‘Her Triplet Alphas’: Interesting Things About Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix, and Alpha Calix


The Triplet Alphas Alex, Felix, and Calix are the most popular werewolves who are swooned over by all for their rich and very handsome looks.

The typical bad boys have the most different personalities from the others even though they are twins. But for years they have something in common that is picking on Chasity whom they famously nicknamed Charity.

The triplet alpha brothers have teased her, bullied her by mocking her, called her awful nicknames even abused her in the past after she was taken into the pack. But when they find out that Chasity is their mate, they are filled with remorse and lust towards their little mate at the realization as they feel sorry for their past behavior.

The sudden urge to take over their mate fills their head. Can Chasity change her mind and stay in the pack? Will Chasity accept the Triplet Alphas as her mate even though they were nothing but rude to her? This perfect multiple-mates story will rise the temperature for all the steamy scenes and interaction between the alpha brothers and their little mate

Part 1: Interesting Things About Alpha Alex

Her Triplet Alphas – Alpha Alex

The Triplet Alphas were soon turning twenty-one. They were the sons of the Winter Moon pack alpha.

Alex was the eldest and the most severe.

Alpha Alex was the most serious and heinous among the identical triplet twins. He often was cold and Chasity always thought he would rule with an iron fist. Alex had that perfect alpha demeanor, commanding, cold, and ruthless at times. But his character is hard to resist.

As Chasity learned that she was mated to the Triplet she couldn’t hide her wild attraction toward them. But it was Alex’s smell she felt the most. Her every single item of clothing and book smelled like Alex.

She thought Alex would boss her around and order her to obey him as he will be the alpha while she will be his Luna. His stern attitude often gave away the dominant and cold personality of a typical alpha but his handsome face was too hard to resist.

Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J

But the minute Alex apologizes to Chasity for treating her badly and admitting that they don’t deserve her is where the readers see the cold alpha bend over for their mate.

Hot dialog of Alex Thorn :

“It’s lube, Luna. It’ll make it easier to do what I wanna do,” Alex murmured in Chasity’s ear.

She felt his cock pressing at the entrance to her pussy while his finger prodded her asshole.

Alex is the rough, tough, intriguing, and most passionate twin alpha.

Part 2: Interesting Things About Alpha Felix

Her Triplet Alphas – alpha Felix

Alpha Felix was the middle one, he was the loving and humorous one among the three. Felix loved being the center of attention and often had wise jokes, and comebacks, making him one of the interesting personalities.

However, it didn’t change the way he treated Chasity. Felix was the perfect bad boy kind of guy, who made sure his witty sarcastic comments would hurt the others.

But he didn’t shy away while speaking his mind. And for Chasity, she hated Felix but she couldn’t avoid the wild attraction her wolf felt towards him.

The banter and possessive feelings of Felix toward Chasity are hot and at times, we all need someone to be Dominant and swoon-worthy like Felix.

However, he along with his brothers didn’t miss a chance to tease Chasity.

Her Triplet Alphas : Multiple mates

Felix had his unique way of getting things done, like asking for kisses for payments from Chasity or not shying away from calling Chasity as his mate, as his baby he is the one who had Chasity’s wolf roar in need with desperation.

He didn’t miss a chance to put his hand on Chasity, be it massaging her butt as Alec announced to his parents that she was their mate.

It was these naughty and crazy wild moments Felix brought that made him stand out, each of the twins’ personalities so different from the others.

Hot dialog of Felix:

“Do you want Daddy to fuck you, Baby?” Asked Felix “Yes!” I said quickly “Yes, who?” Asked Felix. “Um?” I began He slapped my breasts. I squealed. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good, Baby, you learn so fast. Daddy is so proud of his Baby,” said Felix.

Felix lay down on his back and his two brothers helped me to climb onto him, straddling him. Felix was a fan of girl–on–top which was surprising to me. His huge erection was at attention underneath my dripping pussy. My legs trembled.

“Lower yourself onto me,” Felix instructed.

Part 3: Interesting Things About Alpha Calix Thorn

Her Triplet Alphas – alpha Calix

Alpha Calix was the youngest of the triplet Alphas. He was mommy’s favorite, a charmer of his kind. He often comes out sweet, the guy you would swoon over easily because he treats you nice.

Chasity felt safer with Calix and didn’t fear him like she feared the other two twins. Calix Thorn was perfectly sweet and attentive be it his hugs which were gentle and tending. He paid attention to his mate Chasity, cared for her, and had a possessive hold on her but at the same time, he was also compassionate compared to his brothers.

