Best 20 Heart-Warming Romantic Comedies 1990s and 2000s


The ability of an art piece, such as a movie, to make us giggle and feel romantic in one sitting is of immense appeal to everyone. Generally, when the time gets tough for the love birds featured in the movie, there’s always a space for comedy to bring a smile to people’s faces. It makes the tough phases of the film worth enjoying as well, which eventually becomes a source of great pleasure. So, let’s get straight into it.

Best 10 Romantic Comedies That Prevails in the 1990s

Here are the top 10 90’s Romantic Comedies that will bring you to a light-hearted realm of passion and laughter.

1. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

This is a movie featuring two leads Meg Ryan (as Baltimore Sun Reporter) and Tom Hanks (aka Seattle-based widower). Their first-ever interaction happens through the radio and sooner they start trading exquisite love letters. One of the hallmarks of the film is both overcoming the love life challenges in drifting closer to each other, which ends up producing a pinnacle of a romantic comedy by reaching the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

Trailer of Sleepless in Seattle

2. Notting Hill (1999)

Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, it is a one of its kind that creates a distinct deviation from mainstream romantic comedies. Once they express their passionate emotions for each other, there’s a beautiful journey of adventure they seek. Besides Anna Scott and Will Thacker, played by Julia and Hugh respectively, we see characters such as Bella (Gina McKee) and Max (Tim Mclnnerny) shape the story in a way that depicts maturity.

Trailer of Notting Hill

3. Sliding Doors (1998)

This film is quite interesting in the format of the story it brings forth and captures the outcome of the story. Basically, there are two storylines that are the essence of the story, and the central character is supposed to take one of them based on the fact if she catches the train or not. In one version, she catches the train and reaches home to discover the heinous cheating of his boyfriend on her. In short, every moment of life depicted in each of the storylines is incredibly different and constitutes a strikingly different lifestyle.

Trailer of Sliding Doors

4. The Cutting Edge (1992)

Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney star in this sports rom-com. Her behavior as a demanding figure skater on the ice made life hell for many men in her business. Until she discovers a clumsy, former hockey player. It’s been a story of two being at odds with each other for the most part until they begin to grow affection and understand each other.

Trailer of The Cutting Edge

5. 10 Things I hate about you (1999)

Featuring the late legend Heath Ledger as a cynically sarcastic and attractive boy and Julia Stiles as an antisocial girl, this movie has been the center of many people’s attention for years. With the storylines written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kristen Smith, the film was bound to be a hit because of the incredible chemistry that existed between Heath and Julia. It is also considered a modern remake of Shakespeare’s comedy “The taming of the shrew.”

Trailer of 10 Things I Hate About You

6. Four Weddings and Funeral (1994)

Featuring a charming Hugh Grant as Charlie and MacDowell as Carrie, Four weddings and Funeral is tagged as a very humble romantic comedy. The protagonist here goes on to attend many social events, and on every occasion, he happens to meet a beautiful girl Carrie, whom he falls for gradually. The sad elements in the story cover the death of Charlie’s friend Gareth and the sobbing moments of his interactions with his deaf brother, David.

Trailer of Four Weddings and Funeral

7. Clueless (1995)

The movie hosts a then culturally vital cast in Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Dan Hedaya, and others. The movie is known for its striking dialogues that are comedic and spicy. The reason why it became culturally prevalent among people was because of the teenage liveliness of the cast and we see Silverstone like a Halloween costume.

Trailer of The Clueless

8. Only you (1994)

“Only you” is a classic display of characters for soulmate believers. Faith, played by Marissa Tomoi, takes it to Italy in search of her soulmate, with the screen name of Damon Bradley, famously played by Adam Lefevre, and persistently defies every possible barrier of normality in search of what she believes to be her other half.

Eventually, we saw her find her Damon, and it all happened due to her belief in what the ouija board spelled to her once, the name of her other half, and the search for whom brought her to Italy.

Trailer of Only You:

9. The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Famously Directed by Ang Lee and starring Winston Chao, May Chin, Gua Ah-Leh, Sihung Lung, and Mitchell Lichtenstein. The fun of the movie resides in the nature of its lead, who is a bisexual man, living in Manhattan with his gay partner, and who marries a mainland Chinese woman in an attempt to please his parents.

The Pot of the movie starts in a comical fashion that involves the Wai-Tung Gao, the lead, has his parents decide to take the services of a dating service provider and this leaves Wai in a position to invent the satirically hard to find characteristics in a person, such as an opera singer with 2 Ph.D.’s and knows 5 languages and must be 5’9’’. The movie is a roller coaster through such bits and pieces.

