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In most werewolf packs, orphan pups are cherished and protected. But not in Alpha Felix’s pack. Here, the young Rain, Layla, and Levi are treated like slaves, serving in the kitchen duty and enduring heavy punishment over trivial things.

Although things are unfair within the pack and Rain hates the high-ranked werewolves, especially for covering the murderer of her father, she still obeys them and tries to follow their rules.

Sadly, she is coveted by Evan and Asher, two young werewolves, sons of Beta and Gama of the pack. They systematically try to rape Rain and the girl manages to avoid all their assaults, even though she knows she will suffer later. Things change in the pack when the Alpha heir comes back and turns out to be Rain’s mate.

It’s a wonderful read revolving around a broken slave who becomes Luna of a powerful pack.

Part 1: Broken Mate Storyline

A beautiful woman urges her daughter Rain to close her eyes, as they are about to jump off a cliff together. The little girl fears that they might get hurt but her mom promises her that they will be flying with the angels very soon.

Broken Mate Kayden

Amelia grabs her daughter’s hand and jumps. A second later, Rain feels her father’s steady hand grab her wrist, pulling her back on the bridge, as her mother kept falling with a smile on her face and tears running from her eyes.

Rain’s eyes open abruptly and she realizes she had the same dream again, the same memory to be more exact, from her mother’s death. It’s been hard living without her for so many years and the flashbacks from that day keep haunting her.

It’s the middle of the night and the girl feels she needs to go to the bathroom. As she enters the hallway restroom, Evan and Asher push the door closed, happy to catch the girl alone. As always, they promise the girl no escape and try to force themselves on her, but Rain, as always, is determined to push them away, at the cost of getting punished.

She injures Asher and runs for her life until Evan catches up with her. He pushes her down and get on top of her, until Rain starts screaming, waking everyone up. Immediately, members of the pack, including Alpha Felix and Beta Abraham come and demand an explanation.

Rain tries to tell them the truth, that Evan and Asher tried to rape her, but, as usual, no one believes her. She is punished by being chained outside, in the rain, for several days. Rain is used to this, and doesn’t mind. On the contrary, she secretly hopes that during one of those punishments, she will eventually die.

Famished and drenched from the heavy rain, the girl passes out and wakes up in the pack’s clinic. Now recovered from the injuries she heads for the kitchen to prepare breakfast, where she learns that Kayden, the future Alpha of the pack returned to take over his father’s legacy.

When Rain bumps into Kayden, she realizes that the gorgeous man is her mate. Now, she is just waiting for him to reject her, but he doesn’t do so. Even more, he gifts her a beautiful dress, takes her for a walk in town, and defends her inside the pack. Yet, Kayden asks Rain to keep the secret of them being mates.

Although she is confused, Rain agrees, still believing that the future Alpha will reject her and choose another girl as his Luna.

Knowing that his entire family loathes Rain, what will Kayden do with his true mate? Is he ready to face his family’s wrath or will he obey his father’s order and take a chosen mate?

Part 2: Werewolf Romance Book Review: Broken Mate

Broken Mate Rain

Broken Mate by Norisha May is definitely one of those books that you read and, when you’ve reached the final chapter, you go back to chapter one and start reading it again.

The story has such an emotional charge from the beginning until the end that it’s really difficult not to like it. Rain is this beautiful girl, emotionally unstable, whose life hasn’t been kind to her, yet she still has hope for a better future.

There are so many people that wrong Rain within the pack, that you might expect her to unleash her anger at anyone at some point, but she is calculated, never acting recklessly.

She merely defends herself when being attacked, but never initiates a fight with anyone, not even with Beta Abraham, who destroyed her family. He had an affair with her mother, Amelia and coldly killed her father. Abraham even tried to kill Rain when she was a little girl, but her life was spared by Alpha Felix.

It’s intriguing how everyone seems to believe the pack’s bullies over the frail girl, punishing her whenever Evan and Asher accuse her of wrongdoings.

I admit, I looked forward to the chapters where the two bullies and Beta Abraham met their punishments for being so vicious, and believe me when justice is served, you will have a huge smirk on your face. They totally deserved the punishment.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is Kayden’s character. No once did he doubt Rain. He cherished and protected her from the beginning, like a true mate and lover. Their love story is so endearing and so comforting that it’s impossible to not love every bit of it.

Part 3: Read More Dreame Novels Such As Broken Mate

Broken Mate Romance

Another engaging Dreame novel that I know you’ll love is Alphas Broken Mate by Elizabeth Johanne. It’s a popular werewolf romance book with incredible plot twists and amazing supernatural creatures.

Andrew, Alpha of the Moon Lake pack tried to find his mate for years now. He is about to give up when he meets Catalina, the daughter of the Alpha of Blood Forest pack and she turns out to be his mate.

The girl is treated like a slave in her own pack, cooking and cleaning, and doing pretty much whatever her father asked. Andrew claims his mate and takes her away but things take an unexpected turn when they learn that Catalina might be more than just his mate, she could be the key to winning an upcoming werewolf war. Will their love survive the obstacles?

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