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“There was no need to utter the word rejection as you not loving and wanting me was enough to know I’m being rejected as your mate.”

Addasah Rumanoff was just turned eighteen when she finally met him. The one moon goddess made for her alone but already in love with another. As the words of a song echo: “What do you get when you fall in love? You only get lies and pain and sorrow”

Lie To Me Alpha is one of the most heartbreaking, painful, and thrilling werewolf romances as this novel revolves around falling in love and rejection. Yeah, rejection. When you are acquainted with how rejection goes in a werewolf world, you’ll know that being rejected isn’t just simple.

It’s excruciatingly painful. If this is your first time exploring werewolf romance books and their world system, Lie To Me Alpha will give you lots of insights into how life goes for the characters in the werewolf world.

How Does A Werewolf Reject His Mate?

It isn’t just shifting that gives suspense to a werewolf story. Pack politics and mating tradition, are just some of the stand-out features of a werewolf romance book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But there is another interesting feature that is usually seen in a werewolf novel – the rejection of one’s mate. So, how does a werewolf reject his or her mate?

In the werewolf world finding a mate is like meeting an irresistible destiny. In simple romantic language, a mate could mean a soulmate. But things are more complicated when it comes to a werewolf mate.

Werewolves in werewolf fiction waited for their mate their entire life. Their animalistic side will know when they meet their mate, and they’ll be captured by what they call the mate to pull, that their logical mind will be powerfully overcome by their emotions.

So, when rejection happens, a certain werewolf could feel the pain not only emotionally but its entire being will feel the rejection, in some stories, werewolves even die when rejected by their mate. When a moon goddess gives a mate to a certain werewolf, the rejection hits a different level of pain just like in Lie To Me Alpha Novel.

Here in Lie To Me Alpha, the rejection aspect was highlighted, and this is the center of the plot too. Lie To Me Alpha will transport you and will show you how a werewolf world can be both suspenseful and romantic.

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Part 1: Lie To Me Alpha Novel

Lie To Me Alpha Novel

” I always love the way you lie to me, Alpha. Finally, he’s going to mate with the one he loves but not the one he promised to.”

Lie To Me Alpha is a sadist. This novel is painful, and emotional in that it will torment your heart, but a kind of pain that’s entertaining felt, and would prompt you to read more. Lie To Me Alpha Novel is poetic and dramatic. This tells the story of Adassah who was given a mate that was in love with someone else.

In Lie To Me, Alpha, Adassah, and Mateo had been paired as mates by the moon goddess. Once two werewolves are paired by the moon goddess the bond and mate pull is extraordinary compared to the usual mates.

But as for Mateo and Adassah’s case, it’s quite complicated because Mateo already has a girlfriend, and even his parents are expecting Mateo’s girlfriend, Quin will be his future bride, the future Luna as they call it.

Lie To Me Alpha Characters

Mateo and Adassah’s relationship is full of love and hate. Their encounters always end up in a fight, yet their wolves and their hearts are betraying them.

But what’s more painful for Adassah is that Mateo is acting like he doesn’t have any affection for her, and she can’t trust even a single affection he’s showing to her since Mateo is a known playboy, a confident alpha who thinks he could get any girl he wants.

Lie To Me Alpha Chapter 1

Lie To Me Alpha Chapter 1 is an engaging chapter. The mall scene here hooks the readers’ interest. It was like the canteen scene of Twilight if you are familiar with that novel, the only difference here is that we got a pack of arrogant wolves with the male lead alpha as their leader.

Apparently, Mateo, the liar alpha, the male lead here in Lie To Me Alpha isn’t the nice guy next door type, and that was clearly shown here in Lie To Me Alpha Chapter 1, but what’s interesting is that happened in this chapter is that Adassah isn’t intimidated by him.

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Part 2: Lie To Me Alpha Review

Lie To Me Alpha will pass as a young adult, a teen werewolf romance story. The school setting in some scenes gives that vibe plus Mateo’s brat, and overconfident character. Mateo’s characterization here in Lie To Me Alpha is perplexing.

He’s daring. He’s arrogant. He’s no gentleman. Sometimes he’s a bully, and of course, he’s a liar. If there’s one admirable here it’s Adassah. Her characterization is solid. She’s the exact opposite of Mateo.

She’s the type whom Mateo can’t easily overpower. She’s brave. She can stand for herself, and Mateo was having a hard time yielding to her. That kind of characterization in the protagonists adds thrill to the romance between them.

The plot of Lie To Me Alpha is striking. It’s dramatic. It’s emotional yet it isn’t all that as lots are happening in every chapter.

Lie To Me Alpha will transport you into the world of the werewolves like how the pack system is done, and how they lived their lives centered on finding their mates. Sometimes you’ll find their world weird, but most of the time their concept of mating was romantic.

Part 3: Lie To Me Alpha Similar Book

What if it’s the predator who falls for his prey?

Dark Love And Lies is a similar book to Lie To Me Alpha since this story is centered on the main protagonists concealing the truth about their feelings and their identity.

Dark Love And Lies is an 18+ romantic suspense novel that ranks number 3 in a contest. This is a love story when a supposed predator falls in love with his prey.

Gabriel is an undercover cop sent as an English teacher with a mission to find details about the Caron family, the family which runs the Mafia.

Belamy Caron, the Mafia’s daughter, is starting high school. She’s got a lot of things to deal with and that includes seducing her English Professor.

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