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Fictional books that portray the mafia as honorable, interesting, exciting, loving, and kinky characters are referred to as the best mafia romance books. In their world you will, they broke a guy’s arm because he was late with his payment.

Or they kill a bookie to make an example out of him for not paying. At the end of the day, the mafia is no different from your average criminal, the only difference is their just more organized in committing crimes.

Your average criminal will steal an old lady’s purse. But the mafia will steal a trunk that has half a million dollar worth of product in it. And go around and sell it for 1/3 the value. You will find such scenes in the Goodfellas and Godfather series movies. Read the best mafia romance books, from a romantic view of the mafia driven by books.

Part 1: 5 best mafia romance books to read

Best mafia romance book 1.1: Bound by Honor

Bound by honor- best mafia books


4.0 out of 5


As one of the best mafia romance books’ heroines on the internet, She was a mafia princess noted for her beauty, and was born into one of Chicago’s most powerful crime families.

What many see as a blessing becomes her undoing when she is forced to marry Luca Vitiello to restore peace between two mafia families in one of the best mafia books. Luca is the future Capo of the New York Famiglia, a ruthless guy who crushed his cousin’s neck with his own hands.

She is frightened of marrying such a monster. Because of his excellent looks, money, and predator-like personality, he may be one of New York’s most sought-after bachelors. But Aria recognizes that Luca’s bad boy persona isn’t a game; blood and death lie under his stunning gray eyes and arrogant smirk.

Her only hope of surviving a marriage with Luca is to win his devotion and work her way into his heart—even though Luca is said to lack a heart, to begin with. It is such a good mafia book.

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Best mafia romance book 1.2: Ruthless people

Ruthless People-best mafia books


4.0 out of 5


They seem to the outside world to be American royalty, donating to charities, feeding the destitute, and restoring the city. Behind closed doors, however, there is a perpetual struggle for power between two Bosses, cultures, and hearts in these best mafia romance books.

Liam, the next in line to lead the Irish, thinks he’s gotten himself a simple-minded bride, one he can dominate, one who submits to his every demand.

Born to be a Boss, a world-class marksman, and master of disguise with no compassion or fear. After twenty-four years, she has accomplished more than any man could ever hope for, murdering anybody who is in her path. She knows what kind of guy Liam is, and she’d sooner die than give up the power she’s spent her whole life accumulating.

But, with no other family remaining, she must learn to cooperate not just with Liam, but with the whole Callahan clan in good mafia books. With competing bosses on their tails, Melody and Liam will have to find out how to work together to take down those who stand in their way, all while keeping up appearances.

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Best mafia romance book 1.3: Ruthless Creatures

Ruthless Creatures-best mafia books


4.2 out of 5


Her fiancé vanished five years ago. He left her with a bridal gown that she will never wear. She was left with wounds that could not be healed. The guy on whom she had based her future departed like a phantom. Her crushed heart and unresolved questions were all left.

Kage is tall, dark, and deadly, and he has as many secrets as he has sex appeal. Even though I know he’s concealing something, I’m pulled to him like a moth to a flame. The intensity of our bond is addicting, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. With each glance, heat crackles between them, desire ignites into passion, and he falls hard, unable to resist.

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Best mafia romance book 1.4: Vow of deception

Vow of deception- good mafia books


4.1 out of 5


The most infamous guy in town offers her a job in these best mafia books. It was not what she thought it will be. She would have to play the role of his deceased wife. Adrian Volkov is not the sort of guy who accepts defeat. He rules with an iron grip, and all of his dictates are obeyed.

She has two choices when he approaches her with the offer. Either go to jail or face his fury. She’d rather have a roof over her head. What’s the big deal about acting, everything was not going to go well. Everything goes out of control the instant he put himself in his wife’s shoes. Enjoy these best mafia books.

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Best mafia romance book 1.5: when heroes fall

When heroes fall-best mafia books


4.1 out of 5


In one of the best mafia romance books on the internet, her fiancée dumped her. Her family was disappointed. Her childhood traumas haunt her. She had felt so much during her life that she vowed to feel nothing at all. Until she finally found her equal.

Dante Salvatore, the most notorious mafioso of the twenty-first century, was furiously passionate, undeniably wicked, and much too dangerous to know. He was everything she despised, but she found herself defending him in the decade’s greatest criminal trial.

