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Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters by Bryson Salsazar is a story starring John, a boy who was orphaned at a young age. Despite being an orphan and having to rely on a welfare center, he had 7 loving sisters who were not biologically related to him, yet there was mutual love just like family. They even promised to marry him at the age of 5.

One day in John’s youth, a fire struck their welfare center, and the sisters had the ability to easily escape, though seeing as John was stuck in the fires, they chased after him and all eight of them were stuck and surrounded by flames.

All of them leaned against each other in fear and passed out due to the excessive smoke around them. Upon waking up, John realized that a wizard was facing him. The wizard offered that all seven of his sisters be saved by him, at the expense of John having to be the pupil of the wizard.

John accepted, not being aware of the life that was to come next. The wizard took John to a wizard school in which he learned all types of things like medicine, martial arts, a nameless skill, and even magic. He stayed at that school for a whole fifteen years. He fought alongside other soldiers, forming an organization known as ‘Oracle.’ Every soldier of the organization was powerful to a godlike extent. John returned to his former home in New York City in search of his sisters which initiates the start of the story.

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Part 1: John’s Return in Mafia Don and his 7 Sisters

John Returning to New York in Mafia Don and HIs 7 Sisters

John’s return to New York after having left for fifteen years started with the scorching heat of the sun. He visited his welfare center, only to find out that the person running it was different from the one it used to be. Instead of the old man that used to be there, it was a woman present there instead. Upon John’s asking for his presence, he found out that the old man had long retired.

A series of events leads to John finding Mr. Wodehouse’s address and he comes across Gary, his childhood bully. Upon reminding Gary of what heinous acts he committed against John, he abruptly stepped back and questioned why John had not died in the fire years ago and why he came back to bother and interrupt his life once again.

Gary attempted to pounce at John with a steel pipe, though in contrast to his expectations, he received a swift kick to his abdomen.

John then humbled Gary by explaining why he was better than Gary. It was because of his morals, his avoidance of jealousy, hate, and his picking on the weak. After this lively experience, John reunited with Mr. Wodehouse, and the old man immediately broke into tears. The truth behind the fire was then revealed to John, it was Excellence Real Estate that was responsible for the fire!

Part 2: Central Theme of Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters

Revenge and Fighting in Mafia Don and HIs 7 Sisters

Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters by Bryson Salazar has this primary theme of rediscovery that makes it oh so much more interesting. The reader is given this mysterious sensation whenever they read through a chapter, wanting to find out more about what exactly the wizard did to John, what abilities he gained, and when John would put them to good use.

A defining part of this novel by Bryson Salazar is John’s personality. He’s cool, calm, and collected but gets emotional whenever the situation calls for it. Also, his personality around his sisters shifts completely whenever they’re around as if he can’t control himself over how gracious they are. This adds the element of comedy and lightheartedness that the novel needs.

Revenge also plays a huge part in this novel, as John’s blood boils at the heinous deeds that Excellence Real Estate committed out of pure greed and cruelty. John, with his newfound abilities and experience from fighting on the battlefield, is capable of exacting his revenge for burning down the Sunshine Welfare Center, and this turns out to be a very interesting thing to read through!

Part 3: The Shining Aspect of Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters

Unique Main Character of Mafia Don and HIs 7 Sisters

Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters by Bryson Salazar is inevitably and undeniably unique. It has this unprecedented and unpredictable level of fiction to the story that blends into the novel so well that you can’t separate realism from fairy tales. The world-building is exponential, and the characters have unique personalities on their own, while some more cliché personalities seem fitting.

The very roots of this novel’s greatness are its individuality and uniqueness in terms of its concept. Come on, John was separated for fifteen years from his sisters and old man, fought in battles for an organization with godlike soldiers and trained under a wizard all in one chapter! If that isn’t impressive, I can’t quite tell you what else is.

The novel never lets you go with its relentless tension, satisfying moments, heated action scenes, and moments of empowerment. Gary being humbled by John was one of the scenes out of the many in it that had me hooked for more. You just can’t get enough of it.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks

John Finishing Things off for Mafia Don and HIs 7 Sisters

To summarize, Mafia Don and His 7 Sisters by Bryson Salazar is an amazing read that does not disappoint. Other than the sometimes-irritating grammatical mistakes and inconsistencies, there isn’t much else to nitpick about this novel.

It keeps you entertained from the beginning, all the way to the middle, and then to the end with no relent. John is an amazing male lead and all of his sisters that accompany him are intriguing and unique characters that one can easily find themselves getting attached to with no signs of letting go.

You absolutely must read this novel, it does not disappoint and is a great investment of your time!

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