out they are the Fated pair meant to bring forth the Ivory Twins, Sofia and Mateo must make a decision: be together and cause destruction or separate and save their Kingdom. Will Sofia choose her Prince and save her people or will she choose her Mate and doom them all? ***Edited by Tanina Alvaro

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    The Beta's abused and Rejected Daughter

    Melissa read662.3KParanormal

    Lacey Matthew is the 8-year-old daughter of Beta Hunter Matthew of the Blood River Pack. Her world comes crumbling down when Her parents are killed by Rogues on their way home from a date night when their car was pushed off the road and over a cliff. Lacey was placed with the new Beta and his mate Luke and Shannon Anderson and their 9-year-old son Mason. For standing up for herself and her best friend Hannah against the Future 10-year-old Alpha Blake Nighthawk, the Andersons abused her. She spends the next 10 years being their housemaid and punching bag. When Lacey turns 18 she gets her wolf and shifts for the first time. After shifting and heading back to the packhouse with Hannah she smells a scent of pine and rain. MATE her wolf yells. Lacey follows the scent till she turns the corner and pumps into her mate. Oh, moon goddess no she cries for her mate is none other than her bully Alpha Blake. what will she do when she's rejected on the spot and later made to be his slave. when the Worlds biggest and ruthless pack Kindred Blood moon visits the Blood River pack to help with a rogue issue will Lacey find her second chance mate in The strongest Alpha Ryder Jackson or will she again be rejected and suffer the rest of her life as Alpha Blakes slave

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    The Human in the Wolf Pack


    This story isn't about the werewolf who found his mate, but a human. Vera White was raised by werewolves, and grew up hated by their kind. She despised the existence of mates. Little did she know, she would have one of her own. Rider Blakely was the one werewolf who hated humans the most. Discovering that Vera was his mate was his worst nightmare. What neither of them know is that Vera is no regular human. Vera is going to change the world.

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    Teanelle Nadineread14.4KFantasy

    ELENA’S POV “Please father, please, I am begging you don’t do this to me”, I begged my father as he threw my clothes in a small bag. “I promise that I will be good”, I begged, as if I was being thrown out for my bad behavior when I was really a good child. I always followed my parents' rules and accepted everything that they decided for me, but this was one thing that I simply refused to accept. “Elena, you have to do this. You have to do this for your family. Don’t be selfish, think of your little sister. Would you rather she did this for you?” he asked, pointing at my twelve-year-old little sister, and I shook my head. I would never want her to suffer the same fate as mine. However, that didn't mean that I thought what was happening to me was fair. That didn't mean that I thought I deserved to be sold off to a man older than me. “ Then accept this, everyone in this family has a responsibility and this is yours” he declared, and he packed the few items that were remaining in my closet. "your mother and I have been making sacrifices for you ever since you were born, it's your turn now," he said and I couldn't believe that my own father was selling me off as payment for the fact that he raised me, he might not have put it like that but that was exactly how it sounded to me. “I will work to pay him off please father”, I begged once more as he threw my clothes out of the room. Was he really kicking me out of his house? This wasn't the way that I had imagined it would be for me when I finally left my home. It felt like my own father was kicking me out of this house instead of sending me to a man who was supposed to be my mate. “ Come on Elena, you have always known that one day you will come of age and you will have to move into your mate’s house,” my mother said in her calming voice, but there was nothing calming about this situation. I couldn't believe they were trying to brainwash me into believing that that man was my mate. “He is not my mate” I exclaimed.

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    Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King

    Ba Reumread116.8KRomance

    After werewolves took over the world and became its supreme ruler, human women (ages between 18 and 35) were locked away in dungeons then forced to become the s*x slaves of male werewolves who had failed to find their mates. Once you are chosen by a werewolf, you will become their possession for the rest of your life. Sarah Fibb is a s*x slave who had been in the dungeons for five years. After being there for so long, she had lost the hope of ever being chosen by a werewolf. But one night, a strange thing happened....She got claimed by Damon Kalesto; The Alpha King. *** Damon Kalesto is the ruthless Alpha King. He rules by instilling fear into everyone around him. He doesn't believe in love nor fate, so he was convinced that he would not succumb to the mate bond...but all it took was one look for him to fall in love with Sarah Fibb.

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    Hybrid Zeus and His Mate


    He was a cold-hearted, ruthless hybrid alpha, I was the Child of Heavens blessed and regarded highly by the Moon Goddess herself. He was the night, I was the day. He was the dark, I was the light. He injured and killed, I healed and breathed life to the lifeless. We were two parallel creatures, but life had a twisted way of bringing us together. We were MATES! I found about him on the night of my 18th birthday, the very same day I was declared as the rightful future leader of my father's pack; Jukon Pack. See; I wasn't just an ordinary she-wolf, I was an Alpha, born of two true alphas. I was the first of my kind, the first pure Alpha, thus I was unique. I possessed gifts, I was made to bring life to the world. And I was made for Him!