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The Hall Of Valor is a dark-themed fantasy novel, in which the stories focus on bridging the relationships between mortals and Death Reapers. Follow the adventure of Haalfrin, a mortal man who encounters two Death Reaper souls as soon as he mingles into the cultures of a tribe named Kareen.

The names of the two Death Reaper souls that Haalfrin encounters in The Hall Of Valor novel are Freyya and Das, and each Death Reaper in The Hall Of Valor has the first debut in separate chapters.

Freyya is a Death Reaper who fell in a battle before she becomes the way she is now, and she has the spear as her weapon to beat down everyone who refuses to follow her. Meanwhile, her partner, Das, is a Death Reaper who dies of old age.

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Both Freyya and Das in The Hall Of Valor want Haalfrin’s souls. Each Death Reaper wants to use Haalfrin’s weakness, that is, his ability to see them while also not having any support systems from his environment. Then, they want Haalfrin’s soul to join them in the ways they’ve died before becoming the Death Reapers.

So, Haalfrin’s life in The Hall Of Valor novel turns around as soon as he encounters these two Death Reapers. Will he be able to improve the quality of his current life? Or, will be subject to the wills of these two Death Reapers?

Part 1: The Author Of The Hall Of Valor

The Hall Of Valor

DRACO137 is the username of the author of The Hall Of Valor novel. When I look at the author’s profile, I know that DRACO137 is a specialist in writing fantasy genres. After all, all novels by the same author have fantasy elements in the stories.

Another thing that becomes the uniqueness of DRACO137 as a novel author is the recurring dark themes in the stories. We can see from all novels that DRACO137 has written that the novel’s covers are always involving dark image themes, like death reapers in The Hall Of Valor book.

As we open up the book to read the chapters, we also know that the chapters are full of dark images, too.

I would say that The Hall Of Valor has many descriptive texts that point to the dark themes of the novel, particularly when the author describes Haalfrin’s views when describing Freyya in front of him in the first few chapters. We will encounter more darkness-related themes as we delve deeper into each chapter.

As for DRACO137’s social media websites, the author of The Hall Of Valor book doesn’t seem to have active social media websites to promote the book apart from the personal Discord account that is only occasionally open.

Then, again, the stories in The Hall Of Valor book are already impeccable, and the author always makes sure to update the novel in the “!!!IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!” section of the novel.

Part 2: Free Chapters Online Of The Hall Of Valor

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 4

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 4

DRACO137 as the author of The Hall Of Valor book opens up the stories in Chapter 4 by describing Freyya, one of the Death Reapers who become the supporting character of the book.

Like any other Death Reaper, Freyya’s appearances start with some unnaturally-formed black clouds. She has a long spear as her weapon to take down any spirits refusing to come with her to her realms.

Freyja of The Hall Of Valor has the nickname “Crow Goddess” due to her black wings and her tendency to circle the battlefields while flying at all times. If Haalfrin doesn’t fight back, his reaper would be another reaper instead of Freyya; and the mortal’s death cause should be the same as his reaper.

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 17

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 17

Magicians are nothing without runes. So, with the title of “Becoming A Mage”, we can expect stories of runes in Chapter 17 of The Hall Of Valor novel. Even if I didn’t get to the actual mage appearances in this chapter of The Hall Of Valor, the author mentions a lot about the runes. Also, let’s not forget another realm in the novel, which is the Soul Realm.

Now that Haalfrin has entered the Soul Realm, he has seen several runes of the past warriors. As Haalfrin wonders why his rune is the smallest-sized among all runes, he acknowledges the black mist that turns warriors into Death Reapers as the souls that should be “collected” in the Soul Realm. I can say that Haalfrin learns more about his ability in this chapter.

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 48

The Hall Of Valor Chapter 48

Finally, in Chapter 48 of The Hall Of Valor, the author introduces a mage character. Anyway, this character of The Hall Of Valor novel isn’t just an ordinary mage – he is Kalastros, the Archmage of the Alastan Kingdom who rescues Haalfrin and finds out more about his magical abilities.

The Archmage a.k.a the higher-ranked mage is surprised to know that a mere mortal like Haalfrin can cast powerful fear spells during the battle. So, Archmage Kalastros thinks to take Haalfrin as his disciple. However, instead of giving us the “yes” or “no” answer from Haalfrin’s side, the author leaves the endings of this chapter hanging through this sentence:

“Haalfrin’s eyes glaze over for a moment while he puts a few pieces together…”

Part 3: Alternative To The Hall Of Valor

Similar to The Hall Of Valor

“Reaper” is another word to say “Angel”, and we can be sure that all stories involving Reapers or Angels belong to the fantasy genre. Dreame is famous for many werewolf stories, and one of the werewolf stories in Dreame platform has the angel creature as one of the characters. So, I would recommend Dreame’s The Pack’s Tainted Angel as an alternative to The Hall Of Valor.

I would say that August Foreman, the main female character of The Pack’s Tainted Angel, is similar to a combination of Freyya and Haalfrin in The Hall Of Valor. Later on, she turns out to be an angel with extremely priceless blood, which makes her similar to Freyya. Her Haalfrin side was when she believed she was a human, just like the mortal Haalfrin in The Hall Of Valor.

Summary of The Pack’s Tainted Angel:

The stories of The Pack’s Tainted Angel start by telling us the stories according to August’s POV, and August (surname: Foreman) is the main female character of the story. These whole days, August Foreman of The Pack’s Tainted Angel has believed she is a human female living a normal life until three male werewolves capture her alive.

Not stopping there, these mysterious male werewolves also demand her to pose unnecessarily on camera, because they want to put August in an auction. Anyway, these werewolf characters are psychics, and as psychics, they know August’s priceless powers and blood. Furthermore, they know that August is not a human, but an angel.

The three werewolves have different reactions to August. Only one wants to save her. The others are either claiming her as his mate (in which, we don’t know if this male werewolf will treat August respectfully or not) or trying to drive August insane. Three-versus-one is more challenging than two-versus-one in The Hall Of Valor, so, that’s why I recommend this novel.

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