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Naomi Browne had just been broken up with by her ex-boyfriend Connor, whom she thought was the love of her life and the man she would spend the rest of her life with. One can only imagine the unnerving pain she was going through. After thinking so highly of someone, he dumped her as if she never mattered in the first place and ran off with another woman.

In a bid to help Naomi get over her heart break, her parents asked her to travel for a function that was originally meant for their attendance. According to Love Over Everything, it was just a way to make her move a little to get away from the sorrow she was currently facing. Naomi was reluctant but she attended the function anyway, and that was the beginning of something new for her in terms of her love life.

As if her parents knew what was going to happen, Naomi, although she was by herself throughout the function and only waited to do her part before leaving, managed to attract the attention of a notorious bad boy and player in the city she travelled to, Christopher Ryan. Her meeting Christopher Ryan sparked a relationship in the most unconventional ways, and it was a starting relief to get over her ex-boyfriend Connor.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Love Over Everything

Chapter 2

Love Over Everything

Naomi had already decided to forget Connor, if not I doubt if she would have agreed to leave with Christopher Ryan. In this chapter of Love Over Everything, Christopher Ryan met Naomi for the first time. He had his eyes on her in the previous chapter, and it was at this point that he went to meet her. Christopher and Naomi met for the first time and Christopher confessed that he could not take his eyes off her.

That was nothing that Naomi had no tt heard before, so she didn’t take him to heart. As far as Naomi was concerned, all Christopher wanted was to get into her pants, so she took the conversation they had in this chapter of the book with little to no importance. Naomi welcomed the distraction that Christopher brought, and it might interest readers to know that Christopher lied about his name. Technically though. He told Naomi that his name was Ryan, which was in fact, his surname.

Chapter 5

Love Over Everything Chapter 5

“Mom, do you know the girl that gave the closing speech yesterday?” Christopher Ryan had fallen in love with Naomi after the one night he spent with her. Naomi woke up in the middle of the night and snuck out of Christopher’s apartment. She must have been so sure that what they shared the previous night was just a one-time thing, unknown to her that just like she had, Christopher Ryan had also fallen in love with her and could not get her out of his mind.

Christopher managed to get Naomi’s surname out of his mother, thankfully Naomi played a prominent role in the event they were together in, so it was easy for Christopher to identify her to his mother. However, according to Love Over Everything Novel, Christopher’s mother seemed to already have a woman for him and rebuked him when he asked after Naomi because, following her son’s reputation, she felt that he would play with Naomi’s heart, and truncate the friendship that she shared with Naomi’s mother.

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Part 2: All About Love Over Everything

Love Over Everything Read Online

Naomi Browne was the only daughter of the Browne family, and just like every other young lady, she was faced with a breakup. Her parents were delighted to help her get over her break up and aching heart, so they sent her on an errand which they were supposed to attend by themselves in the absence of Naomi’s brother, Luis.

Naomi was sent to attend an event in another city, and although she would rather not, she had to go for it since it wouldn’t be attended to if it wasn’t her. A cording to Love Over Everything Novel, Naomi arrived at the event in a drag. Everything around her irritated her, especially the lovey-dovey couple that sat with her at her table. Everything about them reminded her of the very person she was trying to forget, Connor.

As a result of her disgust for the couple, she switched seats and went to stay by the bar all by herself. It was much better than being forced to watch the dramatic couple in front of her but that did not keep the wandering eyes of Christopher Ryan off her. The notorious playboy saw a beautiful lady and of course, he swooned in on her. Naomi welcomed him as well. I mean, apart from the fact that he was drop dead gorgeously handsome, Naomi was alone so the conversation that Christopher brought with him was welcome.

After they had gotten acquainted with each other, Christopher led Naomi out of the hall just after her closing speech and Naomi, as if she was drugged or bamboozled, followed his lead. Naomi couldn’t explain how the stranger drew her to him easily, but she felt something different for him, and she loved the feeling. They got to Christopher’s house, who in the first place, told Naomi his name as Ryan, and he made love to her in a way that he had never done before.

Naomi ran away the following morning before Christopher Ryan woke up. She gathered her things after hurriedly getting dressed and tip-toed out of his apartment. Within an hour, she was on her way back home in a jet. Christopher woke up looking for Naomi desperately according to Love Over Everything Novel.

He searched the neighborhood and went as far as asking his mother to give him details of Naomi. The woman rebuked him and carelessly mentioned Naomi’s surname, and that was enough for Christopher Ryan to start a search on her as he immediately hired a private investigator.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Love Over Everything

Love Over Everything Novel

Love Over Everything indeed. The novel, just as the name implies, carries heavy emotional exchange. The drama is accurately plotted to trigger the emotions of readers and it is awesome to see that the author succeeded in achieving the goal sought for. One thing I love also about the book is that the chapters are decent in length with the right approach in terms of wit and language that are easy to read.

Also, there are little to no typographical and grammatical errors which goes further to give the novel a seamless read. Kudos to the author on a job excellently done and I recommend Love Over Everything Novel to web novel lovers and readers of billionaire romance trope.

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