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Invisibility is a curse that Harper possesses in You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. Nobody has ever paid attention to how she looks and her struggles at school.

Harper never exists in her friends’ radars as well. Yet, Easton, the charming, gorgeous, and most popular boy in Sadie’s school suddenly notices her.

What else does the author want to convey in this novel? What motivates Penny Brooks to write this novel? Find the answers in this article!

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Part 1: Penny Brooks, The Author Of You’re Mine Novel

You're Mine By Penny Brooks Novel

Penny Brooks is the name that we read upon setting our sights on the cover of You’re Mine novel. This name is a generalized name, which means, we can find at least five different people in the Western novelist world with the same name. I’m guessing Penny Brooks is a pen name. Either way, Penny Brooks is one of the “silent heroines” in the novel world.

Many readers liken Penny Brooks’ writing pieces to other more well-known authors, such as Jessica Hall, Moonlight Muse, and Demiah13. Indeed, Penny Brooks can write in just about any form, from the conventional narratives to webnovels like You’re Mine that we discuss in this article.

Penny’s creativity also shines when she demonstrates her skills in creating a sketchbook for kids in A4 form and communicating in German, which I believe belongs to her native language. The German sketchbook features some fantasy characters from a well-known fandom, which highlight the same levels of unbridled imagination, as the ones we see in You’re Mine webnovel.

As for You’re Mine By Penny Brooks, this novel’s status has been completed with 200 chapters. No readers have discussed the epilogues. The endings are not cliffhangers, which means Penny doesn’t intend to make sequels from You’re Mine novel.

Part 2: The Story Elements That The Author Wants To Convey In You’re Mine By Penny Brooks And The Thoughts About It

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Other book authors regard invisibility as a blessing or superpower, but the same thing doesn’t apply to Penny Brooks when she writes You’re Mine. She intentionally portrays invisibility as a curse, particularly when she describes Harper’s life story as the female MC of this novel.

Harper has been invisible her whole life. She has differentiated herself from Ryan, her twin brother since they were children. Harper’s shyness matches with her unwillingness to mingle with the crowd, unless her livelier friends like Sadie step in and drag her to dress up.

Thanks to Sadie’s sturdy hands in “offering support” for Harper, Harper can meet Easton, the handsome, kissable, and most popular boy at school. Telling this part of the stories in the first chapter of You’re Mine By Penny Brooks indicates Penny wants to write a light-hearted teen romance novel.

I continue to get a sense that the author tries to include the fun part of teenagers falling in love the more I read the chapters in You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. I can see Penny’s attempts to make the arguments and conflicts between Harper and Easton intense yet give the “teens-in-love” vibes at the same time.

Unfortunately, that’s where readers critique this one of Penny’s writing pieces. Most readers feel Penny could have finished the book in 50 chapters or less, with Harper and Easton getting together as the happy ending of You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. Yet, the repetition makes reading the novel feel yawny.

At the same time, I appreciate Penny’s efforts in painting Harper’s shyness and contrasting it with her other best friends’ characteristics. I also see Penny’s fun and light-hearted sides, the sides of personality she seems to display when she creates the sketchbook, when I read You’re Mine By Penny Brooks.

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Part 3: Some More Things About The Online Presence Of You’re Mine By Penny Brooks

You're Mine By Penny Brooks Book PDF

Right now, Penny Brooks might have finished writing You’re Mine. This novel also becomes Penny’s newest, and perhaps, latest writing piece in her collections. I no longer see Penny’s written updates after she writes the last chapter of “You’re Mine” novel. In addition, I also struggle to find Penny’s social media presence, a virtual place where book authors often share the most recent updates about their novels.

In the past, we can see You’re Mine By Penny Brooks novel on at least two or three platforms. The update frequencies are also the same despite the different platforms where the novel is published. However, we no longer see that many appearance portions of You’re Mine By Penny Brooks today.

Could it be a sign of Penny’s retirement as a writer? While I don’t hope for the same thing due to her enormous potential to deliver light-hearted teen romance stories, I am afraid she would announce such a piece of news to her readers sooner or later. Alternatively, some of the readers might be prepared for such an unfortunate thing to happen.

One of the things I feel thankful for about You’re Mine By Penny Brooks is that this novel still exists on social media websites through one-minute videos, parody dances, music videos, and other interactive forms that the readers have created. I see them as delightful and entertaining while also describing the book’s summaries so well.

Either way, You’re Mine By Penny Brooks is a book full of potential for growth in terms of the story plots. It leads me to think of an alternative book that can satisfy your imagination better.

Part 4: An Alternative Novel To You’re Mine By Penny Brooks

Alternative To You're Mine By Penny Brooks

Overcoming shyness and teen romance are two elements we can witness in almost all chapters of You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. This novel finishes with a happy ending between Harper and Easton, even though some readers notice many unnecessary repetitions in the chapters.

Many readers have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the MCs’ plain and cliché characteristics in You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. Reading such readers’ comments feels like irony to me, especially since the online media has likened Penny’s writing pieces to other authors, such as Jessica Hall.

So, you should seek an alternative novel to You’re Mine By Penny Brooks if you feel yawny and bored upon reading the stories and repetitions in this novel. For that purpose, I’ve searched for a decent novel and stumbled upon Jessica Hall’s Alpha’s Possession (Possession Series).

Anyway, the female MC’s name in Alpha’s Possession (Possession Series) is Harlow, which is quite similar to Harper’s You’re Mine By Penny Brooks. Plus, this novel is similar to the werewolf and dark fantasy version of You’re Mine novel.


Harlow has been thrown to the Omega sanctuary alongside her twin after their parent’s death. Unfortunately, the sanctuary is not only the place where Harlow feels invisible and unheard of. Here, the Omegas are present for the auction, and running away from the place will result in vicious murders.

Alpha’s Possession (Possession Series) By Jessica Hall doesn’t only describe Harlow as not an Omega. Instead, she also bows down to no male werewolves, including the Alphas. She even ignores the dire consequences of landing a job where one of the hunting Alphas is the boss. So, how will Harlow manage to save herself and quit the sanctuary for good?

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