Whether by declaring his want towards his mate Chasity or pleading with her not to be scared of them, Calix truly cared for Chasity most lovingly. And Chasity knew Calix was always dramatic as he didn’t shy away from asking Chasity to let them love her.

The hottest werewolf book : Her Triplet Alphas

Hot Dialog of Calix Thorn:

“Should we stop?” Asked Calix, his blue eyes anxious as they gazed at me. I shook my head. I was soaked down there and I felt …empty. I wanted Calix “Only one of us can …go first,” said Calix slowly and softly.

They all looked at me. I felt a little nervous, hoping no one would get upset at my choice

I loved all of them

“Calix,” I whispered so low that had they not been werewolves they would not have heard me.

Calix’s eyes lit up. He settled himself between my trembling legs while his brothers massaged my sides and kept their baby blue eyes on my face anxiously.

“Ready,” he whispered. “Ready,” I answered.

“I love you more than anyone else in this world, Chasity. I’m so in love with you and I’ll make you my Luna if it’s the last thing I do,” whispered Calix, his blue eyes meeting my brown ones,

Part 4: How they feel to share Chasity, especially when making love

Her Triplet Alphas making love

Even though the triplets had girlfriends who changed now and then they were anxious to find their real mate. They even Travelled to different packs to see if they can find a whiff of their true mate.

But when they find out who their mate is, they experience remorse because it’s the same girl whom they had been tormenting for years, Chasity.

However, the Triplets make up their mind to do anything that will have them claim their mate for themselves.

The brothers didn’t shy away from sharing Chasity. Even at the times of love making it Intense make out, the possessive and dominant alphas passed their mate with their brothers and watched the other pleasure her.

However, at times the Triplets did argue on who will get their turn to stay with Chasity.

The banter, the heated arguments between the alpha brothers especially between the ruthless Felix and the cold Alex chilling and hot at the same time showing how much they all wanted their mate for themselves even though they were mated to just one.

Her Triplet Alphas and their little luna

Hot excerpt of the three alphas and their Luna:

I came, gushing, my juices dripping down Felix’s lap and onto his sheets. Felix grunted, releasing his massive load into me. Some of it was dripping out of my pussy and sliding down my inner thighs.

I went limp in his arms and he held me, wrapping his arms tightly around me. Felix lay back taking me with him. He put the covers over me. My skin felt so delicate all of a sudden so I was grateful. I was still lying on top of Felix, my legs draped over him. Alex and Calix were on either side of me, lying on their back, panting and grinning happily. Felix’s eyes were on me.

“You did so well, Baby. Daddy is so proud of you!” Felix said.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said softly, my eyes closing. I was drifting off to sleep when I heard Felix say, “We went easy on you tonight, Baby, but tomorrow you’re gonna have to learn how to take more than one of us at once. Ok?”

“Yes, Daddy,” was all I could say as I fell into the deepest sleep of my life so far.

Part 5: How can Chasity distinguish them

Her Triplet Alphas – alpha Alex, Felix, Calix

The Triplet Alphas are remorseful to find out Chasity is their mate and regret treating her badly. But along with regret, the growing lust towards their little mate will not stop them from doing anything to keep her by changing her decision to leave. The handsome alphas are determined to spend the next seven months doing everything in their power to convince their mate to stay.

When Chasity finds out that she was mated to not one but all the three alphas twins, she feared they would turn up into abusive mates considering the way the triplets had bullied her and had been a nightmare to Chasity for years now with their selfishness and arrogant attitude.

Her Triplet Alphas romance book

Chasity feared rejection from the Triplets. She considered Felix to be the toughest, Calix to be the gentle one but she wasn’t sure how Alex would be and imagined getting bossed by Alex saying she would be his Luna.

Alex always found Chasity beautiful and even stole her hair tie even before he found out she was his mate making us wonder when Alex started to like Chasity.

Chasity even though it was Calix who was the most gentle and the one she felt safe to go in at any moment she couldn’t avoid the way her wolf and her body craved for the elder two whom she considered the rough ones.

Each triplet held its personality and had a different effect on Chasity who accepted them all after forgiving their rude behavior from the past.

At times when the stern alpha Alex would melt the hearts, it was Calix’s gentle moment again the possessive hold of Felix was too good to ignore.

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