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Autumn’s Concerto tells the story of a wealthy and arrogant law student and a hardworking girl who falls in love under challenging circumstances. He thought it was a harmless bet and got close to her. She didn’t expect that the good-looking young man would make his way into her heart so fast.

What followed was not a happy ever after. Instead, it was a hard separation. They both could not fight the hard circumstances. He would forget, but she on the other hand would live with the reminder for a long time. When they finally come face to face, will he remember?

The book’s emotional and romantic plot, along with its strong characters are nothing short of amazing. The backstories, the unexpected meetings, the pull of fate and destiny: this book manages to embrace all the necessary points that draw a reader into the world crafted by the author.

The novel embraces themes that include but are not limited to: love, family, and the class divide between the wealthy and those financially lacking. It is a heartwarming story that captures the crazy ups and downs of a rocky romance and the power of true love to overcome any obstacle whatsoever.

The author makes use of the most spectacular tool that challenges the arrogant character and causes an avalanche of wild events. A simple bet led to something beautiful and unbreakable.

The thrill of reading this beautiful novel cannot be compared. Every relationship has to undergo one test or the other. The excitement of seeing these characters do the most unexpected of things in compromising situations is part of the reason which makes this book a must-read.

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Part 1: The Story Of Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn's Concerto, Read Now!

The story revolves around a young girl named Liang Mu Cheng, and a wealthy law student named Ren Guang Xi. The two encounter each other on the streets during an unexpected incident. Mu Cheng has no doubts about the personality of this wealthy male, but why did he suddenly want to date her? Guang Xi’s reason for doing the unexpected deed of asking her out was a bet he made.

Mu Cheng could not refuse no matter how much she wanted to, so she played along. In this way, Ren Guang Xi would not tamper with her life or the lives of those she cares about. She didn’t know the male’s intentions and tried not to get carried away. Nevertheless, what is to happen will happen: the bet brought them together. Just like this, Guang Xi’s old nature starts to change as a result of his relationship with Mu Cheng. What was a bet became something more.

Unfortunately, things take a very dark turn when several obstacles almost seem to pop up one after another. The biggest of these obstacles would be the brain surgery that Ren Guang Xi was to undergo sometime later.

Due to the brain surgery, he develops amnesia, causing him to forget Mu Cheng completely. On her side, Mu Cheng is faced with Guang Xi’s mother who makes her leave him. However, who would expect that she would bear his son not long after?

Several years later, the two people live separate lives. When an unexpected circumstance brings the two more in front of each other, will they be able to fix what was broken?

Part 2: Meet The Characters Of Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn's Concerto: Cover

Autumn’s Concerto: Mu Cheng

Orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng lives her life with a determined attitude. She is a hardworking woman who refuses to let the past weigh her down or affect her. When she meets Ren Guang Xi, she doesn’t know what to do with the arrogant male. He suddenly asks her out with her barely veiled threat, and she has no choice but to comply.

Mu Cheng had no intention of understanding the male or falling for him, but it happened unexpectedly. Her life changed because of him and there was nothing she could do but fall into it. When she has to separate from Ren Guang Xi, she is unhappy, but her ability to change the outcome was non-existent. But, at least she would have a piece of him with her forever. However, it was only some years later that she meets him once again. But, he doesn’t remember her.

Ren Guang Xi

He is an attractive and wealthy young man. He is also the successor to a large enterprise. Guang Xi, despite all of these very good factors in his life, lacks much in the way of happiness. Unsurprisingly, he enjoys taking risks and accepting challenges.

While this trait may be an unpleasant one at times, it does bring him into Mu Cheng’s life. Ren Guang Xi, because of a bet, asks her out. It was all fun and games for him until he unknowingly gave his heart to her. With the loss of his memories, he is unable to recognize the strange woman in front of him several years later. What will it take for him to recall everything?

Part 3: Awesome Chapter From Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn's Concerto Novel

Chapter 1.4

They went on a date. It was the most unorthodox place even: a hockey rink. Mu Cheng did not understand why anyone would go to a hockey rink for a date, and she complained internally.

She admitted to herself that the male was handsome, nevertheless, he was forcing her to watch him show off on the ice. Mu Cheng could clearly remember her supportive Aunt and Uncle, who were both excited that she would be going on a date with the handsome and wealthy male.

She watched the spectators in the auditorium cheer for Ren Guang Xi as he scored. Not long afterward, she watched him bump into someone and fall seemingly hard. She grew worried. Meanwhile, Guang Xi had been successful in his designs.

After practice, the players helped him away, and soon he was behind Mu Cheng. He dropped a coat over her which warmed her trembling body. He made her get on the ice. He endeavors to teach her how to skate, but Mu Cheng is nervous about her unbalanced center of gravity.

The two people are inexplicably drawn closer to each other, and at that time, Ren Guang Xi apologized for the fish incident.

Mu Cheng responds with a story her father once told her, and clear words that immediately strike a chord in Guang Xi’s heart. For this reason, he has to suppress the strange emotions as well as remind himself that his life is meaningless. He regained his senses and his heart became cruel.

He ordered Mu Cheng to close her eyes, and when she complied, he leaned over, kissing her lips.

Autumn's Concerto

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