Hot Chapters of My Wife Is A Superstar Novel (Ning Tan)


In My Wife Is A Superstar Book, Ning Ran was in a dilemma. She had agreed with her half-sister to sleep with a stranger. Ning Ran’s mother was in the hospital, on the verge of death. She needed money to treat her dying mother and to be honest, she could do anything at the moment.

Ning Ran’s sister had the money that Ning Ran needed for her mother’s medical bill, and while she asked her sister to help her out, her sister put up a criterium for her to earn the money.

Ning Ran must sleep with a certain old movie director in his fifties so that he would in turn give Ning Ran’s sister a role in an important TV show that was being shot. After Ning Ran had desperately slept with this stranger, her half-sister tossed her credit card at her.

Supposedly, she had done what it would take for her half-sister to land the role that she wanted, so her step-sister was satisfied and handed her bank card over to Ning Ran.

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Part 1: Main Story of My Wife Is A Superstar

My Wife Is A Superstar Book

After Ning Ran left the room, her step-sister went in to talk to the supposed fifty year plus old director that she had arranged to force himself on her sister, but by the time she entered the room, she saw someone else.

Instead of the “‘dirty-old-man,” there was a handsome hunk that looked like an ethereal person, laying on the bed and he was asking who he thought was Ning Ran, the lady that he had just slept with, to state her favors.

Seeing the situation at hand in My Wife Is A Superstar Book, Ning Ran’s evil step-sister that set her up in such a vile plot pretended to be Ning Ran. She heard the man asking if he would like to handle her needs, so she quickly started to act coquettish. And that was how Ning Ran’s step-sister took her place in what promised to be the best time of her life.

As time passed, Ning Ran discovered that she was pregnant. She was in the hospital when her parents showed up. Her stepmother feigned to have pity on her, claiming to be aware that Ning Ran was raped, but Ning Ran’s father was not having it. He smacked her, all he knew was that she had been defiled. While they were all having this back and forth in My Wife Is A Superstar Book, Ning Ran ran away.

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Ning Ran ran away from the entire country and went abroad where she gave birth to her babies and worked as a single mother over there. She could not deny that she had a hard time while she faced this reality. Meanwhile, back at home, her step-sister had taken over her life and had become a top actress in place of her. On one occasion in My Wife Is A Superstar Book, Ning Ran had to return home.

Her friend had secured a movie role for her in a befitting film, and she needed to move back to China to audition and further accept the role. This is where the story starts. Ning Ran returned to China, and right when she landed at the airport and was making her way around to head to her residence, trouble started.

First of all, her step-sister knew it to be of all days that she would be found around that vicinity. Ning Ran’s sister happened to stumble on, and in fact, carry Ning Ran’s daughter who was gallivanting the airport.

In My Wife Is A Superstar Book, even though Ning Ran’s sister did not know who the toddler she was holding was, she could not deny how familiar the toddler looked. As if that was not enough, Ning Ran and her sister bumped into each other as well, with Ning Ran having to deny being herself. It didn’t take long for Ning Ran’s half-sister to understand what was going on.

Ning Ran had returned, and that toddler that Ning Ran’s sister carried was her daughter, and who was the father? Finding this out, Ning Ran’s half-sister sought to do everything to make sure that the father of the toddler that she carried didn’t come across his daughter.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of My Wife Is A Superstar

Chapters 1-5

My Wife Is A Superstar Ning Ran

The first five chapters of My Wife Is A Superstar talk about the events that happened to Ning Ran from when she slept with a stranger until the time she gave birth to her twins and returned to China. Her mother was gravely ill, and because her father would not bat an eyelid concerning the condition of her mother, Ning Ran sought help and she ended up in the hands of her half-sister.

Just as the saying goes, nothing goes for nothing. At the time when Ning Ran met her sister for help, her sister also needed a favor, and Ning Ran was just the right person to fill that favor gap. If Ning Ran would sleep with her half-sister’s movie director so that she could earn a befitting role, she would give Ning Ran the money she needed for her mother’s treatment.

In the second and third chapters of My Wife Is A Superstar Book, Ning Ran discovered that by the time she had the money for her mother’s treatment, her mother had already passed away. Ning Ran discovered that she was pregnant, so she ran away from home, gave birth to twins, and returned to the country with her twins after five years.

Part 3: Evaluate My Wife Is A Superstar

My Wife Is A Superstar Full Book

One of the rare books out there with a fascinating plot and the reader’s choice, My Wife Is A Superstar is a genius book. A fast-paced plot and clear grammar make it worth the time of the reader by all means as it is easy to read. Ten out of ten, I certainly recommend this book for online novel lovers.

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