Movie Review: Memorable Plot and Characters of the Film Werewolves Within


The Werewolves Within film is a horror and comedy feature movie from the United States. Josh Ruben directed it, while Mishna Wolff wrote the screenplay.

The film is based on Ubisoft’s multiplayer virtual reality Werewolves Within video game. The narrative, characters, and humor of the film earned mostly excellent reviews from critics. It was the first film based on a video game to receive a “Certified Fresh” rating, and it has the highest-rated critic scores on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Werewolves Within Film Plot Twists and Turns

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Finn Wheeler, a forest ranger, is posted to Beaverfield, a small hamlet whose inhabitants are split over a pipeline planned by businessman Sam Parker. Finn makes friends with Cecily Moore, the mail woman, soon after arrival. Trisha Anderson and her adulterous husband Pete, Devon and Joaquim Wolfson, blue-collar workers Gwen and Marcus, and isolationist Emerson Flint were among the people he encountered.

A blizzard strikes Beaverfield that night, knocking out all power and forcing locals to seek shelter in a lodge owned by Jeanine Sherman. The power outage comes just as Trisha’s dog is killed by an unknown perpetrator, heightening tensions in the community. Finn discovers that all generators have been sabotaged and that the body of Jeanine’s missing husband Dave has been discovered beneath the lodge’s porch.

Pete’s hand gets bitten off by the same unknown assailant as the occupants attempt to barricade themselves in the lodge for safety. Dr. Jane Ellis, an environmentalist, and pipeline opponent believes the assailant is a werewolf who is now residing at the lodge. Dr. Ellis dies in front of Parker after revealing her results under uncertain circumstances. Parker claims she killed herself.

Those who remain in the lodge consider staying together at first in order to push the assailant out of hiding. Except for Finn and Cecily, everyone eventually returns home. However, as tensions in Beaverfield reach a breaking point, residents begin to murder one another.

Finn is attacked by Parker, who says Finn is the werewolf because he works in areas where prior assaults occurred. Finn responds that there is no werewolf and that Beaverfield’s paranoia is caused by Parker. Parker takes the upper hand on Finn, but he is killed by a dying Joaquim.

Finn discovers that Dave was Beaverfield’s former mail carrier when Finn and Cecily recuperate in the town’s tavern. Cecily is the werewolf, he realizes. When confronted by Finn, Cecily admits that she divided the people to make dining on them simpler. She then uses her werewolf form to try to kill Finn, but Finn beats her with the help of Emerson. Cecily, still alive, makes one more attempt to attack Finn and Emerson before Jeanine kills her with a crossbow.

Werewolves Within Movie Characters

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Wondering why the characters are memorable? Let’s take a look at them:

Finn Wheeler

Finn Wheeler is a forest ranger in the movie Werewolves Within. He was assigned to cover Beaverfield, a small town. In the town, people are divided over a pipeline. Finn is also the main character and protagonist of the movie. He is friendly and brave, but his friendliness got him into some trouble.

Cecily Moore

Cecily Moore was a mail carrier in the town of Beaverfield, where forest ranger and protagonist Finn is sent. She quickly befriends Finn. Then, Finn develops feelings for Werewolves Within Cecily werewolf. Turns out, Werewolves Within’ Cecily is a villainous werewolf.

Sam Parker

Sam Parker is a sly oil man in the movie Werewolves Within. He was trying to get a pipeline built in the town and seemed to relish how the proposition has divided its citizens.

Jeanine Sherman

Jeanine is a hotel owner in the movie Werewolves Within. Her husband is a werewolf in the beginning. She finished off Cecily with a crossbow.

Trisha Anderton

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Trisha Anderton’s dog gets killed by an unknown person. This event increases tensions in the town. Further conflict arises when Finn discovers that all of the place’s generators were sabotaged.


Marcus is a blue-collared worker. He is a horny mechanic who gases with Gwen, often to everyone’s confusion.


Sarah is a blue-collared worker. She is a horny mechanic who gases with Marcus, often both to relieve themselves.

Pete Anderton

Pete is Trisha’s unfaithful husband. They are a conservative couple who brings contrast to Gwen and Marcus’ relationship.

Devon Wolfson

Devon Wolfson is a handsome gay guy in the movie Werewolves Within. Devon is also wealthy. He owns a yoga studio along with his husband and business partner, Joaquim.

Joaquim Wolfson

Joaquim Wolfson is married to millionaire Devon, who owns a yoga studio. The couple is extremely opposed to the pipeline dividing the people.

Most Applauded Quotes and Episodes

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Here are the quirkiest and most interesting quotes from the Werewolves Within movie:

Scene 1: The One With Guns

Finn: “Well, we’re having a good old-fashioned sleepover.”

Marcus: “With guns though.”

Finn: “With guns, yes.”

Scene 2: Everybody Freaks Out

Gwen: “Jeanine, you gotta let us in! Our shit is broke!”

Marcus: “Ay y’all! Just so you know that – the streets are all storm-fucked.”

Gwen: “Storm-FUCKED!”

Finn: “What’d she just say?”

Jeanine: “I um… think he said…”

Cecily: “Storm-fucked.”

Scene 3: The Mexican Dilemma

Devon: “Are we really in a Mexican standoff right now?”

Joaquim: Baby. “Don’t say Mexican, just standoff.”

Reflection on Humanity vs Werewolf in the Movie Werewolves Within

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The movie is fun to watch. While it has some horror and thriller elements, Werewolves Within remains a goofy and interesting watch. It also accurately reflects the Werewolves Within video game it’s adapted from. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll likely look forward to the release of this movie. Fortunately, it did not disappoint.

The conflict between the humans and the Werewolves Within movie werewolf also gave way to a lot of twists and turns. These were stuff a normal movie watcher can’t predict, TBH. The tension between the film Werewolves Within’s mysterious characters grows and grows, culminating in a bizarre bloodbath with some clever in-camera comedy. This centered the comedy on a battle between humans and werewolves.

Werewolves Within Amazon Prime is an overall fun movie that has a rich air of silliness and proper homage to the game. It’s also a nice breath of fresh air, as it’s not like most werewolf movies where everything’s just brutal.

So, if you want to watch Werewolves Within movie, please go ahead. You’ll certainly enjoy the Werewolves Within full movie and Werewolves Within Putlocker. Plus, you can watch Werewolves Within full movie free.


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