5 Billionaire Revenge Romance Novels That Make Your Night Sleepless

Handsome elegant billionaire is pouring wine and smiling while having a date with his girlfriend in restaurant

Nothing gets the adrenaline going for fans of romance novels like stories involving:

  • a) billionaire in love.
  • b) revenge plot where the revenger falls for its target instead.

Now imagine a combination of those two elements in one story. Exactly, double the angst, double the fun. The good news for fans of this trope, the internet has myriad of those available and we’re here to give you recommendations of billionaire revenge romance novels you can read for free online.

Part 1. The Most Intriguing Factors in Billionaire Revenge Romance Novels

There is plenty to love in billionaire revenge romance novels. For starter, the revenge aspect itself is always juicy. Call it living vicariously through fictional characters, there is always a satisfying aspect in watching people getting to punish people who harmed them. Now, add a misunderstanding angle in the revenge scheme (like most romance do), throw an unexpected love in the midst of it all and you get yourself maximum drama. To top it all off, have an influential and powerful billionaire exacting the revenge and it simply does not get more intriguing than that.

But really, the most awaited part of reading tycoon’s revenge romance books come when our hero or heroine, who’s hellbent on destroying their target, must face the fact that they’ve fallen in love instead. With their motives questioned and their feelings conflicted, readers are in for a bumpy but exhilarating ride. That never gets old no matter how many similar revenge romance books are released each year. Just like these 5 titles that will guarantee to get your heart racing and your night sleepless!

Part 2. 5 Selected Billionaire Revenge Romance Novels

The Game of Love

Billionaire Revenge Romance Book: The Game of Love

Hazel Connery is caught in a dangerous rivalry between brothers Damien Hamilton and Richard Taylor. One hot, possessive billionaire in your life is a lot, but two? As she gets dragged deeper into their revenge plan against each other, Hazel’s world will never be the same again. Lies, betrayal, and passion ensue. But could there be true love at the end of it too?

Another billionaire revenge romance book to add to your reading list. This time, with double the powerful billionaires.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Mistake

Billionaire Revenge Romance Book: The Mistake

Mindy Ivory Young is a feisty working class girl with an ordinary life that gets suddenly disrupted by Jonah’s presence. Due to a misunderstanding, billionaire CEO Jonah Lewis Chambers wants to seek revenge on Mindy and her family because he believes they’re responsible for his mother’s death.

Out of the blue, this formidable tycoon seduces Mindy, only to then have her kidnapped. But things don’t go as planned for Jonah. He keeps making mistake after mistake because of his complicated feelings for Mindy. Against all odds, the two fall in love. But with unresolved issues lingering between them, can they truly be together? Will Jonah ever get over the hatred he has in his heart?

Rating: 4.5/5

His Revenge

Billionaire Revenge Romance Book: His Revenge

Ethan Lachlan is the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company and a certified billionaire extraordinaire. He has everything, but all he desires now is seeking revenge on the girl who once took away his most precious possession.

Five years earlier, Erin Gosling interfered with her cousin’s relationship to Ethan. She thought he would be a bad influence for her. Never did she imagine five years later he would bring hell to her instead. Now, Ethan is determined to drive her family’s company to the ground and it’s up to her to deal with it. But when the two clash, sparks unexpectedly fly. What will be the end of this revenge romance?

Rating: 4/5

Lucas’ Revenge

Billionaire Revenge Romance Book: Lucas Revenge


Four years ago, Lucas was just a naive nerd in love with Samantha – until she spread lies that destroyed his reputation and left him heartbroken. Since then, he’s established himself as a powerful tycoon – handsome and sexy as hell.

Still, just like they said : true love never dies. When he crosses path with Samantha again, her feelings for him reignite. Only this time around, Lucas has a raging desire to exact revenge on the woman he once loved. As they get close again, Lucas is determined to break Samantha’s heart in return. Will the ploy succeed? Or will the old flame burn once more?

Rating: 4/5

The Billionaire’s Revenge 

Billionaire Revenge Romance Book: The Billionaires Revenge

Dashing billionaire Alex Damon seeks to exact revenge on the people who destroyed his family. When he finds out that Natalia Hall, the daughter of that family, works at his company, it sets out in motion his plan to seduce her in the name of revenge. But the more they know each other, the more Natalia’s warmth melt the coldness of Alex’ heart. Can the billionaire go through with his revenge plan? Or will romance win out in the end?

Rating: 4/5

So that concludes our recommendations of revenge romance novels you cannot miss. Get started now – you can read all our billionaire revenge romance book selections online!


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