Rebirth Fantasy Romance Book Review – I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman


‘God, if I were to be born again, I would like to live a long and ordinary life.’

Emily quickly ran to the mirror. She couldn’t help but look at the mirror with disbelief.

“No way!”

“…Who is this woman?”

This was her room. But who was the woman reflected in the mirror?

Rebirth novels genre like I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman is actually all-time trending. I’m wondering why the rebirth genre does not go out of style. It always has its place in the online reading world.

Perhaps it’s the idea of having the chance to undo your mistakes or having the chance to live your dream life that rebirth stories are loved by many readers. Since I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman is basically a rebirth novel, I was expecting to see a familiar plot flow here, yet though this is familiar I must admit that rebirth elements still and always entertaining.

“Now she was a just commoner with an ugly face and a family to feed”

In I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman, Emily, the eighth concubine of the Serbian Empire, was loved by the Emperor despite being a commoner, but Emily, who ignored the Empress and the concubines, was framed and hanged as soon as the old Emperor died.

Emily gained access to the Empire palace because of her pretty face, and soon she became the Emperor’s favorite concubine.

Inside the palace is a struggle for power, wrestling for position, and for the royal family’s favor. That wasn’t a problem for Emily. The Emperor loves her but not until he dies. Her misery began when the Emperor died. She was framed by the Queen and worst, the man she loved – The Crown Prince was the one assigned to her execution.

Right there when Emily breathed her last she made a wish to live long in her next life because she was regretting and blamed her pretty face for her demise, thinking that if she wasn’t pretty, the Emperor would not have noticed her and that her fate wouldn’t end in death.

The next day in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman, Emily wakes up not recognizing her own face. She was back to her old life, in a village with her family, and what’s worse with an ugly face.

It seems that her wish had been granted but as days went by she felt how life could be hard for a commoner with an ugly face. Now, she has to make her way up again, back to the palace with nothing but her ugly face.

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Part 1: Review of I Was Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman

The Characters

I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman Characters

Emily in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman was not really that ugly for me. She was described as having freckles and moles on her face. I think that’s not too bad but then let’s give that to what I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman tries to imply.

What I like most about Emily’s character here in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman is that through her background, readers have been given a glimpse into how women’s life was actually before the ancient era.

As for Emily, her value was based on her face, and her beauty was her great asset and her access to wealth. In the previous or present life, as a woman, Emily actually has a horrible life here in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman.

Though the old Emperor was giving her wealth and favors, and though she was envied by other concubines even by the wife, yet in secret, Emily’s life with the Emperor was horrible. She was treated like a whore at a young age and on top of that her heart secretly longed for the Crown Prince who was the same age as hers.

When Emily was reborn here in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman her life was even harder as an ugly commoner yet I admire how she empowered herself to learn a new skill that she could use for a living. She became a chef and really worked hard to become the best. I really like her character development here in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman.

In her second life, she was given an opportunity to have access to the Imperial palace not because she was pretty to be a concubine but because she was skilled to be the Crown Prince’s servant.

The Plot

I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman Book Cover

The Plot of I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman was a mix of romance and fantasy, yet I would say its main genre revolves around fantasy rebirth which I like most. Here in I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman, you would notice how patriarchal world-building is. The Empire is a male-dominated world, and you will read about many male characters with different personalities.

The novel, I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman was good in exposing the power struggles in the Empire, the culture of the people, and the way men treated women. In a world where women’s value was on her face and body, where the only available job for a woman was either to

become a concubine, a wife, or a servant, here we are given Emily of I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman who dared to find a way of the norm. And for that, I must say that I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman is the first Chinese novel I read whose plot really has substance and meaning.

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Part 2: Recommending A Similar Book To I Was Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman

I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman Similar Book

If you are a lover of rebirth stories as I Reincarnated As An Ugly Woman, I’m sure you will love Rebirth Of The Witch Queen too. I find this book also exciting for Rebirth Of The Witch Queen is a blended genre of rebirth, romance, and revenge.

A dutiful queen. A devoted wife. An ideal partner. That is all Adeline ever wanted to be in her life. That and a woman loved by her husband, the king of Mauritania. All she got, in the end, was being branded a witch and burned at the stake.

But as fate would have it, her death was just the beginning. After her consciousness mysteriously returns to her younger self, before she gets engaged to the future king of Maerania, Adeline decides she would change her fate.

First, she would claim her vast inheritance and for that, she would need a husband – one she could control and divorce in one year so she could keep her wealth, and title and avoid getting entangled with the crown prince.

Second, she would get back at everyone who ever hurt or betrayed her and bring them the same suffering they brought her. Especially the man who broke her heart and mercilessly killed her.

Third, she would find love again. Love that is kind, sweet, passionate, and most of all – love that is shared and cherished and that does not come with conditions or sacrifices. True love and nothing less would do, even if she has to wait a lifetime. And the answer to all of that has a name. Kaden Knox.

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