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Finley Keith is the leading character of CEO’s Surrender: “With You, I Can Never Win” and the story revolves around her difficult life.

Finley Keith’s life became hell the day her mother died. She was ill-treated by her father. Things grew even worse for Finley when her stepmother and stepsisters arrived in her life.

Finley tried her best to adjust to them but all she received were insults and bullies in return.

Her troubled life takes an unexpected turn when Bryan Turner, a handsome billionaire, comes into her life. Because of Bryan, she is finally able to escape the clutches of the evil people in her life. Bryan can’t even think the ugly woman he has just met would make him lose everything including his own heart.

CEO’s Surrender: “With You, I Can Never Win” is the perfect book for people who are looking for a thrilling read. This book has such an amazing plot and story that keeps its readers hooked from the beginning to the end. To give readers an idea of the novel, here is a brief review.

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Part 1: CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win” – An Incredible Storyline That Keeps The Readers Glued To The Screens

In CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win”, Finley Keith’s life fell apart since the day her mother left the world. She was already grieving the loss of her mother but her stepmother and stepsisters made her life even more painful.

She suffered all the insults and bullies with patience. Her stepmother and stepsisters framed her by drugging her and forcing her to sleep with five disgusting men.

Finley’s Mother Discovers Her Husband’s Betrayal

Finely Keith’s mother was a rich lady and her father, Dirk’s company was going through a financial crisis at that time so Dirk took advantage of the opportunity and trapped Finley’s beautiful and rich mother in his love so that he could get a chance to solve his financial problems.

Finley’s mother did not know that Dirk was already married and it was only after she gave birth to Finely that she discovered that it was all a sham and he never divorced his first wife so their marriage was invalid. She was heartbroken and weak but it was too late because Dirk’s company became too powerful and influential.

That is why she warned her daughter not to show her brilliance so that no one would ever take advantage of it.

Dirk's business was established and was influential - CEO's Surrender:

Finley’s Stepmother Sells Her To Five Men

Finley’s stepsisters and stepmother plotted against her to get her thrown out of the house so that they can receive her inheritance. Her Stepmother Tina drugged her and sold her to some men and forced her to sleep with them.

Part 2: CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win” Chapters – Finley Finally Decides To Retaliate

In the story CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win”, Finley endured all the insults but when she ran out of patience, she finally decided to take action. She planned to take revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters.

Her stepmother was planning to get her stepsister Tricia married to Byran Turner, a rich billionaire so that after having a child, they could receive the Keith’s inheritance but all their hopes went in smoke when Finley married Byran Turner and became his wife.

Finley Breaks Into The Bar To Meet Bryan Turner

Bryan Turner was relaxing on the sofa when he heard a voice saying “Bryan Turner, will you marry me?” Bryan Turner was so handsome that women threw themselves at him but nobody ever dared to propose to him in front of everyone.

Finley proposing Bryan Turner - CEO's Surrender:

The woman was unappealing and people were staring at her in astonishment at how she dared to propose to a handsome billionaire with such an ugly face. She was Finley Keith. Everybody was expecting that Bryan Turner would order his guards to throw her out as she was an eyesore.

But to everyone’s utter surprise, he asked them to give them some privacy. Bryan Turner was very much intrigued by Finley as she had outsmarted the highly-trained guards and paralyzed the entire building’s security system. He wanted to know how she was able to do that.

Part 3: CEO’s Surrender – “With You I Can Never Win” – Finely Gets Married To Bryan Turner

Later in the story of CEO’s Surrender: “With You, I Can Never Win”, after being left alone with Bryan Turner, Finley sat next to him. Bryan had one secret. He lost his sense of smell and only his trustworthy people knew about this but somehow Finley discovered this. She took out a pink perfume bottle from her backpack and waved it under his nose.

Bryan sniffed although he thought it was pointless but suddenly he was taken aback as he could actually smell the perfume and he snatched the bottle from Finley. He poured a drop of perfume on his wrist and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Bryan had taken help from experts and medical professionals from all over the world to bring back his sense of smell but it was all in vain and now this ugly lady appeared out of nowhere and cured his problem instantly. Bryan wanted to know who she was and how she was able to cure him.

Finley Makes A Deal With Bryan Turner

Later in the story of CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win” you’ll find that Finley asked Byran to marry her as she wanted to take revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters.

She told him that she wanted to have a child so that they can’t inherit her wealth as Finley’s grandfather, Anthony Keith, did not name any heir but kept a condition that the first granddaughter to marry and give birth to a child will become the head of the family.

She told Bryan that he would benefit from this deal too as she had the cure to his problem. Bryan was first reluctant but then he agreed to marry Finley and an hour later, they got married.

Finley and Bryan got married in CEO's Surrender:

Part 4: CEO’s Surrender: “With You I Can Never Win” – Finley and Bryan Happily Married

Finley and Bryan married each other for a reason but they didn’t know that they would soon fall in love with each other. Getting married to Bryan helped Finley in saving her inheritance from being passed on to her stepsisters. At the same time, because of Finely, Bryan was able to smell. Even Bryan didn’t know that he would eventually fall in love with Finley.

CEO’s Surrender: “With You, I Can Never Win” is an exciting book. It explains that love is beyond human control. It also focuses on how greed and lustful desire for wealth can change

people and turn them into evil. In the novel, Finley’s stepmother sold her to some men so that she could get rid of her and get her inheritance.

The novel has such an amazing storyline and it is a must-read. As you start reading it, you’ll keep turning the pages. If you want to read CEO’s Surrender- “With You, I Can Never Win” free novel, you can visit the FreeNovel website or you can download the FreeNovel app to read the whole book.

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