10 Most Worth Downloading Apps to Kill Time


Sometimes we get so stuck with work that we tend to cherish every minute outside of working hours, if what you need in your leisure time is very fascinating stuff that will get you hooked for a long, here is a list of Apps to kill time.

Now! Let`s get into the real gist. What I am about to introduce to you are the 10 most worth downloading Apps to kill time. These Apps have great content and you will be amazed that you hadn’t found out about this content all this while, thanks to me.

A sneak peek of some intriguing scenes that will arose your internal joy when your download these Apps are stories revolving around strong female characters singlehandedly creating their part to success despite the enormous challenges they go through and a lot more. Take out some time and relish the content in these interesting Apps.

Part 1: Different Apps To Kill Time Online


Apps to Kill Time

Having launched its App in 2019 Dreame has over 10 million subscribers in its mobile reading App and for 3 consecutive years, it is recognized as the best App for serializing novels. It is also the best choice for promising online authors who want to horn their skills and don’t have the capital to publish their novels to reach a wider audience.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a fantasy world, meet your werewolf lover, and feel the absorbing passion of Alpha then got to download this App to kill time. It is a one-stop for the best werewolves novel online.


Webnovel-Apps to Kill Time

A one-stop online reading App for fantasy and comic novels. Webnovelhas over 10 million mobile App users. It is a sure place for anyone who wants to belong to a fantasy novel community. This is a great App to kill time because it provides you with over 10,000 stories that can ease your boredom.

You are sure going to kill time

You will also have the opportunity to follow your favorite authors. This great author will provide you with daily updates of their stories that you can read when you are offline. If you like to read comics with enticing graphics that depict the actual scenes’ plotlines then you have got the best reading App to kill time.


GoodNovel-Apps to Kill Time

A good novel has reached over 5 million mobile App users despite it being early The year that kept everyone locked down in their closet gave birth to an exciting reading App. In what is described as a year of quarantine, readers, and writers at GoodNovelhaveturned to fictional stories, to look for ways of spiritual connection and sharing.

The reading App becoming a more trusted online space to gain financial support as well as professional guidance on writing, especially during a time of immense insecurity and it has surely paid off for the innovators of reading because they have gained a large number of online readers and writers than a lot of new reading App.


Inkitt-Apps to Kill Time

Inkitt has now reached over 700,000 readers, here you will discover new novels from indie authors on the Inkitt reading app. This genre ranges from Fantasy, sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Action, and Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA, discover hand-picked novels, it is such a good App to kill time.

Inkitt is the ideal free app for reading fiction books on your Android phone or tablet, particularly for avid readers who enjoy discovering new and talented authors on the go. All stories featured on the Inkitt app are reader favorites. Their passion is books and novels, and they want to share them with you.


galatea-Apps to Kill Time

Having reached one million downloads, Galatea is gaining some reasonable attention. It is widely regarded as Inkitt’s sister app and the world’s fastest-growing reading app, with hundreds of thousands of active using this App to kill time while consuming over six million episodes per month.

One intriguing aspect of this reading App is that it adapts original stories on Inkitt into unique immersive experiences for readers by enhancing them with chat fiction, sound effects, visual effects, and haptic feedback, which it does in collaboration with a team of over 20 Hollywood screenwriters. Galatea has the best shifter and paranormal fantasy romance, but the fun doesn’t stop there.


Readict-Apps to Kill Time

There is always a story for you to read, whether you are a romance fan, a werewolf enthusiast, a fantasy fanatic, or just looking for something fun to do. It’s a great way to pass the time, you will meet the rest of the 1 million users who are enjoying the intriguing stories on the platform.

You can begin reading with a single click. Every day, a new book is available to read, ranging from new releases and bestsellers to long-forgotten classics. It is also an excellent deal for those who prefer to have their online novel printed and handy without purchasing a paperback.

OwO Novel

Owonovel-Apps to Kill Time

One of the best English reading apps is OwO Novel! OwO Novel is a platform for online community e-books.

You will discover a selection of the Best Books and Hottest New Reads in Every Genre, this makes it another great app to kill time!

Without hesitation, you can download it now to be introduced to a whole new world of good novels, fantasy, and juicy stories! OwO Novel contains massive genres of web novels, including romance, werewolf, vampire, fantasy, alpha, billionaire, CEO, etc., which are totally interesting and deeply loved by many readers all over the world! You can enjoy trending genres and various books, webtoons, comics, and manga in just one tap!

Novel Now

Novelnow-Apps to Kill Time

NovelNow makes free reading simple! It is the Best Free English werewolf & romance web novel updates at a fast pace! Looking for App to kill time? Here you have it. The reading App is a free online novel platform. Here, reading is simple, easy, and free!

NovelNow contains massive genres of web novels, including romance, werewolf, vampire, fantasy, possessive, billionaire, dark, etc., which are free and deeply loved by NovelNower! You can easily download a book for free and then read it anywhere! Whether you are at home or away, enjoy reading as you like and share with friends.


Moboreader-Apps to Kill Time

Moboreader is a reading application to provide a pleasant reading experience for all story lovers, it is very popular among over one million users worldwide. Du can o you need an app to kill time? Download it now and immerse yourself in the romantic love world with millions of users, and experience ups and downs in the story.

Here, there are numerous addictive love stories of more than 30,000 romantic love stories. Such as romantic love stories of campus, werewolves, modern society, royals, billionaires, ancient society, etc. Bestsellers are updated daily, and readers can even jointly unlock more new chapters by participating in activities in the app.

Fizzo Novel

Fizzo novel-Apps to Kill Time

As a reader on Fizzo mobile App, you can enjoy a better experience of reading novels and stories with

A wide variety of high-quality novels and e-books no matter where or when you are reading.

The ability to download your favorite stories for offline access to all the stories, novels, and books you like, makes it a nice app to kill time. If you feel too tired to read, there are Audio features for those who prefer to listen to books or novels rather than read them. You will find some hit novels and stories from different book genres other readers are reading now on Fizzo.

Part 2: Conclusion on Apps to Kill Time

Time, they say is precious but finding something worthwhile to spend your leisure time with can be worrisome that is why I have introduced you to these 10 most worth downloading apps to kill time. You will do yourself a favor to check out these Apps on the Google play store and give yourself a nice treat.


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