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Brielle and her friend, Emerson travelled to London, England for different purposes, but they were leaving Australia for just a short while. Brielle, the female lead of Mr. Masters’s Book was traveling to be a nanny for a certain widow called Julian Masters.

If only she knew that her new boss was in fact, not a woman but a man. Julian Masters was a widower who had lost his wife, and he needed a nanny to look after his two kids. Julian Masters was a legal judge in his mid-thirties who had lost his wife and lived with the heaviness of losing a loved one.

He had lost touch with his emotions and deep romantic feelings as a result of this and resorted to having wild sex with ladies who of course, threw themselves at him as he was a wealthy and handsome man with an old-fashioned sense of style.

It was a shocker for Brielle when she arrived at the airport and saw that the man holding her name up, whom she thought had been sent by her female boss to pick her up from the airport was her boss, Julian Masters. She froze instantly when she figured this fact out, and then she started to regret her choice of accepting the job.

It was certain that if she knew that Julian Masters was a man and not a woman, nothing on the surface of the earth would have allowed Brielle to take that job. But she was already in deep. For crying out loud, she had already arrived at London, Heathrow Airport from Australia. There was no going back.

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Part 1: Main Story of Mr. Masters

Mr. Masters Book

Awkwardness became the order of the day every day as soon as Brielle followed Mr. Masters to his house. First of all, she noticed that he was stinkingly rich. She kept on wondering where and how one person made all that sum of money.

After Brielle was introduced to the Master’s kids and shown around the house, she went to sleep. The first majorly awkward situation that happened to her was when she saw Mr. Masters masturbating to a picture of her that his son had taken with his polaroid camera and stuck on the fridge.

Brielle could not believe her eyes at all. She stared in shock as he took the picture with him upstairs, most likely to have a more intense masturbation time and space.

During Brielle’s first days in the Master’s mansion, she did everything to annoy Mr. Masters to the extent that he tried to send her packing. Yes. He called the agency that he had hired Brielle from, asking for a replacement, but they could not come up with a new one for him because it was cumbersome.

It cumbersome in the sense that Brielle’s visa was tied to her job at Masters house so she was stuck there. Unable to send Brielle parking for her clumsiness, Mr. Masters resorted to tolerating her. It was not easy at first as Brielle annoyed him in every way possible, but along the line, they got along and had countless series of sex sessions.

Brielle was able to usher Mr. Masters back into feeling warm after shutting down his heart and emotions as a result of losing his wife. Also, it was a difficult experience for Brielle with Willow Masters, Mr. Masters’s daughter.

She was pure evil at first when Brielle started working at the master’s house, but Brielle handled her well enough and Willow soon came around as well. She later got to discover that all three Masters family members, from Julian to Willo, to Samuel Masters had different ways of trying to cope with Mrs. Masters passing, and Brielle was the heaven-sent that brought warmth back into their lives.

Part 2: Main Characters of Mr. Masters

Brielle Johnston

Mr. Masters Brielle Johnston

Brielle Johnston was the nanny that Mr. Masters hired to look after his kids. She came from Australia to London for this purpose.

Actually, Brielle was seeking some off-work adventure with her friend so she took the job, and it was not supposed to last long but things took a crazy turn when she arrived in London, England. The first shocker for Brielle was when she discovered that contrary to what she thought, her boss was a man and not a woman.

Going by the name, Julian Masters, she assumed that her boss was a woman, but when Mr. Masters introduced himself to her at the airport, she felt dizzy.

After almost being sent packing by Mr. Masters because of Brielle’s clumsiness, she sat up on the job and became a bedrock for the Masters family, especially the kids. Moreso, Mr. Masters connected back with the warmth of a loving man after spending time with Brielle.

Julian Masters

Mr. Masters Julian Masters

The lead male, Julian Masters is the famous Mr. Masters, a judge and a father of two who had lost his wife. He needed a nanny, of course, a busy man like himself could not handle the children all alone, he needed a nanny to look out for them, so he hired Brielle Johnston.

In the prologue of the book, Mr. Masters could be seen in action, living detached and cold towards life as he leaves his wife’s gravestone and immediately heads for therapy. While reading the book and he made mention of therapy, I thought it was some form of counseling, little did I know that the therapy that Mr. Masters spoke of was sex and a blowjob from two beautiful ladies.

He eventually became fond of Brielle Johnston during her stay with the Masters and allowed her to lead him into a better place of warmth and romantic acceptance after he had been closed off for a long time because he lost his dear wife. He was a nice man generally, apart from when he wanted to drown the sorrow of losing his wife, then he resorted to coldness and robotic and rough sex to get through it.

Alternative Reading: The Master And The Maiden

Part 3: Evaluate Mr. Masters

Mr. Masters By T.L.Swan

The author is witty, intelligent, and spicey. When I read other reviews about this book, I saw that the author was being praised for this book, and passed books.

Readers look forward to hearing from T.L.Swan as far as a novel is concerned. The book is straight to the point and prompt. There are no idle words lying around because the author is trying to create volume, no! Every single word and sentence and chapter and page makes sense and talks about the plot and the grand scheme of things that went on in the book. It’s a ten out of ten rating from me.

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