"the villainesss road to revenge"Book Series:

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    Emmarentia Snymanread691.5KRomance

    Isabella Johnson was the only daugther of the Johnson family. She was not the favorite child her oldest brother was always the crown prince and heir to the Johnson family fortune James Johnson, Isabella was only good enough to marry the player and heir to the Stevens family Paul Stevens, but since she was a bit chubby and did not really care how she looked (as her mother always put her down and her father could not stand the sight of her), he divorced her the night after he had s*x with her in his drunken state. She left and went back to her parents home, but they chased her out as she was not even good enough to keep her husband. Her brother James was not there for her either as Paul was his best friend and he never picked up his phone when his sister called him. She got in her little car she got for her sixteenth birthday, just a normal little Mazda not like her brother's Porsche he got for his sixteenth, she drove off into the night. Still thinking about the divorce papers she just signed and the last sentence stuck in her head, no child born out of the short marriage will be acknowledged as a heir to the Stevens fortune, she did not care as it only happened once between her and Paul and surely she could not be pregnant. She still had her money she inherit from her grandmother and started a small restaurant because the only thing she knew about was making good food . 9 months later her son was born her restaurant have grown into one of the most favorite place in LA and she was making so much money that she opened another branch of her restaurant in New York. Six years later she was the CEO the boss of the most famous restaurant group in the States. She lost her extra weight, take care of herself and was ready to go back to her home city to take revenge on her family and her ex husband.

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    The Marriage Of Revenge

    Yashvi Chadharead198.5KRomance

    Myra, a kind-hearted girl with big dreams and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, was already engaged after being in a six-month-old relationship but it all took one accident that broke her engagement. Myra’s life took a huge turn when due to some circumstances she had to marry Raymond Knight. Raymond Knight, also known as RK, an arrogant, ruthless, businessman who trapped Myra in his web to take revenge from her. Betrayal, lies, twists- everything that Myra never thought she would experience in her life. How much she suffers when RK makes her ‘his forced wife’? Will this ‘Marriage of Revenge’ turn into love or will RK win in taking revenge and destroying Myra?

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    Revenge 2: Charlie's revenge

    Emmarentia Snymanread143.0KRomance

    Charlie Stevens the son of Isabella and Paul Stevens spend his whole life waiting for Lea, she is the love of his life. He built his whole future around them getting married, Lea goes overseas to study and returns a different woman, she was not the girl he used to know and love. She has changed she dumbs Charlie on the airport. A few months later Valerie Green starts working for Charlie she is the daughter of the woman he hates the most, Sandy Moore. When he hears Lea and her new model husband are coming to live in Houston he asks Valerie to marry him but he will pay her two million dollars for the two years they will be married and Valerie accepts. She needs the money to start her own business and become like Isabella Johnson Stevens who is her heroin. Valerie is not as her mother and Charlie soon realizes his mistake. Valerie is not a pushover. She is a determined woman that has one goal in life to become successful and not fall in love with a billionaire like Charlie Stevens.

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    Syokau Mutuluread251.9KRomance

    Staying married to Brent has left Camille bitter and vengeful. She's pregnant, angry and broken, and she wants nothing but revenge on everyone who hurt her. In a world full of drama and twisted fates, what's the worst that could happen? The Revenge is the sequel to The Rejection

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    The Sweetest Revenge

    Florence Gardnerread101.9KRealistic Urban

    Humiliated, downtrodden and underestimated, such was my life for many years. All that changed when a phone call out of the blue revealed that my mother was a trillionaire and I, the heir to her fortune. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and considering every indignity I have ever suffered, my frigid wife, as well as her toadying mother, I'm about to serve a whole damn feast. Watch out, I'm on top of the world!

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    Revenge of a Dead Girl


    "Just because I'm dead, doesn't mean it's over." Kim is confident, reserved, and entirely dedicated to her studies in school. But her tough demeanor shattered when the corpse of her best friend was found inside the school that everyone believed is a suicide. Working alongside no one but herself, she tries to expose the true reason behind her tragic death but as soon as she started to connect the dots, brutal murders began to take place...

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    Mia Xread25.8KParanormal

    SEQUEL TO "THE LAST LYCAN" 17 year old, Kyra Diaz, a Royal Lycan is out for revenge to avenge her entire pack’s massac*e at the hands of the evil Dark Lord. With her 18th birthday round the corner, she is in for a very, very shocking surprise when she finds out with whom the Moon Goddess mated her with !! Will the sassy, witty and snarky mates come to terms that they are not only roommates but soulmates too ? Will they be able to overcome the teacher-student relationship to take their new found relationship to higher heights ? Will the royals come to terms with the unusual mate bond they are caught up in ? And finally, with each mate containing the Lycan race’s last royal blood in them, will the mates be able to bring down the supernatural world’s worst villain ever ?

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    Revenge of the Rouge


    Her being his mate would only complicate everything in Alpha Levi's life She was young when she lost her family, growing up in a foster home she wanted answers about her past that no one seems to have answers too. As she and her foster family move back to the place of her nightmares she meets her mate, murderer, and death... She is lost trying her hardest to remember about her past while having a possessive mate who is hard to read. Both boys from her past wanted to kill her but will now do anything to keep her alive. A necklace she was found with from her past and now a boy has a bracelet the exact same. What does he know about her and will he be able to save her from the people that want to do anything to hurt her? She will get in the middle of a massive battle but which side will she take? A carry on from Luna of Moonlight however you don't have to read Luna of Moonlight to read this book but the main characters from it will be in this story. ****Mature content in violence. Spelling and punctuation mistakes but I am working on them. Will also contain swear words*** I hope you enjoy reading

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    Kiss Of Revenge


    We always feel that we are meant to be with someone, someone who will give us our kind of fairy tale but what happens when you fail to choose that someone right ? Kiss Of Revenge- A story in quest of love and revenge Briana Hemsworth, the billionaire and the owner of Hemsworth company was killed on her eighteenth birthday, right after hours of her marriage to her long term boyfriend Raphael Steel The same day she is born as Amy Joseph, in a body of a young newborn who was announced as dead. But everyone was surprised that the baby was alive Growing up Amy, feels like she is living two different lives and being trapped in a different and younger body. Experiencing nightmares every single day, showing her the rich life and her tragic death But when Amy's boyfriend Roy goes on his knee to ask her hand for marriage on her eighteenth birthday, all the memories rushes back to the day when she was killed by Raphael, her own husband in her previous birth as Briana. Now Amy is on her way to get back what she lost in her previous life Get back her revenge against the man she loved the most once The same man who has now turned into a tycoon inheriting all the property and wealth of Brianna And find the love, which Briana had turned down Note : 18+ Reborn fiction Does not resemble anybody

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    The Revenge Of A Woman


    Her husband cheated on her with her best friend. He abused her and tortured her mentally and physically but not ready to give her divorce. He said, "I will not leave you until you die." Her best friend schemed to kill her when she came to know about her pregnancy. Five years later she came back with a new identity. She took a vow to take revenge for her dead unborn child. "You have tortured me a lot, now it's my turn."