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Amira Warner was out-casted and bullied for years with no end. Her main bully was the Alpha of her pack. Erebus Lake. When she was offered sanctuary at another pack she jumps on the opportunity, hoping to be back and better. The day she was leaving she realized that Erebus is her mate.

Amira always believed that when someone treats her like shit once, they’re the fool but when they treat her like shit twice, she is the fool. If they treat her like shit for years on end, she is done and never coming back.

Erebus wants her not to leave but it’s too late. Nobody will stop her from becoming the badass she was 18 months later when she must return to her pack to help them train. Erebus will try to use his changed personality and sexy charms to lure her but will she fall?

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Part 1: Main Story of Back and Better

Back and Better Woman Being harassed

Amira was left in the high school yard, bleeding profusely from the beating she received, and wishing for death. Midway through her sophomore year in high school. She was part of the red river pack and the bitch of the pack in the back and better. She was beaten every single day, and verbally abused. The worst part was that their soon-to-be Alpha, Erebus, is the one who does most of the beating.

She was not the skinniest girl out there. But she knew for a fact that she was not as obese as they said to her. She stopped eating altogether so that she can look prettier but despite all nobody will ever like her, and clearly she was a waste of space.

At 16, she was supposed to shift into her wolf and find her mate. But she didn’t longer want either of those things. She was done.

She took the razor from a shaving razor and pocket it, heading out into the forest behind her house. She doesn’t know how far she would walk, but she would find a beautiful meadow that seems like the perfect place to end her life.

Back and BetterWoman Contemplating Suicide

When she got to the place, she took a seat underneath an oak tree, and pull out the razor. She was going to finish herself once and for all. “God, but what about my parents?” She thought. They don’t know about any of the bullyings, because her brother heavily participates in it. She feared they wouldn’t believe her if she told them.

She took a deep breath, and dig the razor into the crook of her elbow on her left arm. She then drags it all the way down to her wrist. She repeated the same action on her right arm.

To her, everything was going to be Peaceful now and one day she will be back and better in a new paradise not this wicked pack that hates her.

Footsteps ran in her direction, and three boys are suddenly kneeling down in front of me. She can’t see clearly anymore, but she think she can make out the concern in their facial expressions.

“Oh my god! I think she’s trying to kill herself!” “Lawrence! Get the first aid kit from under that


“Sweetheart, what’s your name?” The Alpha asks. “fuck off” she muttered. “Let me die in peace, please!”

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Part 2: Free Chapters of Back and Better

Chapter 2 Of Back and Better

Back And BetterGirl And Guy Flirting

The next morning she woke up in chapter 2 of back and better, in better spirits than she has in a long time. Her first order of business, during lunch, will be to head to the counselor`s office and ask for transcripts so she can switch high schools. Then she would finish out her last day at that miserable school, clear out her locker, and head home.

She can’t wait to shift tonight, to finally see what wolf she would be. She ended up writing letters to each of them, letters that I’ll give at the end of classes and ask them to wait to open until the next day. After she collected her transcript. She headed to the locker and clear out the textbooks and notebooks in there, putting them all in my backpack.

“Astalavista, motherfucker” I murmur, turning on my heel to head out. As she did head out, however, she saw Erebus. Alpha-to-be.

However, when she glances at him, he’s staring at her with adoration in his eyes. “Mine” he whispers, starting to walk up to me. Erebus is my mate? Oh dear god. This is the ultimate cosmic joke.

Chapter 3 Of Back and Better

Back And BetterWoman 6 Pack Abs

The night she joined the pack and her real family in chapter 3 of back and better, she shifted and was a white wolf. As a white wolf, she has a lot of perks. That means a banging body and face, crazy smarts, and unmatched fighting skills. Only a few alphas can beat her in a fight-human or wolf form.

“As you all know, there have been issues among surrounding packs with insufficient training. In other words, some packs are ridiculously vulnerable to threats of rogues. Since packs look to us to keep order and to help, we will be sending warriors to train other packs. I will list names and locations now.”

“I’ll start out with my children. You will be sent to the pack that needs the most help because of how big their numbers are

Please, not red river. Please anywhere but not there.

“All four of you will be going to red river pack.”

A collective gasp goes over the crowd. Although it is a pack secret, all of the warriors knew her background of bullying and ending up being her mate to Erebus.

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