Back In His Arms: 100 Days to Seduce the Devil


Get a load of this. So, our girl kills the beloved of a dying man, and he responds by killing everyone that she called family. She was a fearsome woman in her own right, but this man was on an entire level of his own. He was vicious and swift. He came for her, and she does the one thing that took the satisfaction he was seeking. That’s right, she killed herself.

However, things will never be so simple. This young woman unfortunately doesn’t get what she desires, because he keeps her alive. She remains in a coma, waiting for the day she would open her eyes and he could use his own hands to kill her. This is burning hatred and we know what that sort of thing means. This devil is relentless, and nothing can change his heart.

Fortunately, our girl gets a second chance to save herself, but she has to make the devil fall in love with her in order to achieve this. Will she manage to do it?

This a comedic piece in some ways, but the devil is so serious, so we have to take it seriously as well. I enjoy the author’s way of shifting the scene and capturing the cold detachment that pervades the Devil’s environment from his facial expressions alone. You should also see a cool read I found. It’s really good and won’t disappoint you. Just see for yourself.

Part 1: Main Character of 100 Days to Seduce the Devil

Lady Phantomflake (Abigail)

100 Days to Seduce the Devil: Abigail

She was one of the most ruthless and vicious assassins of all time. This woman enjoyed the fear of her prey and took joy in their desperate struggle to live.

She was notorious for taking life whenever she pleased, but now she had fallen so far down the ladder all because of Nathan Sparks, the man she should not have messed with. It led to the death of her fellow assassins, people she considered family. It also led to her death

Stupid Move

She miscalculated when she touched that person and she paid dearly for it. Even using her own hands to kill herself did not stop her from having to pay for touching that person. She survived and now must save her own life by getting him to develop affection for her.

This woman is a complete psycho, but even I have to admit this is a death sentence disguised as a saving grace. But there was that 1% chance or maybe a 0.00000001% chance that she can succeed. Let’s not judge her abilities too quickly. She can surprise us, we never know.

Also, with the new body that she possessed; her chances have increased considerably. Though Nathan Sparks is hardly the usual male, he’s still a male, nonetheless. Phantomflake is given the body of a well-known celebrity.

With her name now Abby, and a different face, she encounters Nathan Sparks. Her plan is simple; with his son, she would walk into his life easily. However, things won’t be as she probably thinks. She is practically courting death by coming so close to the deadly man. Hopefully, he doesn’t catch her having ulterior motives.

Part 2: Plot Summary of 100 Days to Seduce the Devil

100 Days to Seduce the Devil: Nathan and Baby Ethan

The story follows Lady Phantomflake, a right jerk she is, really. She kills the lover of Nathan Sparks, the great leader of the Syphiruz, and in return, he comes to take her life. The man slaughtered his way to the room where she stood. All the men of the Phantom Assassin Guild could not fight the army of the Syphiruz. They came in endless waves and murdered the small enemy numbers.

Lady Phantomflake finally realized that she had met a powerful enemy and her downfall was inevitable. It was not as if she didn’t know who this man was. She had just underestimated him and didn’t hesitate to cross him by killing his woman. She could not escape this revenge that came rightly.

Nathan found her and she had a gun pointed right at her face. She looked at the handsome man with all the emotions that lay in his eyes. He let them be alone as he asked for the identification of the person who ordered for his lover to e killed.

Lady Phantomflake did not expose the client and straight up killed herself. She had no plans to be destroyed by this devil, therefore she had to eliminate any chance of him getting his revenge.

Unfortunately, she survived, and he kept her alive just for his inevitable revenge. Lady Phantomflake learned everything from the weird cat creature that was met in her spirit form. She learned that her death was certain unless she could make the devil fall in love with her in a hundred days.

Part 3: Exciting Chapter from 100 Days to Seduce the Devil

Chapter Five

100 Days to Seduce the Devil: Old Man Sparks

Abigail gasped inwardly as she saw the Devil approaching her position. Her heartbeat was fast and seemed too loud in her ears. She couldn’t understand her body’s reaction. No one had ever made her feel so anxious and intimidated. But this man was able to affect her emotions. She quickly reminded herself to calm down and not ruin this opportunity.

The little boy smiled charmingly at Abigail, but his father retained a stern expression as he analyzed Abigail. The child was excited and wanted to go forward and hold Abigail’s hand when Nathan held him in place.

Nathan looked at Abigail and outright asked her if she had ulterior motives for approaching his son. Abigail was annoyed but couldn’t blame him.

It had only been three hours since Phantomflake entered this body and became Abigail. This day was the first of the hundred that she had. Abigail had come up with this strategy using the knowledge she had retained about the Supreme Leader.

Abigail now feigned innocence as she pretended to be shocked at Nathan’s blunt accusation. With a silly smile, she asked if he was really Ethan’s father. Meanwhile, under her breath, she blurted out that he was like the devil while his son was an angel. The man seemed to hear her words. Abigail hit her foolish mouth. She wasn’t supposed to offend him.

The boy didn’t notice the atmosphere as he laughed at Abigail’s joke. He wanted Abigail would attend his grandfather’s birthday party. It took a while before Nathan agreed.

We love a handsome devil, and Nathan is just who we asked for. If you need more of that, I’ve got you covered. See this book titled A Kiss For The Devil.

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