Trailer of the Wedding Banquet

10. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Starring Sandra Bullock as Lucy, Peter Gallagher as Peter, Bill Pullman as Jack, and Peter Boyle and Glynis Johns as immediate family members of Peter. The Classic story of Lucy, a lonely fare token collector for Chicago Transit Authority, who has a secret crush on a dashing traveler in Peter. It is one of those movies you must not miss if you find the genre of romantic comedy close to your heart.

Trailer of While You Were Sleeping

Top 10 Romantic Comedies from the 2000s

Here are the top 10 best romantic movies of the 2000s. They owe a lot of their successes to the widely held popularity and fame of 90’s rom-com cinema.

1. Amelie (2001)

This French film was released on 25 April 2001, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. This is a story that undertakes many bends and turns before things come to a halt at the end. The plot, the comedic texture, and the love-bound nature of the film make everyone fall in love with it and overcome the language barrier as well.

Trailer of Amelie

2. Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)

It is an American Romcom film featuring Jennifer Westfeldt, Heather Juergensen, Scott Cohen, Jackie Hoffman, and others.

After witnessing the familial progress of Jessica’s brother and her best friend, her mother gets worried about Jessica’s future. Unimpressed by the meaningful sex with men, Jessica decides to act out on the advice of one of her gay friends that she should look for a woman to date. Her experience is a cocktail of mixed emotions that take a wild and passionate toll as it glides forward.

Trailer of Kissing Jessica Stein

3. Brown Sugar (2002)

It is a movie about two lifelong friends who base their friendship on a single moment of their lives, meaning the day they discovered hip-hop on a New York street corner. The storyline further unfolds into Dre falling in love with an attorney of his, Reese, a successful entertainment attorney. His relationship with Reese and Sidney enters a new phase of complication, which is something this movie adores.

Trailer of Brown Sugar

4. Maid in Manhattan (2002)

The film is also remembered for the rom-com debut of Jennifer Lopez as a single mom who happened to couldn’t resist the temptation of a high-profile guest of an American origin. The latest rom-com of Jennifer Lopez, Marry Me, suggests that she has got a stronghold in this particular genre but Main in Manhattan is the film that had already convinced millions of her prominence in the rom-com genre.

Trailer of Maid in Manhattan

5. 40-year Old Virgin (2005)

Directed by Judd Apatow, it is a film that featured Steve Carell as Andy, a reserved guy who still hasn’t had sex in his 40 years of existence. In fact, one of the commitments that made the movie a legendary piece in this genre is their adherence to adding the platonic elements of love into the mix got dirtier because of the hyper-focus on sex.

Trailer of 40-year Old Virgin

6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Andie Anderson, played by Kate Hudson, is 23 and plays the role of fashion magazine’s sex and dating columnist. One of the most interesting things about this movie is the assignment given to Andie, which is to write about a guy falling for her and then broke up with him in 10 days. Who comes on the top is how this romantic comedy unfolds itself?

Trailer of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

7. The proposal (2009)

The crux of this Romcom constitutes a high profile New York-based publishing executive discovering the nature of her visa application to stay in the US is denied, she finds out a folly might save her. She pushes her assistant to propose to her so she doesn’t have to be forced back to Canada. The discovery of further entanglements can only be thoroughly enjoyed if we watch it in a frame-by-frame manner it has been produced.

Trailer of The proposal

8. The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Well, the theme itself isn’t raw and new in terms of its originality but the characters involved bring out the new side as the story and plot were executed. Christina Walter, played by Cameron Diaz, makes a self-pledge to give up on her habit of dating owing to a couple of rough experiences. However, one night she decides to go to a nightclub in San Francisco with two of her best friends, and she confronts the man of her dreams.

Trailer of The Sweetest Thing

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

The life of a 32-year-old lady dwelling in London is that of Bridget Jones, and this is a type of life she doesn’t see as particularly good. Clearly, she wants to see it improved, and this is why she starts writing all of her wishes and whims in a journal because writing soothes her soul to some degree. Ultimately, we see two men getting themselves ready to win over this lady.

Trailer of Bridget Jones’s Diary

10. Guess Who (2005)

It’s a movie in which Bernie Mac plays a father-in-law. A story based on two newly engaged couples (played by Ashton Kutcher and Zoe Saldana) who decides to visit her dad for the first time, and upon her arrival, her father discovers that her lover happened to be a white male. The question that will be answered in your watch of this movie might be: will the guy leave the house empty-handed or will the family fall in love with him?

Trailer of Guess Who

Romantic Comedies the 1990s and 2000s: How do they differ?

90’s rom-com cinema was gleaming with Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock. The range of the movies was mono-themed to a larger extent but enjoyed a unique voice. In the 2000s the theme was changed to a greater degree and new actresses were cast, which meant a new execution on stage. This is how we saw the decade of the 2000s represent a better half of change.


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