Erotica Romance: loving wife stories by Literotica


Loving wife stories is a tale of sexual expeditions taken by wives which involves various kinds of extramarital relationships, cheating, multiple partners to spice up things, and other kinky activities to satisfy their needs and their partners. This loving wife story includes swinging, sharing, voyeurism, and other kinks along with Married and extramarital fun as its main element.

Part 1: Characters of loving wife stories

Loving wife stories characters

Loving wife stories include various characters that the series of various sexual stories are centered on. Love wives Stories is a category by Literotica that shows all the popular stories that involve various stories from a wife being shared for the first time, by the consent of her husband to a cheating wife who is caught by her husband with the two handsome hunks.

This loving wife Erotica is centered around women and men who often enjoy the other factors in the relationship like having a forbidden secret or choosing a risky place to hook up with their partner. Often such risks add to the thrill and it creates an anxious excitement making the expeditious more hot and steamy to the readers.

Loving wife stories - wife and lover

Infidelity in the relationship, secret meetings with the lover, forbidden relationship with the boss’s wife all these stories under the erotica often shows up the characters that are bold in wanting to choose and go after what they want without worrying much about the consequences. The characters light up the spirit in the readers, with their humorous and brave upfront with the touch of a naughty side.

Part 2: The main storyline of loving wife stories

Loving wife stories book

Loving wife stories by Literotica are a series of fiction that is depicted under the theme of marital and extramarital fun. This series holds all the exciting and nerve-wracking themes like infidelity, secret relationships, taboos, multiple partners, swinging, sharing, and watching your partner being sexualized by someone else.

Wife and lover stories showcase the secret and infidelity in the marriage involving someone else’s partner. Terrance hooking up his boss’s wife is a story under loving wife stories that involve an extramarital relationship. Husband meets up with a gorgeous woman in the bar in the ‘Adventurous Anniversary’, cheating on his wife

Extra married fun like ’69 bar’ shows how the couple experiences a hot and steamy encounter with a brunette. Watching the wife with two hot hunks. And how the conservative wife turns into someone spicy.

Revenge sex by the woman after catching her husband cheating on her. Making bad decisions before his wedding, living their fantasies in the library.

Loving wife stories erotica novel

Multiple partners like gang bang by the wife, calling ex-partners, old partners knowing it’s never too late to start. The wife meets her husband who’s working late in the office, the husband being served by the divorce papers unexpectedly.

These are a few examples of the storyline used in this erotic fiction. These steamy stories are too good to ignore. The series ticks all the columns of fantasy romance. Each story is crisped, detailed, and presented beautifully.

Loving wife stories by Literotica is rated 4.5 stars by the readers, who enjoy all these concepts of complicated yet steamy encounters. These fictional tales often lighten up the fantasy in the reader’s mind. Each story is unique, unexpected, hot, sizzling, and addictive once you start reading.

Part 3: Why do people enjoy loving wife stories

Loving wife relationship

Erotica is a genre of its own even though it’s often classified under romance but rated for adult readers. Often series like “Loving wife stories” brings out the fictional and interesting concepts of once sexuality attached to the complicatedness of the relationships people often in.

Loving wife story is enjoyed by millions of readers and holds the highest rating of 4.6 stars out of five. The readers love these natural, sexy steamy stories which showcase the romantic part of the relationship and the needs, and desires of the characters in the story without having to beat the bush. Often times the main element that is romance is missing. Unlike this Loving Wife story which brings it all to the table,

Wife and lover stories often intrigue the reader’s mind, the fantasy or the thought that crosses most of the readers. Experiences or dreams are met through this tale of romance.

Loving wife stories - romance

Most of the readers choose Loving wife stories for the taboo, forbidden aspect it holds, the secret element of having to hide the relationships, and most importantly the risk attached to it all making every reader feel hot nerves.

Erotica is a famous genre for the readers and Loving wife stories are the most popularized series that people often go back to.

Part 4: Alternatives for loving wife stories

Wife and lover stories

Loving wife stories is an erotic fantasy tale that revolves around the theme of the married and extramarital relationship. There are various alternative picks of this wife and lover stories on the Dreame app.

New Father by bxxktxpia

New Father is a romantic story that revolves around Gabriel and Eleanor.

Eleanor is sent to her mother’s sister Becky’s Care after losing her mother. But things get complicated when Eleanor starts a sexual relationship with Gabriel, aunt Becky’s boyfriend. This book is steamy with the complicated and forbidden relationship between the main leads.

The story has over 2.1 million reads and 638 thousand followers on the Dreame app making it one of the reader’s favorites.

And Then there were Four by Lillith Carrie.

Ivy Thorne got accepted to one of the best Universities for Agriculture. Just as she thought everything was perfect, the four men who lived in her father’s home turned her world upside down. And she was their own little red riding hood.

This is one of the best and hot steamy novels which is followed by 46 thousand readers and is one of the most popular stories on the Dreame app.

Loving wife stories similar romance stories

Buying Charlotte by Simone Leigh.

Charlotte sold her virginity and herself to the highest bidder in the auction. Her bidder soon becomes her master and not only that he shares her with his friend. As the three of them start to form a relationship it becomes clear that Charlotte is more than a young girl who just wanted money.

This steamy romance novel filled with mystery is hard to resist.

The book is on the Dreame app with 41.5 thousand reads making it one of the most highly anticipated novels by readers.

Loving wife stories - romance

Kristie’s Tale by Simone Leigh

This is a tale of lovers and meeting strangers.

Kristie enjoys her independence and freedom but when she is faced with the choice of two very different men, who will she choose to be her lover?

This hot steamy dominant and submissive relationship is hot and happening.

The book is available on the Dreame platform and is followed by 1.3 thousand readers enjoying it on the platform.


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