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This is not just another billionaire book. It was like eating a hard candy with a surprise luscious center. The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert is a mixture of suspense, action, and romance, all in one book. It all began with the decadent attraction between Teague and Callie, both from dangerous and influential families of the mafia.

Unlike other arranged marriage stories, the male lead here was not brutal, although he was freaking gorgeous and hot, he got that protective gentle side that made him more so attractive. On the other hand, Callie had an awful experience with her ex-fiance, Brandon from the Halloran family, who hurt her and even attempted to molest her.

Aside from having a bad past, Callies outrageous and smart personality made a great difference in the story flow. It was also one of the main reasons why Teague mysteriously fell for her. Amidst her tough character, he knew what she deserves as a woman and how to treat her right, unlike what Brandon did to her before.

Yes, this contract marriage-themed novel was indeed captivating, yet there was a trigger warning. It is not advisable for young readers for it contains rape scenes and explicit sexual events. Nevertheless, this is a must-read for adults who was into reading action-packed romances with a whisk of mystery.

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Part 1: An Incredible Dark Romance Read: The Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract Part 1 Background and Characters

Katee probably conceptualized this story considering her reader’s expectations. From all the books she had written especially this gem, I could easily say that she never failed to amaze her fans. The character development was beautifully shown in each chapter, and I could not agree more.

Callista Sheridan, the female lead oozes with allure and grace but is strengthened by the hardships in life. She cared about her father and was trained to run her family’s business in the future. Knowing that her brother already left them, she was the only one who had to take charge of the said responsibility.

Callie is the epitome of beauty and intellect, a strong independent woman in the modern world. This heroine would do anything just to ensure that their company would grow and that when her father dies she would know how to manage every bit of it.

For her, it did not matter if she sacrifices even her happiness just to protect the people whom she loves the most. And there goes the dashing debonair, the man who stole the heart of the gorgeous female protagonist.

His name is Teague O’Malley, a rich heir, and was assigned to marry her. However, unlike Callie, he was not happy with the family he had. He hates his parents for being greedy and money-motivated people, most especially his father. However, Teague could not he could not get away with his father’s words. And for him to save his siblings from the hideous treatment, he had to take the responsibility of following the rule which was to marry the woman his family wanted for him.

The Marriage Contract forced

This mafia-themed romance was more of an intriguing side which made its readers hooked

right from the first few chapters. Although it was an arranged marriage trope, some twists were unforeseen. Teague and Callies’s romance progresses in a slow yet rich manner.

Their characterization was not too good to be true, meaning the development was indeed sensible.

Part 2: How The Marriage Contract Ended

The Marriage Contract Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

Despite the difference they both have, fate still brought them close other. Although at first, it was not Teague’s intention to love Callie. Yet, as he started to realize what kind of person she was, he learned to appreciate her little by little. The instinct of protecting her ruled over his heart. Knowing that his mother was also a victim of abuse, he knew how hard it was to be in that appalling situation.

But there was something that Callie was hiding, it was a secret that she managed to conceal all those times. Brandon never treated her right and because of that anger and wrath formed inside her.

One night when she found her ex-fiance raping a woman, she had no choice but to kill that bastard for her to secure her safety. From then on, no one knew about it until she met the man who changes everything. Teague gave a new meaning to her dismal life causing her to strive more in achieving her personal goals.

After reaching the last page of The Marriage Contract, I got various realizations not only about relationships but also about family and how parents should consider their children well. Albeit happiness is a choice, there were some circumstances like what was given in the inevitable book. Even today in this modern era, I believe it is still rampant.

Even so, the ending was undeniably satisfying making me buy the next book in the O’Malley series.

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Part 3: The Marriage Contract: An Honest Recommendation

The Marriage Contract Summary

Starting with a pact between two prominent mafia families up to the time when an unexpected romance took place, I could say that Katee was a true genius. Her creativity and how she executed it in every chapter were such a breath of fresh air. It not only left a tear in my eye but a profound lesson that could stay in my heart. Well, that’s a fact. Even though The Marriage Contract had intense violence and explicit content, there was something in the book message that showed me the importance of family and respect. I don’t want to spoil it, you better see it for yourself.

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