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How about an urban fantasy story with all the elements thereof? Vampires, coyotes, and wolves clashing in a splendid city and more than that, unexpectedly falling in love? Moon Called is an urban fantasy werewolf romance with a kick-ass heroine.

This book by Patricia Briggs comes with a lot of promising entertaining genres. Moon Called is the story of Mercedes Thompson, also known as Mercy, who is a skilled Volkswagen mechanic residing in Washington’s Tri-Cities region. She also happens to be a walker, a supernatural person with the ability to instantly transform into a coyote.

The person living next door to Mercy is a werewolf. Her previous employer is a gremlin. She is also repairing a bus for a vampire. Mercy Thompson is caught in between conflicts of supernatural beings, and soon Mercy is about to fall into some severe trouble because of her relationship to those creatures.

Moon Called Urban Fantasy Story

Urban Fantasy genres such as Moon Called is a fantasy stories set in a modern city. In the novel Moon Called, the story happened in Washington, where all the main characters meet and interact in that place. Urban Fantasy is an ever-growing genre where popularity is quickly rising.

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But what’s interesting about Moon Called is that this is blended with paranormal romance, werewolf romance, and a bit of action. These troupes or subgenres are popular too nowadays.

So, given all these elements present in this novel, Moon Called we are prompted to expect high in it. But the question is if this novel is really worth your time. Well, read this review and decide then after.

Part 1: Main Plot of Moon Called

Moon Called Plot Mercy's Auto Garage

Basically, Moon Called revolves around the story of Mercedes who happened to be a walker. Walker in this novel means a ” skinwalker.” So, Mercedes in a simple explanation isn’t really a coyote but a witch who used the coyote skin or the skin of some animals whenever they shapeshifted.

In Moon Called, Mercy Thompson, often known as Mercedes, is a mechanic who works in the Tri-Cities and makes a living by repairing German-made vehicles. She lives in a world where werewolves, vampires, and a few other weird creatures are still living in secret while fae has been “outed” and now resides on government reservations.

While she is working in her garage a young drifter came looking for work. She can tell that he is a werewolf. Mercy knows it because she was raised by a werewolf. Meeting this newfound friend was the turning point of Mercy’s life in this novel, Moon Called.

Out of eagerness to help her new friend, she introduces him to Adam, the neighbor who lives next door and the leader of the neighborhood werewolf pack. From that point on, things quickly get out of hand with Mercy caught in the middle. Soon after, she is pushed to go back to her childhood home and ask the Marrok for help.

The Marrok is the head of all the werewolf packs in America. Soon it becomes clear that there is a plan against the Marrok. Having no idea about who is really behind the plan, Mercy went to the vampires for help. And soon she finds herself caught in the chaos.

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Part 2: Main Characters of Moon Called

Moon Called Character Kickass Heroine

Mercy Thompson

She is the female lead of Moon Called. The novel is basically a story about her life and her adventures. Moon Called revolves around her and her connections to creatures of the night whom she had met.

At first read, we can get that Mercy isn’t the typical kind of female. She is a coyote walker. She’s strong in her own way, and for a woman, she has a badass job which is repairing cars.


He is the werewolf friend looking for a casual job whom Mercy had met in her garage. Tony of Moon Called is described as being in his thirties, having mixed blood American Hispanic, looking younger in his age, and charming and good in disguises which made him a qualified undercover.

Adam Hauptman

He is Mercy’s neighbor in the novel, Moon Called. He is the Alpha of a local werewolf packs in the Tri-Cities. Mercy and Adam’s interaction at first wasn’t nice.

Adam of the Moon Called being a werewolf with a natural instinct for domination, always called out Mercy for being just a coyote who is weaker compared to werewolves. But then later on as the story forward, Mercy turned to Adam for help.

Part 3: Honest Review of Moon Called

Moon Called Review

I will discuss first the good points of this book Moon Called. If you’re a werewolf genre lover and you think you have known much about the werewolf world, and its system, read Moon Called and you will realize that you have known a little.

That’s what I really like most about this book for this opens me lots of stuff about the werewolf world. The pack system, the rankings, and the systems.

The world of the werewolves was perfectly crafted in this book, and it’s one of the factors which hooked me as a reader. On top of these interesting creatures, we were also transported to the world of Faes and vampires, and other shapeshifters, which these creatures made the book more interesting.

Making all these creatures collide in one story, their world systems, and the conflict that connects them is such a hard job to do, and I commend the author for such creativity.

Another thing to note in this book, Moon Called is the vivid description of the characters. I love how they are being introduced, the writing style and the personality of each main character were perfectly made and shown to the readers.

Here we are given a female lead we could love – Mercy Thompson. And she’s like all of us who get tangled in conflict with relationships. Although the plot seemed to be presented in a slow pace, later on the turning point and actions were worth the wait.

Part 4: Rating Patricia Briggs’ Moon Called

Moon Called Book Cover

In conclusion, Moon Called is a story of werewolves, vampires, and faes who struggle to live in a world that has no place for creatures like them, and of a female coyote who lived in a male-dominated world society, who views females as being weak, yet she manages to stand out and proved them all wrong.

Looking deeper into the plot, Moon Called draws us into a story about struggles, loyalty, love, and friendship.

And with this, I would rate this book a 10 for I love reading not just for entertainment but for its substance and moral values it embeds in the readers, and Moon Called fits into this criteria. No need to argue, the book was written with much creativity.

Its plot flow is clear. The twists and world-building are catching. Many other books are written with these aspects, yet what made me pick this book is that looking closely at it, I could say that Moon Called is deep and substantial.

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