She was so preoccupied with winning and getting the success she deserved that she didn’t see the beautiful black-eyed man’s influence on her until it was too late. Her frozen heart had been too near to his flame, and now she wouldn’t let Dante go without a battle with all he had. Even if it meant giving up her old life and all she thought she loved to start a new life with him.

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Part 2: 5 best mafia books you should know

Best mafia romance book 1.1: The predator

The predator-best mafia books


4.3 out of 5


Tristan Caine has been an outlier in the dark underbelly of the underworld in one of the good mafia books online. As the sole non-blooded member of the Tenebrae Outfit’s top circle, he is a mystery to everybody – his abilities are unrivaled, his morality is dubious, and his reasons are unknown. He is deadly, and he is well aware of it.

Morana Vitalio, the opposing family’s genius extraordinaire, feels the same way. Morana does with computers what Caine does with weapons. Morana infiltrates Caine’s residence, bent on murdering him, unknowing of a thread that links them together as a twenty-year-old mystery resurfaces.

With unforeseen sparks, hatred, fire, and history collide. But something larger and darker is going on in their world. And, despite their hostility, only they can put an end to it.

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Best mafia romance book 1.2: The mafia and his angel

The mafia and his angel-best mafia books


4.0 out of 5


He was that cold, ruthless, killer that his name caused a choke when pronounced. Everyone respects and fears him. He wasn’t placed here to love or be loved. He was sent here to kill every single member of the dreadful Abandonato mafia, to avenge his mother’s murder. When he discovers a strange girl, battered and cowering beneath his bed, he doesn’t let her live out of sympathy. She’s a trinket, a toy for him.

She assumed Alessio was just another guy out to exploit, harm, and discard him. She is not sure what it means to trust anymore. Under the anguish, she can’t locate her heart. Alessio discovered it. He touched it, and it came back to life. But if he realizes how dangerous she is to him. He is going to die. Don’t miss the action and suspense in one of the good mafia books online.

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Best mafia romance book 1.3: Mafia Mistress

Mafia mistress-best mafia books.


4.3 out of 5


Know to be the dark guy in this best mafia book, the one whose nefarious reign spans the planet. Not many people have the guts to do what is necessary to keep power but he did. And he always gets his way, even when it comes to her son’s fiancée.

She’s now his, and he’ll use whatever he sees appropriate. She’s the ideal fit for his twisted needs, and he’ll keep her nearby, ready and waiting for him. Even if she tries to oppose him at every move.

She was kidnapped and imprisoned in Italy as a bride for a mafia king’s sole heir. Fausto’s evilness entices him, his power like a narcotic. And when the devil decides he wants her, she is unable to stop him even if it means surrendering her body and soul to him. He may believe he has her under control, but this monarch is going to find out who is really in charge.

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Best mafia romance book 1.4: Menace

Menace-best mafia books


4.2 out of 5


Once upon a time, a man became so dissatisfied with life that he turned to murder and mayhem simply to feel alive his name is Lorenzo and he fell in love with his new habit in one of the best mafia romance books.

Lorenzo Gambini is uninterested. He is completely bored. Most people either anger him or avoid him because they are terrified of him. Figuratively. Literally. With his face half damaged and scarred, he appears every bit the monster the myths portray: Scar, the infamous terror. He’s described as a sociopath. Perhaps he’s a sociopath. People seem to avoid him no matter which direction he takes.

One day, he runs across a young lady who is just as fed up with life as he is, but for very different reasons. Morgan Myers is escaping from something. or maybe someone, with a Scarlet Letter engraved on her wrist and secrets buried deep inside her soul. Lorenzo isn’t certain. You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll figure it out in these good mafia books.

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Best mafia romance book 1.5: Twisted Cravings

Twisted cravings-best mafia books


4.5 out of 5


He grew up as the youngest brother of the notorious Falcone clan, surrounded by blood and violence. Drugs quickly became his coping mechanism.

Being wealthy through illicit ways like his brothers was his destiny, but it was never his passion. He finally carves out his path in the harsh mafia world when he becomes the organizer of his family’s successful illegal street races and one of their thrill-seeking drivers. Adamo discovers more than his purpose on the fuel-soaked roads he calls home in one of the best mafia romance books.

Dinara Mikhailov is the only female race driver and is difficult to overlook. Not only for her fiery red hair and ruthless driving style but also because the Bratva princess is permitted to drive in enemy territory. Soon, Adamo and she are entangled in a passionate game that extends beyond the racetrack. Nonetheless, both haunted by past events, their dark cravings put everything on the line. Because what they most desire comes at a high cost.

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