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Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J is one of the best sellers and a top pick on the Dreame app known for its sizzling hot romance and handsome heroes

Werewolf romance revolves around the mating bond but this unique read brings out the Alphas and their mate. Chasity is mated to not one but three of the Alpha brothers who are lusting after her to take her as their own.

The story gives light to the polygamy relationships

Chasity is a poor girl of drug addict parents who left her in debt. She’s working off to clear the debts of her parents and working hard to complete high school so she can lead a good life.

Her Triplet Alphas werewolf Romance

Being the unpopular she-wolf in the pack Chasity has been bullied and abused by the pack. She can’t wait to turn eighteen and finish High school.

But her life turns upside down when she finds out who her mate or mates are because her worst nightmare and a new fantasy are about to come to life.

The Triplet Alphas, Felix, Calx Thorn, and Alex are identical twins and the most popular werewolves in the pack house known for their different personalities, arrogant nature, and playboy characteristics. But they get away with their rudeness using their richness and handsome looks.

The Triplet Alphas and little Luna

For years they have picked on Chasity, teasing her, bullying her by mocking her, calling her awful nicknames after she was taken into the pack.

But when they find out that Chasity is their mate, they are filled with remorse and lust towards their little mate. But Chasity fears them after experiencing their bad treatment for years.

Will Chasity accept the Triplet Alphas as her mate by accepting the apology the Triplet Alphas give her? This perfect multiple-mates story will rise the temperature with its intriguing plotline and the best plot twists that one cannot expect.

Each chapter shows the growth of the characters and the temperature surely rises with each click on this book. The fan-favorite story is highly rated and one of the most popular picks among the readers who don’t shy away from checking this hot steamy romance.

Part 1: Joanna J- Author of ‘Her Triplet Alphas’

Her Triplet Alphas author Joanna J

Joanna J, the author of The Triplet Alphas is a medical doctor and a fantasy writer. She considers “fantasy as a form of escapism” and says that she became a writer and a doctor for the same reason which is to make a difference in at least me person’s life.

This fantasy writer often brings out a new dimension to her stories involving all the elements like werewolves, witches, and especially alpha, gamma, and beta stories.

Along with The Triplet Alphas, she has several other books on the Dreame app, such as “Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas” which has over 2 million readers and 741.4k followers

The story revolves around Hannah who is fated to the four richest, most popular, and most arrogant boys in school, the Quadruplet Alphas: Jonah, Noah, Elijah, and Isaiah. The Quads are beloved by all except Hannah whom they ignored completely until the mate-bond hit.

Books similar to Her Triplet Alphas

Her ‘Sold to Billionaire Alpha’ has over 1.4 million reads making it another interesting read from the author. The story revolves around a young doctor paying off student loans and her parents’ debt.

When her abusive boyfriend and her thankless job both replace her, she feels lost. She has mere seconds to feel this way though because mere moments later, she is abducted for the auction and sold to the highest bidder, the billionaire alpha who ordered her in the first place.

Similar reads to Her Triplet Alphas

The Challenge Two Alphas, One Girl is one of the highly popular stories by the Her Triplet Alphas author. It revolves around the female lead, Friday is born a she-wolf but her eighteenth birthday passes without her phasing, officially making her wolf-less. The Alpha of the Marigold Wolf Pack, Maze, is her fated mate but he rejects her for being a wolf-less she-wolf.

Apart from bringing out wonderful stories, the writer connects to her readers through her social media platforms. The fantasy writer won the fan favorite award by Stary in the year 2021.

Part 2: Hot chapters from Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas chapter 9

Her Triplet Alphas chapters that raise temperature

Chapter 9: Date night:

“Our date is at seven.” Alex informed Chasity with a smile.

Felix and Calix were off somewhere.

Chasity was lying on her new bed while Alex arranged her stuff according to her instructions. This was a departure from the norm: her relaxing, the eldest Alpha triplet working.

“You need to have respect for your Alphas, Charity,” Alex said, using the awful nickname they had for Charity

The memory hit me out of nowhere. I sat up so quickly, panting a little. Alex dropped what he was doing and rushed to her.

“Chasity, what’s wrong?” He said, holding my shoulders and scrutinizing her.

Her Triplet Alphas hottest werewolf romance

“Just a memory,” she mumbled without thinking. Alex winced. She felt his guilt as if it were her own.

He looked upset but he did not try to stop her as she ran out the front door. Charity sighed and wished she had a car but she did not even have a license. She looked at the five cars parked in the driveway, one SUV for each triplet, one for the former alpha, and one for his Luna. She knew the triplets would get me a car and teach her to drive if she asked but they had not discussed finances properly yet.

Best Romance read : Her Triplet Alphas

She was lost in her thoughts when she walked right into Felix. He caught her. He was bundled up in his coat and boots. He was furious. she assumed it was towards me. He scooped me up and ran inside, slamming the door. Calix appeared.

