Beyond The Darkness: The Alpha’s Little Witch By Cassandra M


There’s nothing more consuming and more painful than feeling guilty for not protecting your beloved from death.

Beyond The Darkness: The Alpha’s Little Witch novel brings forward a strong character who was brought to his knees when the love of his life was murdered in front of him. Now, all that’s keeping him alive is his need to find a way to ask for her forgiveness.

Fantasy novels are well known for portraying a realm where impossible things don’t exist, thus our protagonist is searching for a way to communicate with his lost loved one.

It’s not the usual way to start a romance story, with the male lead character hooked on someone else, but you get a glimpse of his true nature through his feelings.

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Part 1: When Fate And Magic Collide: Beyond The Darkness: The Alpha’s Little Witch Plot

The book dives right into the story, with Blade experiencing yet another sweet and sour dream.

He seems to enjoy an intimate encounter with a beautiful, petite woman when suddenly he is pulled to the ground in a dark forest and somewhere, a bit farther away from him he witnesses the death of his mate at the hands of rogues.

He doesn’t get to ask for forgiveness for not protecting her when he wakes up abruptly in the cold forest. The last few years haven’t been easy on him. Ever since he lost his mate, he left his pack in the hands of his brother and started his quest for revenge.

But not even murdering the culprits managed to ease his guilt as now his sole purpose is to find a way to ask for forgiveness. That, or making sure that, when he dies, he gets to go where Soledad is in the afterlife and be with her.

His need to seek redemption is what convinced Blade to take on a task from Alpha Stone. He had to find a witch from the Red Mountain and retrieve her to his pack. She was known for being the only one to have escaped the underworld alive.

Aside from taking money for the job, Blade also planned to use the witch to contact Soledad. Tired and dirty, Blade decides to wash himself in a nearby spring. Stripping his clothes off, he strides toward the water when a delicious smell engulfed him.

Beyond The Darkness: The Alpha's Little Witch Blade

When Blade’s wolf, Rage, recognizes that it’s the smell of their second chance mate, Blade takes a closer look into the water and spots a stunning, young, petite girl. He recognizes her as the girl from his dreams, the one he made love to at night.

Althea, a young witch, is startled to see a naked man in her spring, even though he looked handsome and domineering. She senses he’s not human, but a werewolf and tries to lure him away. Both Blade and Althea are dominant characters, thus none of them seem to give up.

Blade wants to know the location of the Red Mountain witch, whereas Althea wants him gone from her intimate place. After bickering on and on, Althea admits that her mother, the Red Mountain witch, was already dead.

Not wanting to fail his mission, Blade decides to take Althea back to Alpha Stone and have her fulfill his wishes. Although he admits to Althea of being her mate, he blatantly tells her that he doesn’t want another mate after losing the love of his life.

The truth is that Blade is afraid of mating someone so young. He simply couldn’t survive losing yet another mate, thus he planned to stay away from her.

Althea took his words as a rejection. She understood that he was still hung up on Soledad and wanted nothing to do with her. Still, she accompanies him to Alpha Stone.

In a twist of fate, Althea goes into heat and Blade marks her. After doing so, he flees and returns to his pack and finds it desolated. Knowing it would take a lot of work gaining his pack’s trust and respect while rebuilding it, the Alpha looks for Althea and proposes a contract marriage.

He asked her to be his Luna but he promised to not touch her. Although her heart ached, she agreed to help him.

The two of them get closer and eventually they unleash their passion when a ghost from the past makes an unexpected appearance and disrupts their happiness. Will their bond survive or will Blade give up on her and relive his past?

Part 2: Cassandra M, The Amazing Author Of Beyond The Darkness, The Alpha’s Little Witch

Beyond The Darkness: The Alpha's Little Witch Werewolf Fantasy

Cassandra M is a successful author who dived into the werewolf world and wrote some of the most amazing werewolf series online.

She wrote the Black Shadow Pack series consisting of seven books, Beneath Her Darkness Series with three books so far and Alpha Blood Circle series with two books until now.

She constantly updates her new books and always shares her thoughts and insights regarding her characters and their actions by leaving notes at the end of the chapters.

As an author who constantly wishes to fulfill her readers’ wishes, she makes adjustments to her stories, changing names or events, but don’t worry, she always explains her reasons.

For example, she changed Rage’s name twice so far but she went back and changed the wolf’s name in all her books, so you won’t get confused.

Cassandra M gathered thousands of views with her novels. Her writing is accurate, clean, with logical sequence of events and the love stories she portrays are simply addictive.

Part 3: apart From Beyond The Darkness, The Alpha’s Little witch, You Should Also Read This Story

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