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To live with the stigma that you are a killer of your loved ones would be unbearable. Allison has been orphaned since she was a child and has been accused of a sin she did not commit. She could never kill her own parents. People in her pack didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t commit the murder.

Meeting her fated mate is the only thing that has given her hope, but perhaps the moon goddess judged her harshly because not even his mate, Devin, can accept that they are destined to be together.

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Part 1: The Plot Summary of The Shadow Alpha

The Shadow Alpha: Plot Summary

Once her parents were killed, Allison’s life became a living hell. Since then, rumors have circulated that she killed her own family. Allison endures all the judgment. However, the fact that she was turned down by her partner dashed her hopes. Following her heart, she ran away from the pack and chose to become a rouge. In fact, the day she left was the same day she had her wolf. At least she wasn’t alone anymore.

But looks like having Shadow as her wolf brings her luck because she was found by good wolves from the Blue Moon Pack, who welcomed her. Absolutely overjoyed, Allison remarked how kind they were to her.

The alpha was intrigued by her story and was enraged to learn that Allison’s former pack regarded her as a murderer, even though she was only a child. Jamie, the alpha of the blue moon pack, recognized what a treasure Allison was and made the decision to take her in. Following that, Allison’s popularity soared, and she began serving the blue moon pack. Her abilities as a shadow wolf began to manifest over time.

When she made the transformation, she also gained strength. Allison had a productive and successful two years. However, her healing process began to unravel when she met Devin again. It was the same feeling. Strangely, the mate bond still appeared to be intact. Regardless, her hatred for the man remains unchanged.

That day when he had to reject Allison was the worst day of Devin’s life, but he had to. That was a sacrifice he had to make for Allison at the insistence of the moon goddess. Allison’s duty as a shadow wolf requires her presence within the Blue Moon Pack.

His conscience has relentlessly pursued Devin throughout his life, but at that point, he is more concerned with ensuring Allison’s safety. Plus, he wasn’t an alpha then, so he couldn’t keep Allison safe. But now that he has risen to the top of his pack, he will do whatever it takes to protect Allison.

Part 2: The Characters of The Shadow Alpha


The Shadow Alpha: Allison

She is the shadow alpha, the woman who will ensure the safety of all the packs. Because of the many obligations of a shadow wolf, the moon goddess forced her to abandon her former crew and hide from society’s judgment.

She was taken in by the Blue Moon Pack, where she was adopted by Papa Jamie, who loves her dearly. Her skills were invaluable to the pack until the time came when her old pack needed her help. But helping her means returning to her judgmental community and confronting Devin, her mate who rejected her.

Alpha Devin

The Shadow Alpha: Devin

Alpha Devin is the male protagonist of The Shadow Alpha. Allison suffered a great deal of emotional distress due to his rejection, but this was for her own gain. In order to aid his pack, the shadow wolf, Allison, returned to them after being separated for a long time. It has the same feelings for Devin, love, and pain.

Throughout all these years, he had mourned the loss of his mate in secret, but the moon goddess had a plan for how things should play out. Alpha Devin has promised never to hurt Allison again and will do whatever it takes to win her love.

Alpha Jamie

The Shadow Alpha: Jamie

Allison will look up to him as a father figure because he adopted her and welcomed her into his family. Alpha Jamie recognizes the good in the shadow wolf and is grateful that the moon goddess selected him as the wolf’s father.

He cares deeply about Allison and does everything in his power to keep her safe, but he knows that she must eventually leave him to fulfill her destiny. No matter who ends up being the shadow alpha, he will always love her daughter.

Part 3: Hot Chapters of The Shadow Alpha

The Shadow Alpha Chapters

Chapter 1 of The Shadow Alpha

This chapter of The Shadow Alpha was heartbreaking. Allison wished for a day without bullying and criticism on her sixteenth birthday. Her brother hunter woke her up with joy. Allison couldn’t contain her happiness because, ever since the passing of their parents, Hunter had treated her with disdain.

But the happy birthday surprise she had hoped for was ruined when Hunter wrote, in large letters, “Happy 16th Birthday, Allison the murderer,” sending her into a state of despair. Allison fled their home in embarrassment and rage, and on the way, she encountered Devin, whose strange word “mate” escaped her lips.

For the second time, Allison thought her life would finally turn out the way she wanted because she had found her soul mate, but her hope was dashed when Devin abruptly rejected her. For her, that was the final straw, and she decided to go rogue and start anew.

Chapter 2 of The Shadow Alpha

In this excerpt from The Shadow Alpha, Allison’s body started hurting after she had walked for hours. She gradually shifted into her wolf form, making her happy because she wasn’t alone. Her wolf’s name is Shadow. While out exploring, she was accosted by three werewolves who began questioning her about the blue light arising from their bodies.

For the first time in her life, she saw a person’s soul shine through, and Shadow explained that this was evidence of their goodness. With that information in hand, Allison could relax and share her story with unfamiliar people.

Shadow was correct because they invited her to join them for a meal and a place to sleep. The alpha of the Blue Moon Pack was so kind that she even offered to stay there for good and be a new member of their pack.

Part 4: Story Recommendation of The Shadow Alpha

Her Silver Eyed Mate

The story is light, and the main character, Allison, shines for her kindness and forgiveness. It’s nice to be reminded by reading stories like this that you can choose to be a good person no matter how others treat you. There is room for improvement in the story’s technical aspects, particularly in the sequence of events, which can be difficult to follow at times.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it. If you want something similar to this story, Her Silver-Eyed Mate is a great book, and you should definitely check out Aurawrites’s work. Sienna’s persona will undoubtedly win you over.

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