“What was she doing out there like that, Alex?” Bellowed Felix, stomping back

into her new room with her in his arms to confront Alex.

Felix threw her on the bed. She bounced a little and yelped not expecting that “Felix, what the f**k?” Yelled Alex, referring to how he had tossed her.

“Sorry, Baby,” said Felix, quickly running his hands all over her looking for bruises.

Her Triplet Alphas hot chapters

They both knew there were none. Her inner wolf was purring. Felix was her favorite because he was the most in touch with his lupine side. Felix was not her favorite. She

scampered away from him, coming to her senses. “What was she doing out there, by herself, no coat, no boots, in the snow?” Snapped Felix, glaring at Alex

Alex folded his arms. “I thought you were watching her,” Felix added.

I was not a child. I had been taking care of the family a few days ago. I had more responsibilities than them before they became Alphas, thought Chasity but she had no say in front of three possessive and dominant alphas.

Her Triplet Alphas chapter 11

Chapter 11: Christmas Cometh

Fan favorite read : Her Triplet Alphas

Chasity continued to avoid the topic of kissing the Triplets and they were being exemplary in their patience. They had begun to insist she tell them exactly what I wanted for Christmas. All holidays were a sore spot for her. She had missed out on years of gifts and love.

She usually had to work extra hard during Christmastime to decorate the house to Luna’s standards and to help prepare Christmas dinner. This year would be an entirely new experience.

one morning at breakfast she decided to discuss an important topic.

“How much money do I still owe you guys exactly, Alpha Romeo and Luna Ronnie?”

She did not feel comfortable addressing them any other way though the Triplets were now the Alphas. The Triples stiffened.

“Nothing,” barked Alex, glaring at his parents

Her Triplet Alphas Multiple mate story

No, you still owe a lot,” said Felix, surprising me. “But I’m the Alpha now and I accept kisses as payment.” Charity rolled her eyes. Calix laughed. Felix was even gruffer with pack members who defied him. What did he do? Kill them? Breakfast continued awkwardly.

She got up without asking to be excused and just stormed out of the house, still in her pajamas. I heard Felix roar and she knew he was coming after her as she was crunching through the snow when she was lifted suddenly. Felix swung her over his shoulder and carried her to his room. He tossed me on the bed.

“I hate you!” charity screamed. “I love you,” he said softly.

Her Triplet Alphas chapter 14

Chapter 14: Hungry Wolves

Her Triplet Alphas finding mates

Her stomach clenched in anticipation. Her mouth watered Felix was closest to her.

She put her hands on his huge erection. It was much too thick to hold with one hand. He groaned and his eyes darkened as she ran my fingers and nails lightly up and down his shaft. “Good girl,” he murmured. Alex was squeezing her butt cheeks and Calix had started to finger me. She shivered, my legs trembling. She kissed Felix’s large member, planting kisses along the shaft. She licked the tip

“Now try to take it in your mouth, Baby,” said Felix. She took as much of his erection as she could into her mouth.

Charity choked and spluttered He seemed to enjoy that. He was smirking. He smoothed her golden curls back and gripped them like a ponytail to help guide her.

Sucking him made her even wetter which is something was not expecting. Felix started thrusting against her mouth’s movements, gently at first and then he was fucking her face. She spluttered and her eyes watered. Tears streamed down her cheeks as he came in her mouth, his warm c*m hitting the back of her throat.

Hot chapters from Her Triplet Alphas

“Swallow,” he instructed in a raspy voice. She obeyed, gulping it down. His cock left her mouth and was quickly replaced by Alex’s monster erection. She tried to keep up with Alex’s thrusting, sucking the eldest Alpha as hard as she could. She tasted his pre-cum and locked eyes with him. He mouthed ‘I love you, Chasity’ as he quickened the pace.

He moaned, shutting his eyes tightly as his orgasm hit. cum splattered the back of my throat, and she eagerly swallowed it, anticipating Calix’s huge cock. Calix moved agonizingly slow in my mouth, teasing me, a sly smile on his face as his brother’s hands roamed my body.

His cock was so smooth. She enjoyed the feel of it on her tongue. He moved slowly enough for her to savor the taste of his cock and his precum. My pussy was gushing as Alex licked and sucked my clit and Felix eagerly fingered her entrance.

Her Triplet Alphas hot and best read

She had lost count of what number of orgasms she was on as her vision blurred a little again Calix grunted and started to thrust into her mouth quickly. She matched his movements until my jaw tired and then I just let him fuck my mouth roughly as she spluttered on his smooth humungous cock. He locked eyes with her she came down her throat.

She had never been so breathless in my entire life. The triplets were panting too and grinning at her, looking at her in awe.

The hotness just lightens from here as the triplets will do anything to keep Chasity as their own.


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