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If there is one thing we learned about paranormal fantasy books is that anything is possible. There are no boundaries for romance and the line between love and lust is definitely blurred.

You never know whether the character’s passion towards one another derives from sexual desire or from the depth of the heart.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates novel revolves around the idea of polyamory and giving in to lust and desire in a world where polyandry is a natural thing, accepted and embraced by society.

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Part 1: Love Times Three: My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Storyline

Giselle’s entire world is turned upside down when her mom, Vera, won her custody case. The girl had been living for almost seventeen years with her father, Fin, and didn’t want to leave, but she had no choice in the matter.

The truth is that Fin and Vera were high school sweethearts. They were Omegas in the pack and weren’t true mates but still decided to pursue a life together. They welcomed their daughter Giselle, but things took a change for the worse when Vera found her true mate.

She couldn’t say no to the mate bond, especially when the man claiming her was the powerful Alpha Riley from the Dark Saphire pack. Vera left Fin without remorse and their custody case began.

Although it took so many years, Vera finally won and decided to bring Giselle to live with her, Alpha Riley, the man’s Triplet Famous future Alphas and their son.

Giselle had only met the boys a few times throughout her life and every time she saw them, they picked on her. Now, that she was about to live with them, she knew they would do everything in their power to torment her even more.

Upon arriving in the hot Texas, Giselle is greeted by the three handsome Alphas. Kevin, Riven and Stefan came to pick her up from the airport. Although they had a quiet trip to the packhouse, the girl could tell there was tension in the air.

Alpha Riley, Vera and stepbrother Caleb greeted Giselle, seeming genuinely happy with her arrival, thus the girl did her best to be polite.

By the look on Kevin, Riven and Stefan’s faces, Giselle could tell that their smiles and politeness were fake, but she couldn’t expose them.

When the triplets offered to show her around the packhouse, she reluctantly followed them, only to get cornered in the kitchen by the three of them and boldly threatened to know her place, as she would never be part of their family, or the pack for that matter.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates </strong><strong>Stefan

Giselle tried to retaliate, but her own words backfired and the boys devilishly flirted with her, while also warning her to keep her distance from them.

Caleb was the only brother who loved the idea of having his sister in the Dark Saphire pack, so he tried to find excuses for his brother’s behavior. The boys were rather frustrated due to the fact that they hadn’t found their mates yet.

Riven was the only one with an on and off girlfriend, still he was the most bitter brother as his lover didn’t turn out to be his true mate.

As the days passed, Giselle found herself having wet dreams about Kevin, Riven and Stefan, secretly wishing for the three of them to truly make love to her, even moaning their names in her sleep at night.

On her eighteenth birthday, Giselle realized that the handsome, sexy triplets were her mates. Terrified of having multiple mates who were brothers and, even worse, her stepbrothers, Giselle ran away from her own party and locked herself in her room.

She couldn’t have a peaceful moment to take in the situation as the boys kept banging on the door, urging their mate to open and talk to them. The one who calmed things down and offered everyone a moment to think things over was Alpha Riley.

As opposed to Alpha Riley, who didn’t protest of Giselle being mated to his sons, Vera found this thing uncomfortable, urging her daughter to reject her mates.

Once again, Giselle was faced with her mother’s cold attitude and her selfishness, weighing things just from her own perspective.

Giselle never stood a chance in front of the boys. They weren’t going to give up on her. Stefan took initiative and visited her bedroom at night, offering her unknown pleasures that she only dreamed about until that night.

As Stefan and Kevin seemed to be interested in this relationship, Riven was the one to be reluctant into truly mating Giselle, which made the girl doubt their true intentions.

Will the triplet Alphas gain Giselle’s trust? Will Riven finally let go of his girlfriend and be with his true mate?

Part 2: The Triplet Alpha Hunks And The Beautiful Unwanted Omega In My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates

One of the best things about My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates novel is the fact that the main characters have great chemistry. They are very much different, yet their interactions are juicy and filled with flavor, especially during their hot moments.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Giselle may be an Omega, but she is bold, fierce and doesn’t hesitate to confront the triplet Alpha brothers. Having raised with her father, she is more attached to him than her mother, Vera, who selfishly chose to leave her behind when she found her true mate.

Although Giselle always looked forward to the day she found her mate, the realization that she is mated to her three stepbrothers didn’t sit well with her. Although she couldn’t deny feeling attracted to them, mating three men at the same time seemed rather peculiar.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Romance

Giselle may be a valiant girl, but she never takes decisions without considering first. Knowing that Kevin, Riven and Stefan used to torment her would have made any girl reject them at once, yet she chose to get away from the situation and ponder.

Not even her mother’s attempt to influence her decision didn’t work. Giselle knows what’s best for her and she chooses to follow her instincts rather than listen to people around her.

Kevin, Riven and Stefan are the hot triplet Alphas of our story. Although they are physically similar, when it comes to their characters, they are very much different.

Stefan is straightforward. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to pursue it. He is also the first brother to engage in intimacy with Giselle. Their first intimate scene together is truly steamy and it will leave you speechless.

When it comes to Kevin, he is a quieter character. He was the one to least torment Giselle during their childhood and he always thinks things through before acting.

Riven is the one mate who is a bit reluctant to a real relationship with Giselle and that is due to his girlfriend. He seemed to have made promises he couldn’t break and he will need to make a harsh decision. He can either break his promise or break his mate’s heart.

Part 3: My Thoughts Regarding My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates

When I think about werewolf romance novels, I think about sudden attraction, love at first sight, incontrollable lust and hot mating.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Werewolf Fantasy

Well, My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates checks all the items from my list. It has everything an avid fantasy romance novel reader would want. There’s a beautiful girl, many handsome mates who desire her and there are jealous girlfriends and enemies lurking around, ready to destroy their happiness.

Beware though! This book is so hot, with so many burning scenes that you’ll need your glass of ice water to cool off every once in a while. It’s definitely an +18 novel, as it mostly consists of mature content that will stir your imagination.

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