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Have you ever been in a situation where fate seems to be conspiring against you? As if the universe couldn’t find any way to get entertained, and suddenly thought you’re the best candidate to provide an entertaining saga of misfortune and idiocracy?

Such instance became the main key that inspired Celine, the main protagonist of In Love With the Hot Ceo, to plunge into an absolute, and obvious danger without being skeptical or considerate what the consequences might be. And the fruit of that single mistake is what makes In Love With the Hot Ceo as a whole.

The story follows a typical and simple plot structure if would be placed under a considerable amount of scrutiny, it would pass off as something that won’t reveal much or offer anything new. An unfortunate woman meeting a seemingly perfect, yet grey moraled billionaire is the overused trope we’ve already seen, loved, and hated at the same time. What separates and make In Love With the Hot CEO romance book different from the rest is the way it was told, and the author’s obvious purpose in creating it.

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Part 1: Plot Overview of In Love With the Hot CEO

In Love With the Hot CEO - Jared and Celine

The story kicks off with Celine, hanging out in a secluded bar, alone, and completely wasted from the sight she saw hours earlier. Her husband, Nolan, was apparently having an affair with his secretary. She caught them in his exact office, fondling one another’s body as though work ethics never existed in the first place. To keep herself distanced from the hurt, and ponder on what could have gone wrong that led to this unexpected conclusion of their relationship, Celine decided to drown herself with alcohol. And if possible, get laid with a stranger. She doesn’t give a damn whoever it will be, or what will happen right after. She must get even. No way she’ll let the night pass without extracting her revenge. Nolan isn’t the only human who could be a whore. If he could do that, how can she not?

Driven with revenge, and illicit lust, Celine let her body be of use by someone’s desires. And sex has never been so satisfying and tasteful with vengeance in the way. But the payback was something much heavy than she could handle. As it turns out, the man she slept with was none other than Jared Walker—the ruthless, and cold businessman who brought several companies on their knees. His name alone can summon respect, admiration and fear. But other than the fact that he owns multi-million dollar businesses across the country, there’s nothing about his personal life that had been revealed.

To think that an ordinary woman like her had slept with him, and had been offered to be his wife, were beyond her understanding. At first, she couldn’t understand it.

In Love With the Hot CEO - The Fake Marriage

But as soon as Jared spilled that he harbors resentment to her husband Nolan, Celine wasn’t surprised anymore. It was him, then. The man who was following her days prior to their meeting. She didn’t pay attention to it, as she thinks it’s impossible for someone to waste time and effort on taking interest in her. But wait, why did Nolan do, anyway, to a man like Jared Walker, who clearly won’t have the time dealing with trivial matters, that it forced him to sacrifice his reputation by hiring a commoner to be his wife?

In Love With the Hot CEO - Jared's Mysterious Past

Celine tried to uncover the incident that set all of these in motion. But Jared’s aloofness made it an impossible task to achieve. Even after Jared did his part in their agreement, (Entering million dollars on her account and supporting her with the divorce she’s going through with Nolan) and showed natural kindness, Celine couldn’t still rest with the fact that he knows nothing about the man.

As the plot thickens, and more secrets come out of hiding, Celine begin to question everything. Jared’s identity, and his credibility. Was his rage for Nolan the really motive’s behind his interest on Celine? Who’s the real person behind the cold and brutal Jared Walker? Was she wrong for trusting him? And what will be the end of their infinite chase, and tensional love?

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Part 2: Exciting Chapters of In Love With the Hot CEO

Chapter 1

Celine has one and only purpose of stepping into the bar. To get laid, be free of the memory of her husband working his secretary, and get revenge, even just for this time. As she roams her eyes around, she spotted a man lurking behind the dark corners of the bar. Drinking. Alone. And appears to be in need of companion. Celine appraised the man, and found him extremely handsome. Pushing her luck, Celine didn’t hesitate to bother him with his thoughts. She asked him for a hook-up which the man adamantly refused. Celine felt she was slapped for more than ten times. Embarassed, she left him, and just as she walked away from the bar, a man approached her, saying that his boss wants to see her in his room. Imagine her surprise when she saw it was the same man who refused her!

Chapter 4

In Love With the Hot CEO - Jared Stalking Celine

Their bodies seemed to have one thought, and the fortunate one night stand finally happened. Celine was satisfied with the result. So satisfied that she almost asked him to do it again. But that would be embarassing on her part. And it wasn’t as though the rules of hook-up is new to her. She knew she had to leave without knowing his name or who he was. But the man seemed to be thinking otherwise. When he revealed his name, she knew, at the back of her mind, that what happened wasn’t a mere coincidence, but a premeditated act in pursuit of something that should stay as secret.

Her hunch wasn’t wrong. Their meeting was indeed not a product of the will of fate. Jared orchestrated it himself. He knew Celine before they even met. He stalked her and dug up some information that only she and her family knows. All of these were made to extract revenge on her husband.

Though that revelation should be enough to trigger her fight-or-flight response, Celine was extremely calm as Jared narrated it. She even saw it as an opportunity. A one-time chance to escape the hell her husband has put her through. Thinking it wouldn’t cost her anything if she form an alliance with him, she agreed to divorce her husband and be his temporary wife.

Part 3: What You Can Get For Reading In Love With the Hot CEO

In Love With the Hot CEO - Genuine Love

Well, apart from the gripping romance of the central protagonist, the irritating idiocracy and immaturity of the minor characters, you’d have your mind bamboozled, and refreshed because love was presented in a raw and realistic way which was completely unexpected, considering how it was stemmed by lust and desperation. Celine’s development, and Jared’s redemption could tell us a lot about some undiscovered and rarely looked facts about human.

That no matter how perfect you seem, or incapable you are for doing something your heart is set into, you still need to undergo several trials, heart-breaking events and mind-fucking disappointments to achieve the change you want. Violence, manipulation, and trickery can’t cut out that part in your journey.

What was also most defined throughout the story is the notion that every human being is capable of distancing him/herself from any wrongdoings. It’s only up to us if we want to make that choice. Choosing to be loved, and love someone are what will drive us to that direction. Jared chose that because Celine showed him what life actually is out of the clutches of his trauma and bleak beliefs.

And Celine found her worth, as well, because Jared made her realize that she deserve more. Not just a battered housewife who’s extremely dependent on her asshole husband.

The course of thei journey may not be full of rainbows and roses, but the ending awarded them for all the sacrifices, unselfishness, and affection.

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