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If there’s a thin line between love and hate, can we say the same thing about torment and pleasure? Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother tells Jasmine’s tale, a girl who clearly fits the description of a person with the Stockholm syndrome.

She falls for her tormentor, while experiencing his abuse with pleasure and devotion. Although her mind tells her that what happens is wrong, her body surely betrays her, responding to Hardin’s abuse in a positive way.

While the scenes depicted in the story are rough and a clear example of mistreat, I warn you that they become addicting as the story progresses.

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Part 1: Hardin’s Tough Love For Jasmine: Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Story

As the future Alpha of the pack, Hardin should gather all the necessary qualities of a leader. He should be compassionate, kind, helpful, discreet in his personal matters.

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Werewolf Story

Well, Hardin is the exact opposite of all those things. He is a bully and he likes having all the girls in school drop on their knees and please him. He doesn’t care about being known as a womanizer.

When he picks on Nadia, Jasmine can’t hold back anymore. Although she is a mere Omega in the pack, she feels the need to speak her mind and put the next Alpha in his place. After all, Nadia only spilled some juice on his shoes by accident and Harding overreacted by calling her names.

Enraged by Jasmine’s boldness, Hardin decides to get his revenge. He doesn’t plan for his vengeance to be a one-time thing, but a perpetuum torment that will shatter the girl.

Upon arriving home, Hardin is informed by his father that he would get remarried and the woman would move into the packhouse along with her daughter. The young man couldn’t stand the idea of hid dad loving another woman other than his mother, even though his mom died a few years prior.

He demanded his father to annule his wedding, but the Alpha put Hardin in his place and made him promise to at least give Camila and her daughter a chance. Although Hardin agreed to the Alpha’s demand, he had his secret agenda. He would make the two gold diggers run away and leave his father alone. What best way to achieve his goal than to attack his stepsister wannabe?

When Camila and her daughter finally come, Hardin realizes that his future sis is none other than Jasmine, the girl who dared to confront him at school. Putting on a fake smile, he invites the girl to dance.

Jasmine already knows that Hardin despises her, yet she can’t refuse his hand in front of the guests. When the boy finally has his hands on the girl, he wastes no time in telling her exactly what he thinks of her and her mother.

Hardin is interested in knowing what tricks Camila had up her sleeve to trap the Alpha and how much money the girls want in order to leave the packhouse and never look behind. Jasmine retaliates, causing Hardin to verbally abuse her.

Just when things seemed to get out of control, the Alpha comes and scolds his son, even threatening to punish him severely if he ever did anything like that again.

As the days pass, Hardin seems to have gotten over his aversion towards Camila and her daughter, but Jasmine knew better. The boy even willingly allowed her to watch him bed a girl just to get a glimpse of his possessiveness and roughness.

When Camila and the Alpha have to leave the pack for a few days to attend some matters, Jasmine remains in the packhouse with Hardin. Little did she know that the first night they remained alone would change her life forever.

Ruthlessly, Hardin attacks Jasmine, forcing her to please him orally, while physically abusing her. He knows she can’t say anything, lest she wants her mother alive and well. He continues to abuse her, even taking away her purity.

And, although Hardin is selfish and rough during his abuse, Jasmine finds herself strangely attracted towards him. Even more peculiar, he is also attracted towards the girl, even becoming jealous and possessive when another boy starts pursuing Jasmine.

Can a twisted love story like theirs survive? Will Jasmine be able to forgive Hardin for his abuse and will the boy finally admit his mistakes?

Part 2: Hot Sneak Peek Of Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Jasmine And Hardin

If you’re wondering just how hot Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Jasmine and Hardin’s story can be, take a look at the next chapter. A warning though! The things depicted here contain sexual innuendos and abuse.

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Chapter 9

All over me

Looking at herself in the mirror, Jasmine could hardly believe just how much her life had changed in few hours. Without any hint of regret, Hardin had put in her bed a dead rat and a bloody note warning her to leave with her mother and he assaulted her.

Her first intimate experience with a guy was practically rape. What horrified her even more is how her body actually reacted to his touch. It seemed to crave for his passion.

After scrubbing her skin until it almost bled, Jasmine received a message from her mom, letting her know she would be home in a couple of hours. Relieved, the girl found the courage to head downstairs and eat something.

As soon as she opened her door, she was greeted by Hardin, who grabbed the girl and dragged her to his room. After pushing her on the bed, he slapped her and forced her to please him orally again. To add more to her humiliation, he proved that she got wet while taking care of him.

Smirking, Hardin threw a naked Jasmine out of his room and warned her to keep her mouth shut when their parents come home.

Part 3: Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Review

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother Romance

If you’re looking for a story about love, regret and redemption, Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother is the right choice for you.

Of course, it’s a story of physical and emotional abuse, but, as the storyline progresses, you’ll see the reasons behind Hardin’s cruel actions, not that they justify his deeds.

Hardin’s way to retaliate to life being unfair and losing his mother is extreme, yet once you understand the core of his frustrations, you might actually empathize with him and start rooting for a real relationship between him and Jasmine.

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