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The story puts the struggle of the average young person in the spotlight. Eve is faced with unexpected choices and has nothing to fall back on anymore. Flitting from one profession to another without a good reason cannot last forever. Eve’s parents are clear about what they expect, but Eve isn’t sure if she can deliver.

Eve is clear about who she is, and also knows how she falls short in certain areas. She wants nothing more than to stop being a source of embarrassment to her family.

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Part 1: Why Read Act Your Age, Eve Brown?

Most young adults can relate to Eve’s story. Her struggle with her identity and family expectations is quite the most amazing draw to this book. Is she spoiled? Coddled? Or did she grow up overly protected by her family?

Can Eve meet the expectations of her family? Will her new path be the best one for her? And, what about Jacob?

Act Your Age, Eve Brown is a stunningly attractive piece with its perfectly paced plot and well develop characters.

Part 2: Plot Summary of Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

The story follows Eve with her crazy way of picking up jobs. She seems to have no problem with her lifestyle. That is until her parents decide that they have had enough. They have a deep conversation with Eve, putting out their conditions for her to get her trust fund accessible again.

Eve has to make a big change in her life, no matter how reluctant she is. She has to hold on to a job for a year in order to get back access to her trust fund.

Eve is shattered by her parent’s decision, but she knows they are not wrong. Eve drives without a particular direction in mind and comes upon a small B&B. She sees a sign for a job and goes in to be interviewed. However, this decision was probably not the best as she is brought face to face with probably the rudest person ever.

Despite Jacobs’s initial objections, with a turn of events, Eve begins working at the B&B. This change might just prove eventful for Eve.

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Part 3: Main Characters of Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Eve Brown

Act Your Age, Eve Brown: Eve Brown

Eve is a young woman presented with a very important decision. She has to adjust her unhealthy lifestyle. A lifestyle where she seemed unwilling to commit to a single job. Even almost actively jeopardizing herself and her prospects.

When she is thrown into the big world by her parents, Eve is sad. Caught up in her emotions, she drives farther than intended and comes upon a B&B.

This place might be the start of wonderful things. It might mean stability, and Eve has her eyes on the prize.


Cute face, bad attitude: Jacob can easily be put into these two categories. He interviews Eve and comes to the conclusion that they are not the best match for working. But just as easily as he judged her, he quickly realizes that she really might be what he needs at the establishment.

Part 4: Fantastic Chapters from Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Chapter Three

Eve is in her interview with Jacob and Mont. However, she isn’t clueless and senses Jacob’s irritation with her. She does her best to focus only on Mont but it proves difficult. Finally, with something of an outburst from Jacob in his way of refusing her, Eve walks out.

Mont takes a short while to talk reason into Jacob and they soon both go in search of Eve. Jacob is the one to find her. However, she subsequently rams him with the back of her car.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown Chapter Three

Chapter Five

Jacob is back from the hospital, which is great. Eve managed the establishment very well. However, it comes unexpectedly that she is asked to take over for Jacob who would need time to recover. She’d proven she could do the work, and Eve couldn’t have been more pleased.

Chapter Eleven

Eve is usually thought of as social, but the truth was the opposite. She thought she would be nervous about suddenly doing the housekeeping with Jacob, but to her delight, she felt quite alright about it. So much so that she could even sing while being dragged away to work.

The two people work on fixing up the rooms and when they go to the storage to get more blankets and some other things, they nearly forget themselves listening to a couple of quarrels. One thing leads to another, Eve comes face to crotch with Jacob’s lower body part. And it’s huge! Tent and everything!

Act Your Age, Eve Brown Chapter Eleven

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