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Welcome to the introduction section… now, battle through the heavens as earlier mentioned, is a martial arts story. A mediocre who lived out his young days and died untimely on earth… his spirit moved on and arrived in an unearthly continent, of which the geographical location is unknown to even him… this continent has different rules, different status quo for everything. His survival was in question. Are you a martial arts genre lover?

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Before we discuss the storyline extensively, let’s take a minute and identify the important characters…

Part 1: The Main Characters Of Battle Through the Heavens

While all the characters in this story are important, here is the most important:

Xiao Yan, is the main protagonist of battle through the heavens. He was about twenty two when he died on earth and was reborn in a different world. He is about fifteen years old presently, in his new continent.

Now, let’s investigate what happened in battle through the heavens, in the snippet of the storyline below…

Part 2: Storyline of Battle Through the Heavens

As earlier stated, Xiao Yan was a mediocre on earth for the twenty two years he lived in it, before he was claimed by the cold hands of death, through an accident. He was reborn on Dou Qi continent, located on a world which was not earth.

This continent was very vast and thrived on one thing – Dou Qi. Dou Qi was all the humans in this continent breathe and ate. At first, when Xiao Yan grew up enough to begin to understand the continent, he discovered that as one kept training in this technique, breathing in and absorbing its energy… one could grow in power and strength.

In the Dou Qi continent, greatness was measured by the amount of Dou Qi a person is able to wield.

battle through the heavens xiao yan

Even though Xiao Yan was formally a mediocre, he found that he was powerful in Dou Qi. He’d been born into the royal family of the leader of the Xiao clan. He was the third son in line. On earth, in his previous life, he was homeless and an orphan.

But here he was loved. His mother had died when he was three years old, leaving him with his father and two older brothers. Xiao Yan was able to grow his Dou Qi ability very fast as a child.

He was the first in history to achieve a third level Dou Qi as an infant. His reputation grew all over the continent. And many children who’s homes were close to the Xiao clan, came to see him. But something happened when he became twelve.

He was about to break more records, but he woke up one morning to discover that his label had been stolen. The label was one thing that helped every beginner. It was like a power bank or data storing spirit technology.

Someone had stolen his own and as a result, the child who had once been a legend went on a downward spiral. He was nothing without his label. Today was his fifteenth birthday, and the day of Dou Qi testing for the children of the clan.

He was tested and he weighed nothing. He listened as the mouths who once reverenced him, mocked him. Some of the children who once admired him, refused to come near even. But Yun Zhi refused to be phased, and continued to be his friend.

But in the midst of all this, his father and brothers loved him even more and were a source of encouragement. But Xiao Yan was running out of time, he was about to be sixteen, and was going to be initiated into adulthood in a year’s time.

If he hadn’t reached a good level of Dou Qi by then, the clan was going to send him away to become an ordinary worker in the continent. And even his father’s influence will not help him.

He’d been betrothed at birth to be married to the most people girl from another clan. He didn’t even know this, until one morning, they received visitors who came from there.

battle through the heavens yun zh

The girl was with them and had reached a whopping level four of Duo Qi. Xiao Yan admired her innocently and was heartbroken when he heard she was his fiance but had come to break the marriage.

Now, what would Xiao Yan do? Who does Xiao Yan end up with? How many wives does Xiao Yan have? Is battle through the heavens a good anime? Does Xiao Yan marry Yun Zhi? Let’s see what we find in the popolar chapters below…

Part 3: Popular Chapters Of Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 7: divorce

Xiao Yan’s life long betrothed just came to dump him in the presence of everyone in Xiao Clan. After breaking the news and watching the angry reactions of both Xiao Yan and his father… they offered them a gift, a Qi absorbing powder.

The Xiao clan rejected it. And even though Xiao Yan felt lower than the ground in that instant… this development made him feel worse than everything demeaning he’d been feeling for the three years he lost his power. But he managed to divorce her with his head held high.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 13: Black metal piece

Xiao Yan had gone to the market to make a few purchases when he ran into a group of adults who had formed a cult around the market. Their main goal was to steal and cause trouble around the area. He saw them and as they stood in awe of him, he signaled for the market security to come close.

As the boys were apprehended, one challenged Xiao Yan to a fight, which was improper since he was an adult and Xiao Yan was yet to perform his coming of age initiation, and was only fifteen. After dealing with them, he would find a black metal piece.

battle through the heavens, black metal piece

Part 4: Personal Conclusions from Battle Through the Heavens

Now we’re here, it is my pleasure to leave you with my personal conclusions after reading the novel. I sincerely hope I have answered some of your questions about this book in this short article. The main answers, of course, can only be gotten from taking out time to read the Battle through the heavens novel. There are lessons, but the most important lesson here is, don’t look down on anyone… the world does rotate, it might be good today, but tomorrow is always better. With that said, are you a martial arts genre lover?

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