Hottest Chapters on Cherry Blossoms After Winter


The hottest chapters of cherry blossom start from chapter 5 when Hae bom dreams of kissing Tae Seong.Hae Bom awakens with no recollection of his kiss with Tae Seong. Later that night, he and his partner had an amorous dream. Tae Seong expresses his affections for Hae Bom and wishes for them to be boyfriends. Cherry Blossoms After Winter Hae Bom, on the other hand, refuses to commit to a relationship. He believes Tae Seong’s mother will not approve of their relationship. Hae Bom does not want to let her down.

Following the refusal, their conversation becomes heated Cherry Blossoms After Winter. Tae Seong presses Hae Bom against the wall, pushing him to express his emotions. He physically dominates his love interest while attempting to kiss him. Tae Seong grabs Hae Bom by the neck at one point, almost turning the fight violent. Their mother walks in and thinks they were just fighting.

After the fight, Hae Bom becomes ill, and Tae Seong tends to him. Tae Seong also apologises for his irresponsible behaviour the night before. Hae Bom feels conflicted about his affections for Tae Seong. The episode concludes with Hae Bom revealing that he wants them to date. Following that, they begin dating in secret.

Part 1: What’s the Main Plots and Characters on Cherry Blossoms After Winter?

Plots and Characters on Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Hae Bom is an orphan whom parents died while he was a child. His mother’s best friend took him from her family when they died. Cherry Blossoms After Winter She is a welcoming foster parent who treats him with respect. She has a son around Hae Bom’s age as a divorced single mother. Hae Bom and Tae Seong grew up together and formed a good friendship.

The two childhood buddies, however, have grown across the years. Tae Seong is a handsome and respected senior in high school, whereas Hae Bom is a shy wallflower who is tormented by the other classmates. Their social spheres do not intersect. Cherry Blossoms After Winter Tae Seong and Hae Bom are part of the same class for the first time as they enter their senior year of high school. Tae Seong witnesses the seriousness of Hae Bom’s racism problem firsthand. His childhood pal is routinely mocked by his peers.

Even though they are no longer close, Tae Seong continues to protect Hae Bom first from bullies. Hae Bom appreciates his assistance. The two lads eventually heat up to each other again. Tae Seong welcomes Hae Bom into his social circle by introducing him to his buddies. The bullies trouble them occasionally, but they are afraid of Tae Seong’s physical ability and only create a minor annoyance.

Part 2: What’s the Difference on Cherry Blossoms After Winter and Similiar Manga?

Difference on Cherry Blossoms After Winter and Similiar Manga

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a timeless love story about two childhood friends navigating their hidden affections. Kisses, embraces, cuddles, and sweet flirtations are common forms of romantic affection between the couple. Furthermore, the lead actor appears telegenic, and you will rapidly develop a crush on him.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter appears to follow a winning formula with all the proper components, as it is packed with traditional BL cliches. On paper, at any rate. With soothing pastel colors and brilliant glittering lights, Cherry Blossoms After Winter develop a soft, dreamlike look. It also employs stunning close-up shots to emphasize the characters’ emotions.

The finish is beautifully filmed, almost like an enchanted fairytale conclusion. Cherry Blossoms After Winter Unfortunately, the dazzling visuals aren’t enough to compensate for the weak premise or improve the mediocre writing. Some BL fans who appreciate sweet love stories might enjoy Cherry Blossoms After Winter. Personally, I cringe from second-hand shame at this soft and cloying series.

Haebom has been staying in Taesung’s house since his parents died. And now that he’s in 12th grade, he’ll be in the exact same class as Taesung, which makes the whole thing even more difficult. Taesung and Haebom’s relationship is destined to evolve as they live together 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Part 3: Final Verdict

Final Verdict - Cherry Blossoms After Winter

The Cherry Blossoms Tae Seong’s mother approves of her son’s romance, and the story concludes happily. Hae Bom and Tae Seong meet for a romantic meal in a restaurant. Hae Bom takes out a ring box and proposes to his boyfriend. The series concludes with both being together and looking into one other’s eyes tenderly. A cherry blossom tree may be seen in the backdrop. The tree is in blossoms, representing their growing love.

Despite her reservations, Cherry Blossoms After Winter Hae Bom and Tae Seong remain united in their opposition. They adore one another and long to be together. If their mother is unable to accept them right now, they will wait till she is willing to approve their relationship. Tae Seong’s mother alters her opinion after being moved by their genuineness. She wishes them happiness and bestows her blessing on their passion. They may finally date in public.

This was a perfectly nice novel Cherry Blossoms After Winter, but it required a little something more for me. I’m not sure what that something else is, but the storyline begins to deteriorate after the frequent smut sequences, which were technically still enjoyable but in a different way.


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