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Storyline of only I level up the plot revolves around Jin-Woo and his troubles with his position at the bottom of Hunter society, barely having enough money to cover his mother’s medical bills and his young sister’s education. Jin-Woo, on the other hand, discovers the “system,” a transparent screen full of metrics and quests that only he can view.

In Only I level up the System encourages him to grow stronger by assigning missions and objectives for him to achieve to advance his rank and become the most powerful hunter not only in South Korea, but in the entire world. The plot follows his efforts, from his long “grinding” dungeon crawls to gain strength to his social life, which he is attempting to rebuild while simultaneously keeping the rest of the world in the dark about his new abilities.

The nicest part about Solo Leveling, however, must be the unique powers the main character receives, the combat sequences that result from them, and the minor characters who only are given a few lines of characterization, but you love them so much you I’ll stop for before I spoil everything. Only I level up is not a quick read, but it is worthwhile. If you enjoy video games, fantasy, and/or action-packed combat sequences, you will enjoy this work.

The novel begins in the same manner as a manhwa. The world depends on hunters, who are graded from powerful to weakest, completing dungeons and preserving their world from dangerous monsters. Jinwoo is the weakest E-rank hunter and lives in poverty since his mother is in the hospital and his sister seems to be in school. Jinwoo earns very little money by conquering dungeons full of monsters and titans before the dungeon’s exit gate is opened to the public.

Part 1: The Main Characters Settings on Only I Level Up

The Main Characters Settings on Only I Level Up

The main character os only I level up is Jin-Woo SUNG and other 3 are the minor character of story Esil RADIRU, Jin-Ah SUNG and Jin-Ho Yoo. Jinwoo must physically train and fight more challenges to enhance his stats. This results in a cliche shonen sensation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Solo levelling is enjoyable, but it lacks novelty. Cliches are not always a bad thing; a manga/anime can be extremely cliche and still be fantastic.

Only I level up combines two popular anime elements: the main character fighting for others and RPG-style power systems. When typical anime tropes are combined, the attention shifts to plot and execution, which Solo Leveling excels at. If you’re searching for classic, straightforward shonen, this is the book for you!

Part 2: The Ending on Only I Level Up

The Ending on Only I Level Up

In the ending of only I level up Sung Jin-Woo returns to Earth in his teen form in the final chapter, yet he still possesses the great power of the Shadow Monarch. Jin-Woo was able to save everyone on his planet thanks to his incredible abilities. When he returns to Earth, though, he is welcomed by a message from the rulers.

The word from rulers’ states that the Shadow Monarch’s tremendous power has the potential to affect everything. They believe that a world without Mana is far too feeble to manage Jin-abilities. Woo’s Also, now that every problem in the world has been solved, Jin-Woo has no need to stay. As a result, they urge that Jin-woo be transferred to another globe capable of handling his abilities.

Jin-woo, on the other hand, becomes enraged in only I level up, believing that the Rulers wish to get rid of him after he has served his function. So, Jin-woo requests that this talk be continued later. After that, Jin-woo begins to wonder if he has become an existence that this place no longer requires. Jin-woo, on the other hand, decides to stay in this world for the sake of the people he cares about.

Jinwoo levelled up and became stronger because he had a goal: to defend everyone. Despite his rage at the Rulers, he began to question his own existence: with his task completed, was he still required? Maybe he didn’t need a huge, heroic cause to stay; maybe it was as simple as wanting to live with folks he cared about.

Part 3: Wrap-Up

I would like to summarize this story in few sentences Sung Jin-Woo was the weakest of all the Hunters, barely able to make a livelihood in this world where Hunters with diverse magical skills battle monsters from assaulting defenseless humans. However, a mysterious System bestows upon him the ability of the ‘Player,’ launching him on an extraordinary and often deadly journey. Follow Sung Jin-Woo on his quest to become an unrivalled existence through his “Level-Up” system, the only one in the entire globe!

Jinwoo defeated all the Monarchs and faced Antares once again. However, the webtoon did not go into detail about their fight, which was upsetting but unsurprising. On the one hand, Solo Leveling has already provided fans with an epic combat in prior chapters, so a second fight would be unnecessary. On the other hand, the Rulers are unlikely to intervene again, therefore the war between Jinwoo and Antares would have been more dramatic. I would suggest you read this novel. You would love reading this novel and if you want to read more like this you can also do read esper’s game.

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