Kindle Unlimited Werewolf Romance: Your Best 10 Choices


Kindle Unlimited is hands down the best option for reading books online.

But which Kindle Unlimited werewolf romance should you go for?

This post explores the best werewolf books Kindle Unlimited has to offer. So, get your wallet ready for you might be tempted to subscribe after this!

Difference Between Kindle Unlimited vs Free vs Paid Versions

werewolf stories with kindle unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is similar to an online ebook library that also contains audiobooks and periodicals. It might be a one-stop-shop for obtaining a whole set of books or reading older issues of a magazine. You can only read up to 10 at a time and have to pay a monthly fee.

On the other hand, the free version tends to be very limited. You can only read selections of books that are free. How long can you read it is also limited. At times, you only get to read a small sample of the book.

Having a paid version basically means buying the book and keeping it forever. There will be no other fees to pay and you can read it whenever you want.

Overall, Kindle Unlimited is the best option since you can read as many books as you want. You also get more value out of the monthly fee compared to other versions.

10 Selected Kindle Unlimited Werewolf Romance Books

Here are the best werewolf books on Kindle Unlimited:

1.No Alpha

kindle unlimited werewolf stories no alpha

This is one of the best werewolf romance books. Kindle Unlimited made a great choice including this book in its growing library.

In this werewolf romance Kindle book, Elodie Masters realizes she is too weak to flee her existence as a pack slave. She is, after all, a wolf without a claim and an overall blight on the wolves’ treasured civilization.

She should have fled when her pack was assaulted, but the Alpha Brothers held her.

If you want a dark fantasy reverse harem, this is one of the werewolf books on Kindle that you must read.

Overall rating: 4.4/5

Get No Alpha here

2. Rising Darkness

kindle unlimited werewolf stories rising darkness

Sterlyn’s life went completely messy and things get even crazier in this book.

The book picks up right where Broken Mate was left off in the first book. Sterlyn was kidnapped. But being the Alpha that she is, she escaped. However, the attackers wouldn’t stop.

Rising Darkness is a spectacular book that will engage you the whole time. With the unique plot, this book features a female Alpha that offers so much more than most male Alphas.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Get Rising Darkness here

3. Alpha’s Betrayal: A Rejected Mate’s Romance

kindle unlimited werewolf stories alpha betrayal

Luna is fed up with being an outsider. She’s never felt desired as the illegitimate daughter of a high-ranking figure, and her mother is no longer alive. The discovery of her fated partner was meant to change everything.

The love and hate relationship between Luna and Remus is one of the highlights of this book. Remus’s sensitive side is amazing to read. What’s even more amazing is when Luna draws it out of him.

Overall rating: 4.1/5

Get Alpha’s Betrayal: A Rejected Mate’s Romance here

4. Wolfed: Cursed By Love

kindle unlimited werewolf stories cursed by love

Brayden and Averly’s tale is breathtaking. Brayden believes Averly is his mate, Lena, reborn. But then something unexpected happens when another person claims to be Lena. Meanwhile, a spark is forming between Brayden and Averly.

This book might look ordinary at first, but it is not. When the Lena twist comes in, you won’t be able to put this book down. This is one of the best shifter romance books Kindle Unlimited has to offer.

Overall rating: 4.7/5

Get Wolfed: Cursed By Love here

5. Moon Touched

kindle unlimited werewolf stories moon touched

Bullied and beaten by a few, Convergence is the half-human pariah of her pack. But she hopes getting her wolf will change things for her. Convergence’s fated mate is revealed as the future alpha of the Leo pack—her pack’s worst enemies.

The book will lure you into its story effectively. The main characters were all vividly described that you will feel for them, even if they do terrible things.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Get Moon Touched here

6. Sun Crossed

kindle unlimited werewolf stories sun crossed

In the third book of the Zodiac Wolves Series, Ayla is with the Moon Witches. She wants to know who she is, how to use her powers, and where she comes from. Ayla also knows deep in her heart that Kaden is her real mate. All Ayla wants is to get back to him.

This is one of those free werewolf Kindle books that just keeps getting better and better. Ayla is easily one of the best heroines in Kindle werewolf books. Kudos to the author for creating this iconic book!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Get Sun Crossed here

7. Broken Mate

kindle unlimited werewolf stories broken mate

Sterlyn is a rare wolf in a world where her uniqueness is crucial. But it could also mean death. She isn’t near her pack when a group of invaders slaughters her entire pack. When she got home, she realizes that the invaders want her. She escapes and runs to her own fate.

This book kicked off intensely. The intensity then makes you want to have the second book ready. Overall, this book doesn’t let the genre of werewolf romance Kindle Unlimited down.

Overall rating: 4.4/5

Get Broken Mate here

8. The Heir Apparent’s Rejected Mate

kindle unlimited werewolf stories the heir apparent rejected mate

Rosie, a low-rank scavenger, was mated with Cadoc Collins. Cadoc might be an heir, but he can’t claim Rosie. The pack is at the edge of a revolution. A mating so controversial means pushing factions into a conflict.

Werewolf books on Kindle Unlimited are often underrated. This one is one of the best underrated werewolf romance books. Kindle Unlimited should value this hidden treasure more.

Overall rating: 4.4/5

Get The Heir Apparent’s Rejected Mate here

9. Shifter God

kindle unlimited werewolf stories shifter god

A wild band of shifters rescued Pip from hunters who say she is the daughter of Death. While Pip wants to thank them, they turned out to be terrible, especially Jared. He is the Alpha heir and Pip’s destined mate.

Many will agree when we say that this is one of the best werewolf books Kindle Unlimited ever offered. It’s hilarious, imaginative, vivid, and romantic.

Overall rating: 4.6/5

Get Shifter God here

10. Fated to the Alpha

kindle unlimited werewolf stories fated to the alpha

Katya, the Beta’s daughter and the daughter of a legendary warrior mother, had lofty goals for her life. When she fails to satisfy those standards, her pack shuns her. As a result, she and her family were forced to leave the pack to relinquish their titles.

Once you start reading this, it’ll be hard to put your tablet down. Yes, Fated to the Alpha is that magnificent. With amazing reviews, this book has got to be one of the best werewolf romance books on Kindle.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Get Fated to the Alpha here

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